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El abecedario

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El abecedario. A=a ( “ah” as in all ) a vion. B = be (pronounced bay) like English b b ota. C = ce (pronounced s ay) “k” sound, except for “ce” and “ci” which make the “s" sound c arro. D = de ( pronounced day ) put tongue on back of teeth d isco compacto.

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c ce pronounced s ay k sound except for ce and ci which make the s sound c arro
C = ce (pronounced say)“k” sound, except for “ce” and “ci” which make the “s" sound carro
g ge pronounced hey hard g sound as in go except ge and gi which make the h sound g ato
G=ge (pronounced hey)hard “g” sound as in go, except “ge” and “gi” which make the “h” soundgato
r ere pronounced ehray like the english d put tongue on palate just above front teeth r aton
R=ere (pronounced ehray)like the English d; put tongue on palate just above front teethraton

When 2 r’s are together like in perro, the rr is trilled; words that start with R are trilled also

V=ve, ve pequeña(pronouncedbay)like the English b, though sometimes a softer sound; never English v vaca
x equis pronounced ehkeys makes a gs sound an h sound in mexican words of indian origin xil fono
X=equis(pronouncedehkeys)makes a “gs” sound; an “h” sound in Mexican words of Indian originxilófono
Y=i griega (pronouncedee gree-eh-gah )like the English “y”; sometimes is a vowel and makes the “ee” soundyogur