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High School Human Genome Project PowerPoint Presentation
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High School Human Genome Project

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High School Human Genome Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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High School Human Genome Project. White River High School Partnering with the UW. What is addiction?. What is a drug?. What is drug abuse?. How do drugs of addiction work?. We are 99.9% identical at genetic level…!!.

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High School

Human Genome Project

White River High School Partnering with the UW


What is drug abuse?

How do drugs of addiction work?


We are 99.9% identical at genetic level…!!

  • That means two people differ by only one out of every thousand bases (nucleotides..A, T, C, G).

CYP2A6 Gene

* This is the gene we’ll be researching…looking for variations


CYP2A6 Gene codes for the CYP2A6 enzyme, a cytochrome p-450

  • CYP2A6 converts nicotine to cotinine, which is released in urine.

It has been found that those who produce less of the active enzyme are less likely to smoke or if they smoke, they smoke less. “a little nicotine goes a long ways.”


StarNet is doing a sequencing project on 8 individuals on the CYP2A6 gene from the Human Polymorphism Discovery Panel…

  • it is an ethnically diverse group of 8 people, but their ethnicities will not be revealed.

Viewing a single nucleotide (A, T,C, G) in the human genome is compared to looking for a street address from space.

World = 46 Chromosomes


The Human Genome IS entirely sequenced

  • What will we do with this information?
  • What will be some positive outcomes?
  • What are some problems that could arise?
  • How much do you want to know?

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Human Genome Project


The 2000 Monitoring

  • the Future Study showed:

Extent of Lifetime Drug Use among 12th graders:

  • Alcohol 81%
  • Cigarettes 65%
  • Marijuana 65%

Inhalants 14%

  • LSD 11%
  • Cocaine 9%
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse Web Site:

Drug Abuse?

  • Taking a Drug for any reason other than a medical one…
  • To get a feeling of euphoria (high)
  • To enhance athletic ability (steroids)


  • If it causes, “uncontrollable compulsive drug seeking and use, even in the face of negative health and social consequences.”
  • Results from both psychological and physical dependence on the drug