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Pop Your Panties

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Pop Your Panties
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Pop Your Panties

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  1. Pop Your Panties With Paris, Nicole & Lindsay Coming Feb. 14, 2008

  2. Video Guide text • POP YOUR PANTIES: THE MOVIE Three BFFs (best friends forever) face the pressures of image rehab by banding together and finding a new charity to support. Our HOT celebs learn true empowerment as Paris has a idea. Nicole says no to drugs and Lindsay finds support from her friends. PG 4min. 40sec.

  3. review M4H Reaction to: Pop Your Panties Video “Dear Mr. Atkins, You should be ashamed of yourself! This video is scandalous! Not only do you objectify beautiful women, but you parody their weaknesses. Paris, Nicole, and Lindsay may be celebrities, but they have feelings, too! And all this popping of panties!! It's shocking! It's immature! It's risque! What's more, you completely push the edge of the first amendment! All that said, it's perhaps the funniest parody I've ever seen!!! I thank you for selecting Media 4 Humanity to be the recipient of your generosity and creative energy. Sometimes it takes a bold move to highlight a worthy cause. It reminds me of the Panties for Peace campaign in Myanmar. Bravo! Very truly yours, Melanie Siben” “Ashamed & Scandalous Shocking & Immature it’s Risque” But…. “it’s perhaps the funniest parody I’ve ever seen”Melanie Siben, M4H

  4. Produced by • This video was independently produced by Itsi Atkins. • One of Itsi's favorite charities is • MEDIA 4 HUMANITY, a group that helps abused and at-risk children. • To learn more or to support, visit: Media4Humanity.org • Parody4Charity.com

  5. Producer Itsi Atkins: Itsi Atkins’ art as a filmmaker is in the form of Parody “imitation with a difference” (according to Wikipedia). His social activism wrestles with the most important issues of the day – war, natural disaster, political ignorance – as well as pop culture’s obsession with the rise and fall of celebrities. In its guise as “imitation” it uses the visual imagery, personae, and content of a media event – but its “difference” is in its irreverent commentary that highlights the underlying tragedy. Itsi’s art makes itself look like the real thing. It parodies, but his authentic motivation is to have the viewer see the comic side – laugh – and experience the truth without the pain. Producer/writer/director.“Itsi” is no stranger to the red carpet, with over 30 years of creative professional achievements in music, theatre, television and feature film. With over 35 film credits “Itsi” provided production leadership on such films as “Clear & Present Danger”, “Shadow Conspiracy”, “Sliver”, “The Temp”, “Big Easy” and “Highlander” and he is especially proud of his producer credit on “Long Walk Home” and working with director Robert Wise as his last feature production manager. “Itsi: returned home from Paramount Studios to New York City where he continues to create film/video productions. ITSIATKINS@GMAIL.COM

  6. Lead Vocalist Zelma Davis While still in high school, Zelma auditioned for C+C Music Factory and the rest is music history. Zelma went on to become the lead vocalist for the mega-hit machine. Some of Zelma’s many hit singles were “Here We Go", "Things That Make You Go Hmmm...", "Just A Touch of Love", and "Do You Wanna Get Funky”. C+C enjoyed album sales of over 6 million worldwide. As the lead vocalist for C+C, Zelma performed extensively on five continents, in over 26 countries, and eight territories. The group was recognized with one Grammy Award nomination, five American Music Awards, five Billboard Music Awards, two MTV Music Video Awards, and several European, Japanese, and Australian Music Awards. Zelma co-wrote the single, "I'm Calling (Say It Loud)", which was featured on the soundtrack of the award-winning documentary When We Were Kings (1996), a story about boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Zelma’s television appearances include Saturday Night Live, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee. After taking a break from the business, Zelma has teamed up with Aimee Newman and is working with Deep Influence, Robert Clivilles, and Warren Rigg.

  7. Starring as Paris - Ashley Ashley Michaelsen– Paris Talented Ashley Michaelsen plays the role of Paris in the latest charity awareness release from Parody4Charity. Ashley was included in the recent New York Post Pulse “Spot the next supermodel”. However, Itsi Atkins, writer of the featured tune Plastic Paris, spotted the young talent and immediately cast Ashley in the video’s leading role. She is not from Beverly Hills but from the nearby town of Rochester, NY. Ashley currently resides in Riverdale, NY. Ms. Michaelsen, a fashionista, model, and actress is a Fashion Merchandising major at the Fashion Institute of New York and has a promising career in fashion and film. Photo credit: Keith Widyolar

  8. Starring as Nicole - Tiffany Tiffany Lee – Nicole  Tiffany is from Overland Park, Kansas, and moved to New York when she was 18 to train at The School for Film and  Television and pursue a career in acting.  Her most recent project was playing "Maggie", the lead role in the independent film The Sublet. Check out the website at www.nologikfilms.com. For resume/headshot email tiffanyleenyc@yahoo.com

  9. Starring as Lindsay - Kimberly Kimberly Magness – Lindsay This Indiana-raised, Kentucky-born actress has been working in the industry since the tender age of three. Working mainly in print and stage, cutting her teeth on such famous shows as Annie, Bridge to Terabithia, Peter Pan, and Steel Magnolias to name just a few, she quickly began booking on-screen appearances in film, television, and music videos. Relocating to Los Angeles in 2005, she is now bi-coastal and resides in New York City. Kimberly is most proud of her recent accomplishments, working for famed Director Martin Scorsese on his documentary about the Rolling Stones titled Shine a Light. She also just wrapped a key scene in the new film Righteous Kill where she appeared alongside Al Pacino, Robert Di Niro and rapper 50 Cent. On top of that she had key scenes in Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, and Cashmere Mafia. Kimberly nabbed the lead role in the brutal horror film Devil’s Grove, which opens nationwide in 2008, and is currently set to star in the heart wrenching drama The Word. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2310943/ http://www.KimberlyMagness.com Kimberlynn17@hotmail.com

  10. Cricket • is a multi-talented entertainer with a flair for the stage and a gifted communicator. Her personality possesses the unique ability to entice people in general to “feel comfortable”. With a character of class, and a heart of gold, Cricket has fit in and adjusted too many situations…from hosting the Unique Essence Fashion Shows to product presentations for show biz design. A gifted vocalist, Cricket has shared her vocal talents in many professional venues. Realizing she had a voice at a very young age, Cricket got her humble beginnings singing in the church choir. From there she went on to John Jay College where she appeared in local performances and talent shows. Then on to showcases, Community Theater and stage plays, learning the craft of entertaining thousands along the way. Cricket appeared in many commercials, public service announcements and movies such as “Malcolm X” with Denzel Washington, and” Juice” with Tupac Shakur. • Cricket is performing, producing and entertaining in many different capacities. Now an inspiring filmmaker in quest to turn multimedia into something new and innovative for the world to view using Show Biz Design as her medium. Show Biz Design is the brain child of this talented individual who wishes to focus on entrepreneurs who need guidance in the field of business and the entertainment industry. Cricket is very dedicated to today’s youth, realizing that we can work together through media, dance, music and the arts. Cricket continues to be an inspiration to many and to one day become the entertainer the world was waiting to see and