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  2. MY CITY NOVOSIBIRSK Novosibirsk- the capital of Siberia Novosibirsk is one of the biggest cities in Russia and the third largest city after Moscow and St. Petersburg ,and it is the biggest city behind the Ural. It’s situated right in the middle of Russia. The city is on bank of the Ob river. Day, when the bridge across the Ob river was started, it is considered as day when Novosibirsk was found. The famous places of Novosibirsk are “Novosibirsk Zoo”, ”Novosibirsk Art Gallery”, the theater “Red torch”, the theater “Old House”, “The Youth Theatre Globe” and “State Academy Opera and Ballet Theater”. The Youth Theatre Globes is situated in the centre of Novosibirsk. It isn’t far from Chapel. The Globe today is a huge building, it has two halls. Andrey Bondarenko

  3. MY CITY NOVOSIBIRSK At the end of 19th century the builders of the Trans-Siberian Railway were gradually pushing through the boundless steppes and trackless forests of Siberia towards the East. At the banks of the mighty Siberian River Ob, they came to a halt, for it had to be bridged. Nikolai Garin-Mikhailovsky, the leader of the surveying group, himself both a great engineer and a novelist, was the man who selected the site for the huge railway bridge to be built. He was the founder of Novosibirsk and today one of the finest squares in the city bears his name. Novosibirsk is a young city and perhaps the most outstanding aspect of its short life is its rate of growth. It took 750 years for the population of Moscow to reach the million mark, Kiev 700 years and New York about two hundred, but Novosibirsk has been in existence only sixty years. Now population of Novosibirsk is 1,5 millions people. Novosibirsk is the third city in Russia. In Novosibirsk are many famous sights: Railway Station, the Siberian Theatre of Opera and Ballet, the Institute of Rail Transport Engineers, the Administration of Siberian Railway, the little Railway in Zaeltsovsky park, Zoo, the square of Heroes of revolution and Chapel. Railway Station is situated on the square of Nikolai Garin-Mikhailovsky. The first performance of the Siberian Theatre of Opera and Ballet was given on Victory Day in 1945 to celebrate the surrender of Nazi Germany. Novosibirsk Zoo is one of the biggest and famous zoos in the world. The general street of Novosibirsk is Red Aveue. There is the city’s Chapel. This place is the center of Russia. RomanSpitsin

  4. MY CITY NOVOSIBIRSK The best way to see a strange city is to buy a map and guide-book. Then you should follow the recommended sightseeing routes. Certainly, that is not enough to study the city well. If someone would like to learn more about a city, it is useful to walk along the streets and look around to see historical places, buildings and monuments. There is no doubt that you should visit art galleries and museums. Besides this, you may ask a resident of the city to advise you what places of interest you should see first. The Opera’s theatre The construction building was begun in 1931. By 1933 the structure raised over city in centre. Architecture’s theatre was been carried in style’s «vanguard». In 1941 building theatre was been almost ready, but since war, the building closed. In 1942 government SSSR passing decision about urgent finish construction theatre. In 1944 arriving commission and building hand in exploitation. The theatre has big auditorium (2000 places), concert’s hall (450 places) and little hall (150 places). (The Opera’s theatre) Square Lenin is main, extensive. Here is situated great culture’s building, subway. Regional museum is situated in centre Square Lenin. This place №1, where necessary go in order to oneself with history, culture and nature’s Novosibirsk. Novosibirsk’s zoo Novosibirsk’s zoo is the big scale and volume in Russia. Here is containing more 400 species animals and some uncommon species. In pine’s forest one can good conduct time, go hiking. The Circus Novosibirsk has big circus. It is built in 1973. In circus we can fun time. Circus show diverse concerts. There arrive well-known singers and troupes clowns. Dasha Suslova

  5. I live in Russia in Novosibirsk. It is situated in Siberia. Novosibirsk has 59 districts; it is more than 300 streets. There are 12 stations in the underground and 58 Railway stops. In Novosibirsk there are 2 airports “Talmachyova” and there is a Novosibirsk reservoir « Obskoe the sea». Novosibirsk has many famous places: the large theatre of opera and ballet, Comedy theatre, Art museum, circus and there are lots of cinemas and so on. Shokheron Turapov MY CITY NOVOSIBIRSK My city is Novosibirsk. It is in Russia, in Siberia. Earlier this city had name Novonikolaevsk. Now it’s called Novosibirsk. There are many famous people in our city. One of them is Evgeniy Podgorniy. He is a gymnastic champion. Some time ago I went to the gymnastics and took the first prizes. And I have even a certificate. And one more well-known man is Nikolay Gogol. We have named a street in his honor. One more writer, which street has named, is Chekhov. There are many popular jobs in our city: an actor, an economist, a businessman, a journalist, a director and others. Nikita Shalamov

  6. MY CITY NOVOSIBIRSK My city Novosibirsk is very young but the most beautiful. It’s nearly 114 years. It has turned from a small village to a mega city for short time. The architectural shape of Novosibirsk varies every day: individual projects of buildings, apartment houses and cottages. All lanterns and all lamps, which are in the street, switch on at night. Signboards are decorated by small multi-colored bulbs. I love my city very much! Novosibirsk is in the center of Western Siberia. The city is situated on the fast and wide river Ob, which divides him on two parts. In the winter the river freezes, and there is an ice small town at the coast. There are many children in the river bank and they have fun. In the summer everyone go to a beach to bathe and sunbathe. It is possible to go by the steam-ship to Small Island. Everyone loves our river. In 80-s' years the underground was started to build in my city. At first the bridge through the river Ob has been constructed. Every year there are new stations in the underground. With the help of the underground people can move along the city quickly. Novosibirsk is the cultural center. There are lots of museums, showrooms and picture galleries, palaces of culture and cinemas, philharmonic societies and theatres in Novosibirsk. The Academic theatre of an opera and ballet, the Siberian branches of the Russian Academy of sciences, the Russian Academy of medical sciences are well-known not only in our country. Many famous people lived in my city. Some of them live in Novosibirsk this time. They are sportsman Alexander Karelin, the pilot the hero of the USSR marshal Pokryshkin and many other famous persons. Some streets, the areas, stations of the underground have named in their honor. Many different professions are required in young city. Institutes and colleges, schools and lyceums prepare managers and bankers, drivers and builders, cooks and sellers. Nastya Sochneva Page1

  7. MY CITY BOSTON Popular Sites in Boston Fenway Park- The home of the Red Sox. Fenway Park is a baseball stadium. It is very popular to the people of Boston. Fenway Park opened on April 20, 1912. It is the oldest stadium still in use in Major League Baseball. It is located on 4 Yawkey Way. If you ever came to Boston you would definitely want to see Fenway Park. It is a great part of Boston. Quincy Market- So much food. If you are looking for a variety of food, come to Quincy Market. There are all different kinds of food. There is anything from chicken to pizza. They also, have the best desserts. There are huge chocolate chip cookies, cake, pastries, and delicious brownies. It is a great place to eat. Duck Tours- Want to see Boston? The Duck are great tourist attractions. The Duck Tours are tours that bring you all around Boston. The unique thing about the Duck Tours is that they can go on land and they can go in the water as well. They are very fun! TD Banknorth Garden- Want to watch a hockey game or a basketball game? This is the place to come. The teams that play here are the Celtics (basketball) and the Boston Bruins (hockey). This is a great place to have a lot o fun. Gillette Stadium- Another sports stadium? This time it’s football. This stadium is not exactly in Boston. It is about 35 minutes from there. The team that plays there is the New England Patriots. They are great fun to watch.

  8. MY CITY BOSTON • Boston is a great city. That river that you see below is the Charles River. It has pretty trees in the spring, summer, and the fall. • We have snow days in the winter when we have too much snow. The schools are closed and so are the other places. Cars are covered with a lot snow. • In the summer it is hot. People want to jump into a swimming pool. People also drink lemonade. Sergey Mann Page1

  9. MY CITY SHCHORS My native town is Shchors. It is very beautiful. You can see a lot of green trees, colorful flowers in the streets. If you love nature, you really should go to our river Snov. When you are at the river you can sit on its sandy shore or green grass and listen to its calm flowing. Also you can go to our forest, because there are many gorgeous forests in our region. When you are in the forest you can hear birds chipping or leaves rustling in tall trees or simply enjoy the nature’s beauty. There are many mushrooms and berries there. Children can have a rest in summer in our camp “Friendship”, which is situated in the local forest-park near Shchors. You can breathe fresh air and relax. in this camp. In our town there are two secondary schools and gymnasium, a music and a sports schools. Also we have a House of Culture. If you want to spend your time well, it is worth going to the concert there. There are many shops in Schors and also we have a mini-market where you can buy milk, meat, vegetables and different goods. Shchors has Locomotive depot and railway station, a hospital, a new church and orphan house. There are many other interesting places in our town, if you come to us we shall show them to you. Ruslana Logosha

  10. MY CITY SHCHORS Shchors is a very marvelous town. You really should go to Shchors because of its wonderful nature. There are many thick green forests round our town. Just imagine, you are in the forest and hear nothing but gentle sound of birds chirping and leaves rustling. In Shchors you also can fishing on the banks of the river Snov or swim in its clean water or just listen to its quiet lapping of the waves. If you are tired and want to spend your time well, the best thing you can do is to go to the House of Culture on a concert. If you are hungry I strongly advise you to go to the restaurant as here you can eat not only tasty dishes but also delicious traditional food- varenyky and borshch. Shchors has many green and flowering gardens. If you are bored it’s worth going for a walk along narrow streets or go to the central park. Come to Shchors and you will not be disappointed. Sveta Komisarenko, 4-A(8-A) Page1

  11. MY CITY OTTAWA Parliament Hill By Matt Grenander Parliament Hill is located in downtown Ottawa, Canada. The best known building is the Centre Block, with the Peace Tower, a national symbol. It is decorated in the inside very richly. The total area of all the buildings (there’s quite a few) measures 112,360 square metres. The structure started construction in 1867. The current Parliament Buildings were built between 1865 and 1927. The West Block was built in 1865 and the East Block in two stages in 1867 and 1910. The Library of Parliament was opened in 1876, and the original Centre Block completed in 1878. In spring of 2006, major inside and outside renovations of the Library of Parliament were completed. The renovations, which began in 2002, are the first ones since quite a while. The reading room of the library is open to the public and is considered, by some, to be the most beautiful room in Canada. The Great Fire of 1916 The Center Block burned in 1916; the edifice was entirely destroyed except for the Library of Parliament, whose treasures were saved by a librarian who was able to close its massive doors. The Centre Block was immediately rebuilt, being completed in 1920, with the Peace Tower, commemorating the end of the First World War, being completed in 1927. The new structure was designed by John Pearson. The Peace Tower is the most outstanding part of the buildings. It replaced the Victoria Tower, which got burned in the 1916 fire. Like the entire interior and exterior of the building, the tower is decorated with approximately 370 stone carvings, including gargoyles, grotesques, and freizes.)

  12. MY CITY OTTAWA Ottawa By Nicholas Molinari Ottawa is the capital of Canada, the fourth largest city in Canada and second largest city in the province of Ontario. In 1858, Ottawa was named capital of the confederated provinces by Queen Victoria. It was chosen because it was more easily defendable, a concern at the time as the American Civil War was taking place. It was also close to the two cultural centers, Toronto and Montréal and easily accessible to western trade routes via water. There are many bike paths in Ottawa. Everyday, there are rollerbladers, bikers, joggers or families walking. We (Ottawans) have the longest outdoor skating rink in the world. It is the 202 km long Rideau Canal. 18 kilometers of it was manmade. Construction began in 1826 and was completed in 1832. This is Ottawa’s flag since 2000. The “O” in the middle symbolizes both the maple leaf (representing Canada) and the peace tower (symbolizing Ottawa). In 2005, the population of Ottawa was estimated at 859,704. Canada’s national languages are French and English. It is particularly important to learn both languages in Ottawa because it is a government city.

  13. MY CITY OTTAWA In the city of Ottawa there are a lot of places to visit. Hear are some of them: Parliament hill, Rideau Canal, the Canadian museum of nature, the Rideau hall, the national art gallery, the royal Canadian mint, the chateau Laurier the national archives and the Canadian virtual museum. Parliament Hill: This is the most important building in Canada. This is where all the debates take place. The debates take place in the House of Commons. This is also the place where deputies (people that work in the House of Commons) propose laws. After the deputies propose a bill they debate on it then if the supporters of the bill win they send it to the senate. Then the bill is passed to the Governor-General and the bill becomes law. A library is located in the central block of the building. It is used by the MPs and Senators. A few years ago in 1916 a devastating fire destroyed parliament hill. The only part that survived the fire was the library. When a librarian detected smoke he ordered the massive iron doors that separated the library from the rest of the building closed. The library survived the fire, but a few weeks later they had to repair it because the fire had done quite a bit of damage. The library now is once again opened to tourists who would like to visit it. The Canadian Museum of Nature: This museum contains different animals such as reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians. They also have a nice stock of insects that includes wasps, beetles and butterflies. This is a place where tourists can learn what lives and lived in Canada. They have exhibitions that take you back billions of years ago to when dinosaurs roamed the earth and to the ice age where mammoths lived. They have exhibitions on plants in Canada and Canadian food. This museum would be a great place to learn about life in Canada. The National Art Gallery: This is the most famous art gallery in Canada. There are a lot of different varieties of artwork: abstract paintings, portraits and sculptures. Some of the paintings stand out a lot and some don’t stand out at all. Some paintings use happy colors like red, yellow, orange, and bright green. Some paintings use sad colors such as purple, blue, and grey. This is a place where you can learn a lot about art and artists Canadian and worldwide. Chateau Laurier: This is a very famous and nice hotel/restaurant. It is located downtown Ottawa next to parliament Hill and overlook the canal. The restaurant has very high ceilings and comfortable seating, and serves gourmet meals. The service is superior. By: Andrew Meng


  15. Rideau Canal Gasp!!! • The best part of the cold Ottawa weather in the winter is the largest outdoor skating rink in the world • The canal is used by boats in the summer

  16. Festivals Tulip festival - May • The Tulip Festival in Ottawa is the LARGEST tulip festival in the world • There are about 15 km of tulip beds • In the Millennium Tulip Challenge 2,014,874 new tulip bulbs were planted in the National Capital Region

  17. Festivals 2 Winterlude - February • Winterlude is a celebration of winter! It’s famous for great food, activities, and most of all, skating on the canal • The activities include ice and snow sculptures, outdoor plays, giant ice slides and a café made completely of ice • The ice hogs are the official mascots of Winterlude. • Thousands of visitors come to enjoy the fun.

  18. Ottawa’s Weather • Ottawa’s weather changes from one season to the next – we have 4 distinct seasons • Winters are extremely cold and snowy – perfect for skiing • From December to March, it’s usually between 1 degree Celsius and – 20 • The cold record for 2006 was minus 65 – too cold to go outside!! • Summers are hot and humid – great for swimming • In the summer, temperatures are between 20 degrees Celsius and 30

  19. MY CITY OTTAWA By: Guy Tsizis I took a survey of the class asking what heir favourite thing about Ottawa is: Walking/Bike paths got TWO votes The fact that it is not too hot got TWO votes Not to many homeless people got TWO votes The beautiful nature got FOUR votes Sports and other activities got SIX votes Parliament Buildings got TWO votes Capital of Canada got SIX votes Good Education got THREE votes Here is a list of famous places in Ottawa and what they are famous for: Portrait Gallery of Canada : The gallery of Portiats of Canada. It is famous for, obviously, its portiats of good quality. National Gallery of Canada: This gallery is very famous in Ottawa for its variety of art (sculpture, painting etc.). Canadian Museum of Civilization : This museum is interesting for people of all ages and is famous in Ottawa for its exasperating interactive learning experience for kids and for adults there is interesting displays of historic artifacts. There is also, fun for both, a unique theatre called I-Max, a normal theatre with a giant screen and, sometimes, 3-D Canadian War Museum : It is famous for its wonderful pieces of various wars (World Wars 1 and 2, Korean war, native wars, medieval wars etc.) that represent real items used in those wars. There are also vehicles, sculptres and paintings. This museum was built to remember all Canadians who faught in those wars. Canadian Museum of Nature: This museum is famous in Ottawa for its great displays and teaches people about everything nature. There is displays of Animals, Plants, Weather and all other kinds of Natural things. Canadian Museum of Science and Technology : This museum is very famous for its exiting displays and avalability of interactive learning. There are presentations from various scientists that work there, things you can try out and use to learn new things and lots of other exiting things. Parliament of Canada : This is where all of the federal debates happen. Inside, there is a library, the House of Commons, the Senat and there are also many interesting sculptures and paintings as well as lots of other important rooms. In 1916 there was a terrible fire that destroyed most of Parliament Hill. But thanks to one of the members of Parliament knew there was a fire, he shut the doors leading to the library. Then it turned out the only the library survived the awful blaze. Canada’s current Prime Minister is Stephen Harper. The very first Prime Minister was Sir John A. MacDonald. Ottawa City Hall : This is where all of the municipal debates go on. Our current Mayor, who was recently selected on November 13, 2006, is Larry O’Brien. 24 Sussex Drive :This is where all Prime Ministers live. Every time there is a new Prime Minister, the old one has to move out. Sotibank Place: This is where our local National Hockey League team plays, the Ottawa Senators. Two years ago this place was called the Corel Centre and twelve years ago it was called the Palladium. Every decade there is a new name because there is a new contract. To have that place have your company name, you would have to pay 24 million dollars for ten years. There are also very entertaining concerts and speicial events/performances. National Arts Centre : This is where the most popular plays, musicals and symphonies go on. There have been numerous performances where people have come from other places in the world. For example, I have recently went to see a performance called Swan Lake where people all the way from Russia came to perform. Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport: This is Ottawa’s main airport. Thousands of people go there every day.

  20. MY CITY OTTAWA Terry Fox Terry Fox was born in Winnipeg and raised in Port Coquitlam. He liked sports a lot and he won many medals. When he was 18, he was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma, also known as bone cancer, so he had to have almost his entire leg amputated in 1997. While he was in the hospital, he was emotionally touched by the other people with cancer, just like him. Many of them were only children. He decided to run across Canada, and to get money for the unlucky ones with cancer. There was a rock path at his house. He ran for 18 months at his own house on the rock path, and in total he ran for over 5,000 km at his house, but he knew he would be running much more when he actually ran to get money for Cancer Research. He called this run The Marathon of Hope. Terry started running in St. Johns, Newfoundland on April 12, 1980, and there was a little fanfare to celebrate his leave. At the beginning of his run, it was difficult to get any attention (they had no idea he was running for cancer research). He ran 26 miles a day on average, which is 42 km. That’s about a marathon a day! He ran through the Atlantic provinces of Canada, Quebec and finally Ontario. On September 1st, after he had run long and hard for 143 days (which is a total of 3,339 km) Terry Fox had to postpone his run forever. He postponed his run just outside of Thunder Bay. He died on June 18, 1981 when he was 22 years old. His death saddened many Canadians. Up to now, which is the 21st century, we have collected 400 million $ for cancer research. Cha-Ching! $ $ that’s a lot of money. Terry would be so proud. We could soon find out a cure for cancer, other than the current radioactivity and others.


  22. MY CITY OTTAWA FAMOUS PEOPLE Terry Fox was born on July 28, 1958 in Winnipeg, Manitoba a province in Midwestern Canada. Fox liked many sports since he was a young boy and his favourite was diving. As a teenager he won numerous medals in diving and swim competitions and impressed many with his stamina and endurance. At the age of 18, he was a victim of cancer and had to have his leg amputated. Realising that we needed more money for cancer research Terry decided to make people aware by creating the “Marathon of Hope”. His goal was to run across Canada, 42 kilometres a day, spreading the word. Terry raised over 100 million dollars and ran for 18 months. His friend Doug was in a van beside him the whole run. Unfortunately he could not finish his run. On Sep. 1st 1980, the cancer spread to his lungs. He was rushed to a hospital. Terry Fox is still remembered for his achievements and will be for many years to come. Each year students across the country participate in mini-runs or walks raising money for cancer in his name. Terry Fox By Nicholas Molinari

  23. MY CITY OTTAWA Emily Carr By : Thomas Ham Emily Carr was a famous Canadian painter. She was born in Victoria, British Colombia 1871. As a young girl, she discovered that she liked walking in the woods more than playing with other children. It seems like she liked animals because she had ducks and chickens, and she even domesticated a crow. Later on she had several dogs and a pet monkey too! As she became a woman, Emily began to go on longer and longer trips into the uncharted forests to paint and draw what she saw. Some of her paintings reflect the fact that she admired the First Nations people. When she first tried to paint totem poles, she thought she wasn’t good enough, so she went to France to get more training. The one problem with the training in France was that it made all her paintings unpopular because of the bright colors. That was a problem because she was trying to sell her paintings as documentary work. When she couldn’t get money from the government for her paintings, she decided to run a boarding house, raise sheepdogs, make pottery, and give art lessons. By the late 1930s, when she was in her late 60s, she began having heart attacks. This caused her to stop traveling but she stayed at home and wrote books of her life and travels. Her best work was between 1928 and her death. She died in Victoria, British Colombia 1945.

  24. MY CITY OTTAWA Famous Canadians Wayne Gretzky: He is one of the most famous hockey players in the NHL. He became a very successful hockey player at a young age. He lead the Edmonton Oilers to the Stanley cup. He is now retired and no one is allowed to wear the number 99 because it was his number and they want to keep it to remember Mr. Gretzky. He now is the owner of the hockey team the Phoenix Coyotes. Alexander Graham Bell: Mr. Bell was the inventor of many inventions: metal detector, photophone, hydrofoil; but the most famous one is the telephone. The year after he invented the telephone, he started the company Bell which became the most powerful telephone company in the world. Terry Fox: He is probably the most famous Canadian hero. He became famous by running across Canada with one leg because he lost his other leg to cancer. He tried to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research but he didn’t finish. When he reached Thunder Bay Ontario, the cancer struck again at his lungs and he died. However, his courage and effort has succeeded in bringing awareness worldwide Page1