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Actual Situation of Chemical Management in Cambodia PowerPoint Presentation
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Actual Situation of Chemical Management in Cambodia

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Actual Situation of Chemical Management in Cambodia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Actual Situation of Chemical Management in Cambodia. Institution involved in Management of Chemicals. Law and Regulation. Law and Regulation- cont’. Law and Regulation- cont’. Ratification of Treaty on Chemical s.

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Actual Situation of Chemical Management in Cambodia

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Actual Situation

of Chemical Management

in Cambodia


Ratification of Treaty on Chemical s

Signed on Basel, Stockholm and Narcotic Convention and submitted draft document to the National Assembly to get permissions for ratification of the convention


Chemical Production,Import,Export and Use

Cambodia is an import and use of chemicals only. The chemicals are divided into 10 groups:


3- Chemical for Pharmaceutical Production

7 pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises operating in Cambodia, most finished pharmaceutical product for local people use are imported. The chemical substances used as raw material for drug production by these enterprise are imported mostly from India, China, EU, France and Thailand. The chemical substances are required licence from Ministry of Health.


7- Chemical Product for consumer use(Import in 2002)

Chemical product for consumers includes a wide variety of finished product used for cleaning, health care and protection used in household, public building…etc. There are two types of the chemical product that have been used: Soaps and insecticide use for insect prevention such as mosquitoes coils and sprays, anti-termite substances..etc.


8- Chemical Substances

for laboratory

Presently, there are six governmental laboratories operating in MAFF, MoC, MoH, MIME, MoE, MWRM. Theses laboratories have been using approximately 473 types of chemicals substances.


10- Persistent Organic Pollutants

A- POPs pesticide

DDT and Endrin are very popular with Cambodian usersDuring survey of 2004, there were 350kg of DDT and 59 kg of chlordane had been found in the market.


 1600 transformers is used thorough the country. 50% of them containing or contaminated with PCBs

C- Unintentionally POPs by products


Problem in Operation of Chemicals Management

Low level chemical awareness and limited education

 Government institutions do not have sufficient ability for chemical assessment and the identification of chemical related problem in production trade, storage , use and disposal such chemical

 Lack of cooperation among laboratories and stakeholders responsible for managing emission source of chemical and persistent toxic substances

 Lack of expertise and finance


Programme for the Management of Chemicals

Governmental Programme

1- Agricultural Productivity Improvement Project

2- Agricultural Material Standard

3- Establishment inspection program and strengthening implementation at the entry points and market surveillance including the focus on the chemical

4- Import –Export Goods control and tax collection

5- National waste Management program


Programme for the Management of Chemicals-cont’

Private Organization programme

1- Phnom Penh Municipal Solid Waste

Collection and Transport Service by Cintri


2- Industrial Waste collection, Transportation

and Landfill Facility by Sarom Trading Company


Programme for the Management of Chemicals-cont’

NGOs Programme

1- Pesticide Reduce Network

2- Pesticide Reduce Along Mekong