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The MC. In 1991 Stephen’s life was radically changed when he gave himself to Jesus Christ. Then he discovered extreme sports as the vehicle to reach out to a generation of youth who have been turned off to traditional methods of outreach and The Global Breakthrough Ministry was born!

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The MC

In 1991 Stephen’s life was radically changed when he gave himself to Jesus Christ. Then he discovered extreme sports as the vehicle to reach out to a generation of youth who have been turned off to traditional methods of outreach and The Global Breakthrough Ministry was born!

"So many kids today are lost and searching - we believe The Breakthrough Ministry will connect with them and get them thinking about living their lives for Jesus Christ."


The Mission

Our mission is to lead the world’s youth to the spiritual truth that Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and the one and only way into the kingdom of Heaven and to eternal life.


The Foundation

1. Spiritual

Worship, Prayer, Training, Mentoring

2. Organizational

3. Financial

Church, Sponsorship, Individual

4. Attendance

Media, Church, Schools, Street

5. Arena Tour Presentation


The Weapon

A radical extreme sports arena tour in your community, titled the “AsSALT" featuring skateboarding, BMX freestyle, and extreme freestyle motocross in addition to live hardcore Christian music, choreographed laser lights and multi-media entertainment on jumbotrons throughout the show with a extreme sport competition offering a $5000 purse. All seats will be offered free of charge and the Gospel of Jesus Christ boldly presented.



Within each show, a clear, direct presentation of the knowledge of salvation through Christ will be given. We will also be connecting those new young believers to a network of local churches in their area for the follow-up process of discipleship. Bibles will be given to each new believer along with the opportunity to receive a water baptism on location at each event. Special prayer tents will also be available for additional counsel and deliverance ministry. It is the passion of the BREAKTHROUGH to see the kids of America (who are currently defenseless against the spirit of this world) become empowered and set free, to be able to make better choices, and become the world-changers that God intended for them to be. “The greatest way to ensure the future of America and the rest of the world is to evangelize the youth today.” – Stevie B.


The Steps

1. Recognizance

2. Intelligence Gathering & Assessment

3. AsSALT Task Force Formation

4. AsSALT Task Force Briefing & Expansion

5. Worship & Planning

6. AsSALT Taskforce Training

7. Budget Finalized

8. Intelligence Briefings

9. Gathering of the Troops

10. Hand-to-Hand Training

11. AsSALT Media Promo Tours, Rehearsals & the Main Event

12. Occupation Transitional Event


The Troops

The Breakthrough will unleash a radical new YOUTH movement (based on John 3:30) that will ignite an AsSalt on spiritual darkness for the Kingdom of God and His will.


The Audience

“Andrew AsSALT”

TheApostle Andrew brought his brother Peter to Christ as one of his first acts of discipleship (John 1:40-42).  Andrew was “as Salt” to his brother Peter. God has called each of his troops to be as Salt in the World to reach their friends on His behalf.  The world needs you as Salt; God has called you to be Salt; and when you act as Salt it will grow you spiritually.


The Harvest

  • The Christian community will be trained and waiting

- counseling, follow-up, discipleship

  • The new believer will be loved & given personal attention

- personal relationships formed

  • We prepare up-front, to reproduce new believers

- event after the AsSALT tour


The Funding

  • Sponsorship
  • Churches
  • Foundations
  • Events
  • Individuals
  • 6. Sale of Resources

The Facts

Financial Policies

The AsSALT tour will be free

Tax receipts will be given

Finances will be audited

All money will be spent for the purpose for which it was raised


The Team




Board of Directors

Stevie B

GBTM Founder

AsSALT Tour Director

Dan Southern

GBTM President

Local Team


The Word … on the street

  • “I can't wait for the Breakthrough Ministry!" - Sara, age 15
  • "The BTM is needed at my school!" - John, age 13
  • "Your ministry sounds awesome, please let me know how I can get the Breakthrough Ministry to Alabama!" - Scott, age 14
  • Tiffany (mom), age 34
  • "How can I get the Breakthrough Ministry to St. Louis, I'll do anything!" - Kari, age 13
  • "I'm praying for you guys!" - Seth, age 16

The Commitment

  • Five Policy Areas To Which You Are Saying “Yes”







The Assignment

Pray for God to be glorified in this AsSALT on spiritual darkness in your community.

Share your enthusiasm with at least 1 other person – pastor, friend, youth leader.

Write a letter of commitment to GBTM this week.

Make a decision to get involved in a specific area of the AsSALT Tour now.


The Down Low

Global BTM Box 936, Nyack NY 10960