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Bag – O – Bytes VPN and Case Software Center Sept 8 th , 2004 Brought to you by The FPB Help Desk X6322 What is VPN?

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Bag – O – Bytes

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bag o bytes

Bag – O – Bytes

VPN and Case Software Center

Sept 8th, 2004

Brought to you by

The FPB Help Desk


what is vpn
What is VPN?
  • Virtual Private Network - A way to communicate through a dedicated server securely to a corporate network over the internet.
in case terms
In Case Terms
  • VPN is used at Case for two things:
    • Wireless access
    • To connect from an off campus location, and use Case restricted resources.
      • Thus making it “appear” to the Case servers that you are on campus and/or a member of the Case network.
why would i want vpn
Why would I want VPN?
  • You use wireless, and want to access Hotlips, journals, Software Center…
  • You are at home, use an outside service provider and want to access journals, Software Center, etc…
    • Note: VPN does not work with AOL, MSN or Compuserve connections.
do i need vpn while on campus
Do I need VPN while on Campus?
  • No, you do not.
    • You are using the wireless network.
how do i install use vpn
How do I install/use VPN?
  • Three Steps:
    • Download the client to your computer
    • Install the client
    • Connect

NOTE: VPN must be used WITH an internet connection. It is not a substitute for an internet connection.

the download
The Download
  • Go to:
  • Select your OS (windows)
  • You will be prompted for your CASE UserID and password
  • Choose to save the install file to a convenient location
      • Like your desktop or My Documents
the install
The Install
  • Double click the installer
  • Continue through by clicking next until finish
  • You will be prompted to reboot
the connection
The Connection
  • Create a shortcut to VPN
    • Start/Programs/Cisco VPN
    • RIGHT CLICK VPN Client Dialer
    • Choose send to desktop as shortcut
connection cont
Connection (Cont.)
  • Double click the VPN dialer
  • Click on Connect
  • Enter you UserID and password
go for it
Go for it!
  • You are now connected to VPN!
    • Notice the small yellow lock in the system tray near the computer clock
  • To disconnect, double click the VPN dialer icon and choose Disconnect
    • NOTE: you should always disconnect from VPN before shutting down
software center
Software Center
  • FREE (mostly) Software!!
  • Office, Acrobat, Symantec Antivirus, Macromedia Studio, etc
  • Available to any Case member (Faculty/Staff/Student)
how to install
How to Install
  • Three ways:
    • Direct wired connection on case campus (office computers, dorm rooms, laptop in lab)
    • Wireless connection (USING VPN) on campus or off

- Note: This will take longer, due to speed

    • Broadband connection off campus using VPN

- Note: you MUST use a fast internet connection. You are unable to download and install with a dial up connection

top three
Top Three
  • Symantec Antivirus
  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Acrobat

getting to know the software center
Getting to Know the Software Center
  • Two significant areas
    • Top portion provides software that requires an internet connection to download and install, but not to run*. This software is all free
    • Bottom portion provides software that may require the keyserver (for limited licenses), internet connection or payment to run
  • Except for Oracle Calendar.
getting from point a to point b
Getting From Point A to Point B
  • NOTE: if you already have Acrobat or Antivirus installed, you must uninstall them before installing the new version from the Software Center.
  • To use the basic software from the Software Center, you must complete a 2 step process
    • Download the installer
    • Install the program

Then you are free to use the software!

some info
Some Info

Clicking on the blue box (windows) for each specific software package brings you to instructions and info

- file size

- license info

- download and install info

NOTE: the Software Center advises to run the install instead of saving and installing. We recommend saving to your computer and then installing.

  • Let’s download Acrobat!
    • Click the blue Windows square
    • Choose Download
    • A window will appear, which will ask you to open, or save. Choose Save and save it to your DESKTOP.
    • When complete, return to the Software Center, and do the same for Office 2003 and Symantec Antivirus

NOTE: you may do the same for other installations as well

install time
Install Time!
  • On your desktop, you have three executables that you have just downloaded. We will start with Symantec Antivirus.
    • Double click antivirus.exe
    • Continue through, clicking next, yes, etc…until the program is installed.
    • Symantec will now appear as a small yellow shield in the corner of your system tray, by the clock. (after reboot)
    • You will want to be sure to keep it updated, especially if you do not connect to the internet every day.
We will install Microsoft Office next.
    • Double click office2003.exe on your desktop.
    • Accept any license agreements and continue on by clicking next, and so on.
    • WHEN YOU GET to the screen that asks you if you what type of install you would like, choose COMPLETE.
    • Continue on until Office is fully installed.
    • On the last screen, it will ask you if you want to check for updates, DO SO. Download any updates that Office may have.
        • It is good practice to check for office updates, at least once a month or so.
windows updates
  • SIDE NOTE. It is always good practice to do Windows Updates regularly too, if you do not have your computer set on a schedule to do them. You can do this from start/windows update. Don’t see windows update in XP? Right click on START, choose properties, and set the start menu to CLASSIC.

Please refer to:

For other great tips on computer maintenance and links

back to installs
Back to Installs
  • We will now install Adobe Acrobat
    • Double click arc6win.exe on the desktop.
    • Accept any licensing agreements and continue through clicking next, etc..
    • When you get to the options part, choose COMPLETE INSTALL.
    • Continue on until you are are complete.
a few notes
A Few Notes

1. To access the Office programs, they are located in your start menu, under programs/Microsoft Office.

2. If you want them on the desktop, right click the program and choose send to/desktop as shortcut.

3. When you open Word for the first time, it will ask you to enable macros (for the Adobe). Check the check box and click ENABLE.

4. When you open Adobe for the first time, it may ask you to register. You do NOT have to.

  • Acrobat: Open the software, click on HELP and UPDATES
  • Office: Go to and choose the update option
  • Symantec: Click the yellow shield. Pick liveupdate
  • Windows: Go to START and click Windows Update
a quick lesson on key access software
A Quick Lesson on Key Access Software
  • You must install the KeyServer FIRST
  • You must be connected to the internet with an active Keyserver session (usually automatic)
  • There is a license cap
what does keyserver do
What Does Keyserver Do?
  • Allows you to access restricted software
    • Restrictions are based on number of licenses and/or payment
how to install keyserver
How to Install Keyserver
  • Download Keyserver Client
  • Double Click to install
  • Type in in the box labeled Host DNS Name or IP Address...
  • Press Next to accept the other settings
  • Press Next to accept the default setup
  • Press Install to complete the installation
  • If you are asked to restart your computer, press Yes to restart.
installing software that uses keyserver
Installing Software That Uses Keyserver
  • Download software installer
  • Double click and install
  • Additional instructions on download page
  • NOTE: you must always be connected to the internet with Keyserver running to use Keyserver restricted software.
what happens if all licenses are in use
What Happens if All Licenses are in Use?
  • When you attempt to access the software, you will receive a message that all licenses are in use.
  • You must then wait, and try again later
what if i am not automatically connected to the keyserver
What if I am Not Automatically Connected to the Keyserver?
  • Go to Start/Programs/Sassafras and click KEYVERIFY
  • Then run your programs
  • Note: Usually Keyserver will start up with your computer, so this step is not necessary
how do i install programs which require payment
How do I Install Programs Which Require Payment?
  • When you click to download, you will be given specific instructions.
how do i know how many licenses are available overall
How do I Know How Many Licenses are Available Overall?
  • When you click to download, that information is available on the page.
  • On products such as Macromedia Studio and Adobe Photoshop, you are required to enter a license number on first run. Be sure to write it down!
site license software
Site License Software
  • Certain software packages are offered at below-market rates to Case faculty and staff for use on Case-owned computers.
  • At this time, no word on student packages for Site License Software (must purchase at bookstore)
  • FPB IS will soon announce info on faculty SPSS upgrades
important note on xp upgrade
Important Note on XP Upgrade
  • Yes, it is available
  • Must meet requirements on info page
  • Advise reformatting computer and then upgrading
  • Help Desk does not reformat personal computers for upgrade
  • Folks can do so in lab with their laptops (must have all recovery and driver disks to reformat..this will erase all data)
  • Time frame: 3 hours

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