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March 7, 2014 Starfish/Motorola Confidental PowerPoint Presentation
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March 7, 2014 Starfish/Motorola Confidental

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March 7, 2014 Starfish/Motorola Confidental - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Starfish Software, Inc. Bob Koche (Ko-chee) Director of Partner Programs Overview March 7, 2014 Starfish/Motorola Confidental Market Trends CARRIER TRENDS CONSUMER TRENDS ENTERPRISE TRENDS Market Trends Consumer trends

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Presentation Transcript

Starfish Software, Inc.

Bob Koche (Ko-chee)

Director of Partner Programs


March 7, 2014Starfish/Motorola Confidental


market trends
Market Trends





market trends3
Market Trends
  • Consumer trends
    • In 2001, nearly 400M handsets shipped worldwide
    • By 2010, there will be 700M to 1.3 billion 3G subscribers worldwide
    • Information Appliance shipments are expected to grow at a CAGR of > 80%, and reach 18.5M shipments by 2005 (exceeding consumer PC shipments of 17M in 2005)
  • Enterprise trends
    • By 2005, IS organizations will manage 3 or more devices per user
      • PDAs, pagers, car PCs, smart phones, set-top boxes, home PCs and Web stores
      • PDAs will have the application power of today’s notebook computers
      • Web-based data stores will become commonplace
    • By 2005, 40% of end user data will reside outside the enterprise
    • Potential to at least double TCO per device
    • Enterprise is going wireless
    • Smart handheld device users are expected to reach 60M in 2004
  • Carrier trends
    • Carriers are in the process of rolling out 2.5G services; by 2005, carriers will have adopted 3G devices and infrastructure
    • Carriers are approaching enterprise

Source: Gartner Group; IDC


starfish and syncml leadership in an emerging market
Starfish and SyncMLLeadership in an Emerging Market
  • Starfish is a founding member of the SyncML Initiative
  • An open industry standard for universal data synchronization
    • removes barriers for extended use of wireless and wireline devices
  • Wide industry acceptance
    • Device manufacturers, carriers, Internet services, and all major sync providers


starfish overview
Starfish Overview
  • Founded in 1994
  • Headquarters in Scotts Valley, California
  • Wholly-owned independent subsidiary of Motorola; acquired in 1998
  • A forward-looking vision from the start


building on success a history of accomplishment
Building on Success: A History of Accomplishment
  • 2002: Continue to lead SyncML; TrueSync & Simplify extend to 3G/WLAN; introduce Starfish DM platform
  • 2001: TrueSync first and leading platform for SyncML-based sync solutions; introduced Simplify Platform; extended to 2.5G/GPRS & Connectivity markets
  • 1995: Starfish delivers first Windows 95 desktop organizer; development of device and server solutions begins
  • 2000:TrueSync Everywhere!: Motorola wireless phones and pagers ship worldwide with TrueSync solutions; lead SyncML standard development; developed end-to-end extensible platform for PIM, messaging & imaging
  • 1999: TrueSync infrastructure deployed on leading portals; extended embedded technology to clipOn Organizer, TrueSync Desktop and Synchronization solution launched with Motorola
  • 1998: Deployed first commercial TrueSync server as infrastructure for voice-based portal; extended REX line with REX Pro and DataSlim (Japan); acquired by Motorola
  • 1997: Launched multi-point sync platform between devices, servers and PCs; developed embedded Java apps; REX device breaks new ground in form factor and end-to-end optimized solutions
  • 1996: Introduced first TrueSync solution to sync PalmPilot with leading PIM apps

Founded 1994

2002 & Beyond


managed mobility solutions
Managed Mobility™ Solutions













“Enter Information Once,

Access Anywhere”

“Internet Connectivity To Go”



  • Desktop Solutions
    • TrueSync Plus
    • TrueSync Express
    • TrueSync SDK
  • Server Solutions
    • TrueSync Server, Enterprise
    • TrueSync Server, Carriers
    • TrueSync Server APIs
    • Internet Planner
  • Device Solutions
    • TrueSync Device Stack
    • TrueSync Wireless
  • SimplifyGPRS
  • Simplify 3G
  • Simplify WLAN
  • TBD Server
  • TBD Device Stack


what we are looking for
What we are looking for…
  • Partners
    • Software system integrators
    • Capable of implementing our system at mobile carriers
    • Core competency in project management, enterprise application deployment, Java, UNIX (or NT)
  • Experience or relationships with mobile carriers highly desirable
  • Commissions paid to system integrators on licenses sold to carriers


starfish is uniquely positioned
What we have today

A complete, shipping, end-to-end data mobility solution, including data sync and GPRS connectivity

A full range of tightly integrated Server, Desktop and Device solution components, with PSO services

Excellent industry reputation for expertise, delivering on time and within budget

Extensible, standards-based, brandable platform for carriers and OEMs

Why customers will want to partner with us tomorrow

Commitment and focus – technology leadership allows customers to focus on their core competencies (extending datatypes, protocols, etc.)

A commitment to SyncML and other open standard initiatives

A complete device management solution, integrated with sync solutions

Starfish will lead the market with a full spectrum of sync solutions for consumers through enterprise customers

Starfish is Uniquely Positioned