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ASI Controls

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ASI Controls. ASI Controls. Reliability · Performance · Value. Reliability · Performance · Value. HVAC Control Building Automation Energy Management Since 1986. HVAC Control Building Automation Energy Management Since 1986. Digital Control Products. Telecommunication Commercial

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ASI Controls

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asi controls
ASI Controls

ASI Controls

Reliability · Performance · Value

Reliability · Performance · Value

HVAC Control

Building AutomationEnergy Management

Since 1986

HVAC Control

Building AutomationEnergy Management

Since 1986

digital control products
Digital Control Products
  • Telecommunication
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Educational
  • Institutional
  • Governmental
application flexibility
Application Flexibility
  • HVAC and Lighting
  • Facility Automation
  • Refrigeration/Cold Storage
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Energy Management and Cost Control
reliable hardware
Reliable Hardware
  • ASIC/2 configurable controllersfor power, flexibility, scalability
  • ASIC/1 pre-programmed controllers for terminal unit applications
  • JASIC Open Systems controllers, running Niagara AX Framework
intuitive software
Intuitive Software
  • PC-based web front ends
  • Automated alarm notification
  • Database ODBC R/W capability
  • Graphical configuration
  • Optional embedded front end and configuration software

Open Systems Interfaces

JASIC Open Systems use Niagara AX Framework to integrate LON and other legacy BAS protocols


Interoperability Options

  • JASIC Open Systems, powered by Niagara AX, with drivers for BACnet, LON, Modbus, etc.
  • WebLink OPC-client front end with ODBC R/W
  • ASIC/2 controllers with Modbus RTU Master
  • BACnet-IP system and BACnet MS/TP controller interfaces
system architectures
System Architectures
  • Choice of Niagara AX or ASI Controls basedsystem architectures
  • Scalable open systems
  • Range of choices for cost-effective Ethernet connectivity
asi in control small
ASI in Control – Small …
  • Equipment Shelters
  • Packaged Units
Medium …
  • Hotel, Retail Network, Factory, Office Building …
… Large
  • Multi-zone & networked buildings
  • Integrated control of large facilities

BOMA Large Building of the Year, 1994

asic 2 7540 configurable
ASIC/2-7540 Configurable
  • 16 universal inputs (multiplex to 64)
  • 8 analog + 12 binary outs
  • RS-485 (2), RS-232, USB
  • Modbus RTU Master
  • Real time clock, onboard configuration storage
asic 2 8540 configurable
ASIC/2-8540 Configurable
  • Real time clock
  • Automated dial out
  • RS-485 ports, RS-232,
  • Modbus RTU Master
  • 8 universal inputs (multiplex to 32); 4 analog + 8 binary outputs
asic 2 8540 bac
  • All the features of ASIC/2-8540 plus a BACnet MS/TP bus
  • Second RS-232 bus supports either ASI or Modbus communication
rooftop package control
Rooftop Package Control


  • Flash memory
  • 8 relay outputs, 2 analog outputs
  • Modulating economizer
  • Ready to control packagedrooftop units and heat pumps
vav control
VAV Control
  • Integrated actuator
  • Airflow sensor
  • Screw terminals
  • 5 analog + airflow inputs; 3 binary + 1 analog, 2 floating damper outputs


bacnet vav control
BACnet VAV Control
  • Integrated actuator
  • Airflow sensor
  • Screw terminals
  • 5 analog + airflow inputs
  • 3 binary + 1 analog, 2 floating damper outputs


vav control18
VAV Control

ASIC/1-6000-MB, -PD, -PD-MB

  • -PD option for pressure-dependent applications
  • -MB models with metal base, no actuator (for retrofit applications)
dual duct exhaust tracking
Dual Duct & Exhaust Tracking

Ready for common dual duct applications

2 calibrated airflow sensors included

Exhaust tracking forpositive or negative pressure


network communication
Network Communication
  • Ethernet-to-serial router, either RS-232 or RS-485
  • SNTP supports timekeeping& synchronization functions
  • Intelligent forwarding of alarms & events
  • Web server for configuration
jasic 700 controller
JASIC-700 Controller
  • RS-232, RS-485, 2 USB, 2 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Embedded Web Front End with 3D HVAC graphics
  • Optional drivers to tie into most common protocols
  • Real-time clock, with batteryor external power backup
jasic 600 controller
JASIC-600 Controller

RS-232, RS-485, 2xEthernet, USB port

Embedded web front end with library of HVAC graphics, and optional configuration tools

Drivers for many protocols

Onboard clock, battery backup

jasic 200 controller
JASIC-200 Controller
  • RS-232, RS-485, 2xEthernet, USB port
  • Embedded web front end with library of HVAC graphics, and optional configuration tools
  • Drivers for many protocols
  • Onboard clock, battery backup
jasic web supervisor
JASIC Web Supervisor

Server-based front end software

Archives trend data, delivers automated alarm notifications

Small, Large, or 64-bit version

Database drivers available for MySQL, MS-SQL Server, Oracle, oBIX, SNMP, CSV/Excel ....

jasic workbench
JASIC Workbench

Runs embedded or from networked computer

Intuitive drag/drop interface

Standard library of animated 3D HVAC component images

Optional libraries to create custom AHU, RTU, Plant ...

System Configuration Software

color touchscreen hmi s
Color Touchscreen HMI’s
  • Interfaces to ASIC/2 controllers
  • Support for JPG, BMP, GIF image formats
  • 3.5”, 5.7” @480x320; 8”, 10.4”, 12.1” @800x600
Modbus-RTU Slave

Identical color, size, and form as WS-051 sensor

4 digit LCD display

Push-button mode and setpoint adjustment, afterhours overrides

Modbus Wall Sensor

temperature sensors
Temperature Sensors
  • Digital display panel
  • Setpoint adjust
  • After-hours over-ride
  • Display and controller read same sensor
  • Outside Air, Duct Insertion, Averaging, Strap-on, and Immersion


WS-001 WS-011 WS-021 WS-031

  • Built-in thermostat
  • Setpoint adjust
  • Sensor only, + push button, + user adjust, + PB & UA


pressure rh sensors
Pressure, RH Sensors
  • Differential Pressure Transmitters in multiple ranges
  • Relative Humidity, RH+Temp sensors
  • Bulk polymer resistance for accuracy
  • Room, Duct, and Outside Air options

Network & System Interface

  • Polling, Broadcasting & Event Notification
  • Dual RS-232 access for PC, Modem, LAN
  • Dual local buses
  • RS-232 to RS-485 converter
asi c r converter repeater
ASI-C/R Converter/Repeater
  • RS-232 to RS-485 Converter
  • RS-485 Repeater
  • Plug and Play

ASI Visual Expert

  • Graphical, drag & drop configuration without line programming
  • Real-time data display
  • Password protection
  • Re-use sequences between projects

Sample configuration screen

asi weblink
ASI WebLink
  • Web browser based system front ends
  • Customizable screen graphics, audio, video
  • Drag and drop screen editor, OPC tag browser
  • OPC for interoperability
asi weblink34
ASI WebLink



asi weblink35
ASI WebLink
  • Report and Graph trends
  • Export CSV data
  • Customize access by user login and role
  • Javascript customization
  • ODBC Read/Write
asi weblink36
ASI WebLink
  • Manage networked facilities over LAN, WAN or WWW
  • Integrate other BAS web servers for a unified Intelligent Building interface
asi weblink37
ASI WebLink
  • Automated delivery of email and/or text Alarm & Event notifications to individual or group
  • Web interface for processing, managing alarm notifications
asi weblink38
ASI WebLink
  • Monitor and control remote facilities via Ethernet network
  • Update network or sub-network with a single command
asi atlas
ASI Atlas

Map ASI points into BACnet UI through BACnet-IP interface

ASI templates for common applications and configurations

Users can create re-usable templates

191 peachtree tower atlanta
191 Peachtree Tower, Atlanta
  • Long-term support for back compatibility
  • 1.2M square feet
  • 1,500 ASIC/1 VAV’s with Fan Speed Control, Trane central Plant controls
  • Upgrade facility awarded BOMA Large Building of the Year, 1998
chartwell school seaside ca
Chartwell School, Seaside, CA
  • USGBC LEED-NC 2.1 Platinum rated
  • Net-zero electricity use with onsite solar panels
  • Provide control of HVAC
  • Total energy use is half of comparable buildings
nankang software park taipei
Nankang Software Park, Taipei
  • Over 5,000 ASIC/2 & ASIC/1 controllers
  • 70,000+ total points


ICF Intelligent Building of the Year, 2005

other notable projects
Other Notable Projects
  • 3,000+ telecommunications buildings
  • Hilton hotels in Anaheim, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and other flagship locations
  • McChord AFB, WA – 45 networked buildings
  • West Virginia DEP, LEED-NC Silver rated
  • Hospitals, Retail Networks, Schools, College Campuses, Shopping Malls, Clean Rooms…
our goals
Our Goals
  • Supply reliable, innovative and cost-effective control system hardware and software
  • Provide VARs with tools for complete Energy Management, Building Automation & other control solutions
  • Comprehensive training and customer support

Reliability · Performance · Value


Authorized Reseller

AkBin - Akıllı Bina Sistemleri ve Analizi

Beyoğlu, İstanbul

Tel: 554 646 8953 / 533 275 0338


2202 Camino Ramon

San Ramon, CA 94583

Tel: 925-866-8808