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Maniac Magee

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Maniac Magee
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Maniac Magee

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  1. Maniac Magee Reading Guide Chapters 9-17

  2. Chapter 9 • How does the author, Jerry Spinelli, create suspense in this chapter? What writing techniques) does he use? • What is the main idea of Chapter 9? • Who are the Cobras? • Why do they stop chasing Maniac Magee?

  3. Chapter 10 • State the setting for Chapter 10. • Characterize Mars Bar. • Why do you think Mars Bar ‘backed down’ and did what the elderly lady told him to do? What might this action foreshadow about this character in the future chapters? • “There was something he felt like doing, and maybe he would have, but the lady turned and went back inside her house and shut the door.” What might Maniac be thinking/wanting to do here?

  4. What is the humor in this chapter? How does Chapter 11 end? Describe Maniac’s mood changes in this chapter and document each with text evidence. Chapter 11

  5. Chapter 12 • Characterize Amanda Beale’s family. • What does this sentence tell us about the character, Amanda: “Mo-om,” screeched Amanda. “I never said all that!” • What type of houseguest is Maniac? Give details. • Cite the text evidence to prove Maniac Magee no longer wished to be homeless.

  6. Chapter 13 • What is the opening setting for Chapter 13? • What new character trait do we discover about Maniac Magee? • Describe the overall effect Maniac Magee has on the Beale household and then the specific effects he has on characters Hester and Lester and Amanda. • How does Chapter 13 conclude? Does this information about Maniac Magee tell us more about his background? Explain.

  7. Chapter 14 • Describe Jeffrey Magee’s mood at the beginning of Chapter 14. Support your answer. • Which character from a previous chapter reappears, AND what is the relationship formed between him and Magee? • What was Jeffrey’s reason for not referring to himself as “Maniac?” • Elaborate on Mrs. Beale’s comment to Jeffrey: “You’ll be nothing but Jeffrey in here… But out there, I don’t know.”

  8. Chapter 15 • Continue to characterize Maniac Magee. • What is Mrs. Beale’s response to Jeffrey’s ‘trash talking?’ • What does Jeffrey’s immediate response to Mrs. Beale further infer about his character? • Why would Jeffrey so desperately want to read Amanda’s A Encyclopedia? • Foreshadowing: “Maniac loved almost everything about his new life. But everything did not love him back.” As the last sentence in Chapter 15, what might this mean?

  9. Chapter 16 • How is Jeffrey Magee “blind?” • What is the writing device used at the end of Chapter 16 in the sentences: “But there it was, piling up around him: dislike. Not from everybody. But enough. And Maniac couldn’t see it. And then all of the sudden he could.”

  10. Chapter 17 • Name at least two writing devices author Jerry Spinelli uses at the beginning of the chapter to bring the setting ‘to life.’ • Summarize chapter 17 in less than five sentences • Prejudice: dislike or distrust of people just because they are of another race, religion, or country; an unfair or unreasonable opinion. • Give a personal comment about prejudice.