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FR / ARC-Nucléart CEA/Ministry of culture/Rhône-Alpes/Grenoble Atelier Regional de Conservation Contact : Dr. Khôi TRAN tél. +33 4 3878 3936 email: web: Equipment and expertise Permeation vessels Vacuum-pressure autoclaves

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FR / ARC-Nucléart CEA/Ministry of culture/Rhône-Alpes/Grenoble

Atelier Regional de Conservation

Contact : Dr. Khôi TRAN

tél. +33 4 3878 3936



Equipment and expertise

  • Permeation vessels

  • Vacuum-pressure autoclaves

  • Gamma irradiation facility

  • FTIR-microscope

  • SEM

  • Gas and liquid chromatography

  • Analysis of minerals by X-ray diffraction

  • Access to X-ray radiography and tomography

  • Liquid and solid NMR analysis

  • Large size freeze-driers (3 to 5 meter long, and 1 to 3 meter diameter)

Conservation of waterlogged archaeological wood

Gilles Chaumat – Wet wood consolidation by PEG

Lionel Blanc – Drying techniques

Christophe Albino – Wet and dry wood consolidation by radiation-curing of styrene polyester resin

Disinfection/insect eradication of ancient wood

Laurent Cortella – gamma irradiation

Loïc Caillat – anoxic treatment with nitrogen

Conservation of polychrome sculpture

Khôi Tran – analysis of polychromy by micro-FTIR and formulation of resins for sculpture consolidation

  • Research interesting the COST IE0601

    • Consolidation ofdry and wetwood by resin impregnation ; treatment of composite materials (metal/wood or salts concretion/wood)

    • Analysis of polychromy on sculptures

    • Drying of wet wood

    • Ageing of the conservation/restoration treatments

    • New treatment for disinfection and insect eradication of wooden artefacts

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Ecology of guyanese rain forest


Dr. Bernard THIBAUT

tél. +594 594 32 92 73


Equipment and expertise

  • mechanical testing, including DMA testing machine

  • Raman microspectrometry

  • Wood workshop, anatomy, durability (termites, fungi), physico-mechanical characterization, wood collection and data base

  • GC/MS, HPLC and RMN in chemical lab

  • Corrosion lab

  • Field test for materials durability

Materials & Molecules in Amazonian Context

Didier STIEN – Chemistry of natural substances

Jacques BEAUCHENE – Wood diversity and uses

Christophe ROOS – Metals corrosion

Bernard THIBAUT – Wood behaviour

  • Research interesting the COST IE0601

    • Use of wood in cultural heritage

    • Role of secondary metabolites in wood durability

    • Wood/metal interactions

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FR / IJLRDA – University Paris 6

Institut Jean Le Rond d'Alembert

Equipment and expertise

  • Non intrusive acoustics and vibration measurement techniques :

    Near field Acoustical Holography

    Beam forming

    Laser vibrometer

  • Modal analysis

  • Elaboration of new elements of string instruments, use of new materials

  • Modelisation of true/model instruments for the dynamic analysis linked with experiments.

  • Nonlinear mechanics of soundboards

Simulation, propagation and acoustical imaging

Sylvie Le Moyne – vibroacoustics

François Ollivier – acoustics imaging

String Instrument trade Musics and Acoustics

Charles Besnainou – String instrument trade

Mechanics of Solids and Structures

Joël Frelat – Numerical simulations of true instruments, static response, dynamic analysis

Research interesting the COST IE0601

  • development of acoustical non-invasive techniques (in collaboration with Cité de la Musique)

  • Archicorps vibroacoustics behaviour(in collaboration with Cité de la Musique)


Dr. Joël Frelat

tél. +33 1 4427 8720


Dr. Sylvie Le Moyne

tél. +33 1 3085 4854



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FR / C2RMF – CNRS / Ministry of Culture - PARIS

Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France


Catherine LAVIER

tél. +33 1 40 20 24 19



Equipment and expertise

  • Fluorescnce X

  • analyse faisceaux d’ions

  • spectrométrie d’émission atomique ICP

  • MEB


  • examens Lumière directe et rasante, UV, IR, radio et émissiographie X, reflectographie IR

  • chromatographie PG

  • Diffractrométrie X

  • microspectrométrie Raman

  • Datation,

Research Department

Michel MENU –physicist, Head of research Dpt

AGLAE network - Datation Group

Pascale RICHARDIN – Radiocarbon analyses

Catherine LAVIER - Dendrochronology

Painting network

Elisabeth RAVAUD – X ray on wood

  • Research interesting the COST IE0601

    • dendrochronology (wood dating)

    • archaeo-dendrometry (cutting, wood work, morphology, tools traces, know-how, anthropic intentionality)

    • dendroprovenancing (origin of wood, trade, networks)

    • non destructive access to the rings for dendrochronology and archaeo-dendrometry

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FR / IGFL – CNRS/ University Lyon I/ ENS Lyon/ INRA

Institute of Fonctional Genomics

Equipment and expertise

  • Complete molecular biology laboratory

  • Dedicated Ancient DNA laboratory

  • Access to sequençing service

  • Phylogeny softwares

  • Anti-contaminations procedures

  • PCR techniques

  • Extraction and analysis of ancient biological remains

  • Extraction and analysis of biological processed material

  • Authentication of ancient DNA sequences

  • Genetic determination and identification of species


Dr. Catherine Hänni

tél. +33 4 7272 8463



Catherine Hänni - Expertise in ancient DNA

Sandrine Hughes - Molecular Phylogeny

Ludovic Orlando- Analysis and authentication of ancient DNA

Marilyne Duffraisse - DNA extraction and amplification from ancient remains

Mohamad Merheb - DNA extraction and amplification from processed biological material

  • Research interesting the COST IE0601

    • Genetic determination of species in biological material (coll. with Cité de la Musique)

    • Extraction and analysis of ancient DNA in wood

    • Determination of wood species by genetic analyses

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Contact and Structural Mechanics Laboratory


Dr. Hubert MAIGRE

tél. +33 4 7243 6425



Equipment and expertise

  • Mechanical testing machines

    • Small climatic chamber (RH% and T°) for mechanical testing

  • Image correlation devices

    • 2D cameras

    • 3D cameras

    • Correlation software

  • Numerical tool simulation to model

    • Anisotropic material

    • Multi-physic couplings (mechanics, thermic, humidity)

    • Crack propagation using Extended Finite Element Method

  • Access to testing machine under Environmental Electronic Microscope

Damage and Solids Mechanics Group

Hubert Maigre – Fracture mechanics analysis

Fabrice Morestin – Image correlation analysis

Dominique Eyheramandy – Numerical tools development

Emmanuelle Vidal-Sallé – Numerical simulations

Jean-Francois Jullien – Expertise of wood in engineering

  • Research interesting the COST IE0601

    • Wood mechanical characterisation

      • Fracture mechanisms

      • Damage evolution

      • Hygro-thermo effects on ageing

    • Full field observations, from microscale (µm) to macroscale (cm)

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FR / LMGC – University Montpellier 2, CNRS

Laboratory of Mechanics and Civil Engineering


Dr. Joseph Gril

tél. +33 4 6714 3433



Equipment and expertise

  • mechanical testing, including creep and relaxation and DMA testing machine (450N, 200Hz), multi-axial rigidity by ultrasonic goniometry

  • testing of green wood, cold storage room

  • Numerical simulation especially multi-body interactions, finite elements for solid bodies, contact and friction, crack propagation, multi-physical couplings

  • access through University: ESEM, Atomic force microscopy, X-ray…

  • access through CIRAD / tropical woods: wood workshop, durability (termites, fungi), physico-mechanical characterization

Mechanics of Tree and Wood

Joseph Gril – data analysis and modelling

Delphine Jullien – modelling of wooden structures

Sandrine Bardet – wood rheology

Olivier Arnould – micromechanics

Multi-contact systems

David Dureisseix – numerical modelling

Bertrand Marcon (PhD) – panel paintings

  • Research interesting the COST IE0601

    • hygro-thermo-mechanical modelling (in collaboration with LERMAB)

    • wood ageing (in collaboration with Cité de la Musique)

    • monitoring of panel painting (in collaboration with DISTAF, IT)

    • mechanical behaviour of wet wood

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FR / L2M – Cité de la Musique - Paris

Museum of Music Laboratory


Stéphane Vaiedelich

tél. +33 1 44 84 46 70



Equipment and expertise

  • Viscoelasticity measurement (20 Hz - 20 kHz)

  • Modal analysis in real time

  • Numerical simulation for musical instruments

  • Anechoic equipment

  • X-ray fluorescence

  • X radiography

  • Access to classical chemical analysis

  • Access to micro mechanical test

Physical and Wood Departement

Sandie Le Conte – monitoring and data analysis

J.- Claude Battault – wood identification

Chimical Departement

J.- Philippe Echard – organic and inorganic chemical analysis

Conservation restoration

Anne Houssay –history of techniques

Marie-Anne Loeper Attia - restoration

  • Research interesting the COST IE0601

    • wood ageing (in collaboration with LMGC, Institut Jean LeRond d’Alambert, LMT)

    • monitoring of wood musical instruments

    • development of non-invasive techniques (in collaboration with IJLRDA)

    • wood identification

    • history of restoration techniques

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FR / LMS – University Poitiers, CNRS

Laboratory of Solids Mechanics


Pr. Fabrice BREMAND

tél. +33 5 49 49 65 30



Equipment and expertise

  • Experimental measurement sites including: testing machine, optical bench, image system analysis by CCD camera, infrared camera…

  • Several photomechanics software as: fringe analysis, 2D and 3D correlation, marker trackings…

  • Data acquisition in dynamics : ultra speed camera…

  • Mechanical expertise of painted wood panels

  • Access through Poitiers University: X-ray microtomograph

Experimental Mechanics (shape, displacements, strains,…)

Fabrice BREMAND – moiré technique - modelling

Jean Christophe DUPRE – infrared thermography

Valéry VALLE– measurements in dynamics

Pascal DOUMALIN– microtomography


Claude VALLEE – identification & optimisation

Danielle FORTUNE – large deformations

  • Research interesting the COST IE0601

    • non-contact, non disturbing and non destructive mechanical measurements (shape, displacement, strain…)

    • identification of mechanical parameters

    • Replication of objects

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FR / LMT – ENS Cachan, CNRS, University Paris 6-

Laboratoire de Mécanique et Technologie


Dr. Marc François

tél. +33 1 4740 2337



Equipment and expertise

• local

uni- and tri-axial hydraulic testing machines

metrology: gages, laser vibration measurement, optical field measurement

ultrasonic devices

numerical FEM facilities

optical/ electronic microscopy devices

climatic room (0.3x0.6x0.3 m)

 though local network

Viscoelasticity measurement (20 Hz - 20 kHz)

Mechanics and Materials

Marc François – Behaviour and damage under complex loadings

Research interesting the COST IE0601

 wood mechanical properties: destructive and non-destructive measurement devices

 variation of mechanical properties (elastic and viscoelastic anisotropic moduli) in respect to moisture content, aging

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FR / LRMH – Ministry of Culture

Laboratory of Research on Historical Monuments


Dr. Emmanuel MAURIN

tél. +33




  • Chemical tests

  • X-rays fluorescence

  • Scanning electron microscopy (SEM-EDS)

  • Infrared spectrometry (FTIR)

  • Microbiology laboratory

  • Petro-physical testing laboratory

  • Climatic aging room

  • Light aging room (xenotest)

  • On site diagnosis tools (colorimeter, ultrasonic measurements, rebars location, potential and Rp measurements…)

Wood Department

Emmanuel MAURIN

Microbiological Department

Geneviève ORIAL


Alexandre FRANCOIS

  • Research interesting the COST IE0601

    • Non destructive control of timbers (in collaboration with US2B)

    • Durability of timber consolidation using epoxy resins (in collaboration with US2B)

    • Signals emitted by larvae of insects in dry wood and acoustic detection (in collaboration with LAM)

    • freezing wood behaviour

    • Decontamination by a cold plasma

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FR / Initials or short name – belonging institution

Lab name


Dr. XX

tél. +xx x xxxx xxxx

email: xx@xxx


Equipment and expertise

  • local

  • though local network

Team/project 1

XX – main scientific activity

YY – main scientific activity

Team/project 2

ZZ – main scientific activity

  • Research interesting the COST IE0601

    • xxx

    • yyy