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Western Lowland Gorilla PowerPoint Presentation
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Western Lowland Gorilla

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Western Lowland Gorilla - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Western Lowland Gorilla. Zoorithmetic Project. By Kari Grade 4 2004. Photo Courtesy of Woodland Park Zoo. Habitat All gorillas live in rainforests, but different kinds may live up in the mountains or down at sea level. Arm Span

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Western Lowland Gorilla

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Western Lowland Gorilla

Zoorithmetic Project

By Kari

Grade 4


Photo Courtesy of Woodland Park Zoo


HabitatAll gorillas live in rainforests, but different kinds may live up in the mountains or down at sea level.

  • Arm Span
  • Male gorillas can reach almost eight feet across, while females are slightly smaller at 6.5 feet.
  • WeightAdult male weight: 350-600 pounds (157-273 kg)Adult female weight: 150-300 pounds (66-136 kg)
  • Life SpanEstimated up to 50 years in the wild. Average 30-35 years in zoos. Record is 54 years.
  • Gorillas build a nest every night out of plant material to sleep in and a day nest for their midday rest!
  • Adult male gorillas eat about 70 pounds (32 kg) of food per day. Adult females eat about two thirds of that amount!
  • Gorillas can make up to 22 vocalizations such as grunts, laughs, hoots, barks and screams, each with its own specific meaning!
  • All information taken from Woodland Park Zoo website,

Interesting Facts

Photo Courtesy of WPZ.


Problem #1

Female gorillas eat about 2/3 as much food as male gorillas. If a typical female eats about 50 pounds of vegetation a day, how much does the male eat?

Photo Courtesy of WPZ.


Problem #2

Photo Courtesy of WPZ.

Female gorillas in the wild have their first offspring at about 10 years old and mate about every four years after that. If the average lifespan of a gorilla in the wild is 50, and they have only one baby at a time, about how many babies will one gorilla usually have?


Problem #3

Photo Courtesy of WPZ.

Male gorillas weigh between 300-600 lbs., and female gorillas weigh between 150-300 lbs. About what fraction of the male gorilla’s weight are females?


Fighting to Survive...

This slide should contain a one-two paragraph essay describing why your animal is endangered or threatened. You should also include ways humans can help preserve the animal.



My name is Kari. I teach fourth grade at Martin Sortun Elementary. My favorite activities are reading, listening to music, traveling, and skiing. This is a picture of my 03-04 class after going to Woodland Park Zoo.