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Custom Entrance Animations

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Custom Entrance Animations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Custom Entrance Animations. Resize notes area, when necessary, so you can read and follow the directions below. Custom Animation–Text Placeholder. Custom animations allow you to control how text comes into your slide

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custom entrance animations

Custom Entrance Animations

Resize notes area, when necessary, so you can read and follow the directionsbelow.

custom animation text placeholder
Custom Animation–Text Placeholder
  • Custom animations allow you to control how text comes into your slide
  • With oral presentations, it is helpful to bring your bullets in as you talk about them
    • Less distracting for the audience
    • Less temptation to read ahead

customizing text animation
Customizing Text Animation
  • All of the animation effects can be customized in many ways
  • When direction is applicable, it can be changed to come in from 8 different directions
    • Avoid anything from the left when animating text
    • Makes most audience members eyes ‘twitch’
  • Speed may vary from computer to computer

effect options
Effect Options
  • Direction: options for a Smooth Start and End
  • Sound: adds a sound to the animation effect (don’t be tempted…)
  • After animation: select a color to have bullets dim on next animation
    • Dimming previous bullets can help to keep the audience focused
  • Animate text: All at once, By Word, or By Letter

timing options
Timing Options
  • Delay: by default 0 seconds – adjust to have more time between animations on timed slides or when Automatically after previous is set
  • Repeat: by default (none) – best setting for text
  • Rewind when done playing check box – by default unchecked (Rewind on a text animation makes it disappear.)
  • Triggers button (more about this one later!)

text animation options
Text Animation Options
  • Group text allows you to determine animation grouping options from:
    • All at once, to
    • By any level paragraph
  • Automatically after allows you to set a number of seconds between automatic animations
  • In reverse order – brings your last bullet in first

entrance animation effects
Entrance Animation Effects
  • Crawl In
  • Fly In
  • Rise Up
  • Zoom
  • Boomerang
  • Bounce
  • Float
  • Light Speed
  • Spiral In
  • Appear
  • Dissolve In
  • Flash Once
  • Fade
  • Expand
  • Compress
  • Glide
  • Thread
  • Wheel

Sample Text

End Show

animation triggers
Animation Triggers
  • Complete control of animation effects
  • Can make ‘just in case’ text appear only if you need it
  • Can repeat if desired
  • Multiple animation effects can use the same trigger


  • You have completed the text entrance animations tutorial.
  • Now go back and play a little.
  • Try different animation effects with different custom settings to see how they affect your text.
  • Have fun!