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Flash: Overview Macromedia Flash MX Instructor: Adam Cavotta What is Flash? Flash is graphics application Animation application Video application Application development tool Flash Media and the Flash Authoring Environment The word Flash is used to describe:

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flash overview

Flash: Overview

Macromedia Flash MX

Instructor: Adam Cavotta

what is flash
What is Flash?
  • Flash is graphics application
  • Animation application
  • Video application
  • Application development tool
flash media and the flash authoring environment
Flash Media and the Flash Authoring Environment
  • The word Flash is used to describe:
    • Media Output that the user sees
    • Authoring Environment used to create content
streaming media output
Streaming Media Output
  • Flash movies can be viewed while they as they are being downloaded.
    • Accommodates 56 Kbps modem connections fairly well
    • In some case, preloaders are still used.
graphics in flash
Graphics in Flash
  • Flash supports Vector and Raster (Bitmap) graphics
    • Bitmaps are made to be displayed at fixed sizes
      • Bitmap graphics are the graphic we see most often on the Web
    • Vector graphics are size independent
      • Changes to the size and shape of a vector graphic do not affect image quality which makes them ideal for animations.
flash authors
Flash Authors
  • Who are they?
    • Graphic designers
    • Programmers
    • Web developers
basic author roles
Basic Author Roles
  • There are two roles for Flash authors
    • Designer
    • Developer
basic author roles designer
Basic Author Roles: Designer
  • Designer
    • Typically, all Flash authors are designers to a certain extent.
    • Designers create and arrange graphical content and create animations.
    • Designers are artists
basic author roles developers
Basic Author Roles: Developers
  • Developers
    • Developers make Flash movies “do something”
    • Developers create interactive environments using ActionScript.
    • Developers are programmers
the importance of roles
The importance of roles
  • The type of content created determines which role the author will play.
  • Learning opportunities and certifications are often categorized as being related to developer or designer roles.
  • Before learning Flash determine your ultimate goal
    • What type of content do you want to create?
types of content
Types of content
  • Animated Movies
  • Audio and Video
  • Web page elements
  • Applications
advantages of flash
Advantages of Flash
  • File size is relatively small for type of output.
  • Flash player is widely available.
  • Authors create content for a player, not a browser.
limitations of flash
Limitations of Flash
  • Some users are resistant to Flash content
  • Various player version sometimes add confusion about publishing and viewing files
  • Training is required to begin creating content in Flash
learning opportunities
Learning Opportunities
  • ITS Training Services Free Technology Seminars
  • Extended Format Seminars offered through HRDC
  • Penn State’s Web-Based Training
  • The Macromedia Web site
its training services free seminars
ITS Training Services Free Seminars
  • Register Online
    • https://register4its.psu.edu/
  • Intermediate level seminars that focus on specific tasks
  • Animations
    • Content focuses on the designer role.
  • Interactivity
    • Provides an introduction to the developer role.
extended format seminars
Extended Format Seminars
  • Fee: $85
  • Register Online
    • http://www.ohr.psu.edu/hrdc/catalog/HRDC_Catalog.cfm \
  • Basic and Intermediate level seminars
  • Seminars focus primarily on designer role
  • Additional information about seminar content: http://its.psu.edu/training/extended/
penn state s web based training
Penn State’s Web-Based Training
  • Free service
  • Self paced
  • Assessments
  • Topics mostly relate to designer role
  • Go to: https://wbt.psu.edu/ to begin using Web-Based Training
macromedia web site
Macromedia Web Site
  • A GREAT source of information
  • Provides content for both designer and developer roles
  • Provides support information
  • Forums are a great learning opportunity
  • The Macromedia Web site provides learning opportunities throughout the learners development process.
the software
The Software
  • Latest Release: Flash MX 2004
  • Two version in the new release
    • Professional version- targeted to developers, more robust
    • Standard version- less data connection and application development features
  • The software is also available in the Studio MX Suite
the software20
The Software
  • Available at Penn State’s computer store
    • http://computerstore.psu.edu/
    • If you aren’t sure which software package to purchase, ask them. They are an impartial, objective source of information.
    • Discounts are substantial.
thank you
Thank you
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