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John Gaydash Director of Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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John Gaydash Director of Marketing

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John Gaydash Director of Marketing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Alternative Fuel Overview. John Gaydash Director of Marketing. Alternative Fuel Vehicles. E 85 Flexible Fuel. Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra. 1500 series, Vortec 5300 engine. 2WD or 4x4. Regular or Extended Cab Short or Long Box. N/A in NY, MA, ME, CA, VT. CFF LEV certified.

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Presentation Transcript

Alternative Fuel Overview

John Gaydash

Director of Marketing


E85 Flexible Fuel

Chevy Silverado

GMC Sierra

1500 series, Vortec 5300 engine

2WD or 4x4

Regular or Extended Cab

Short or Long Box

N/A in NY, MA, ME, CA, VT

CFF LEV certified


E85 Flexible Fuel

Chevy Tahoe/Suburban

GMC Yukon/Yukon XL

1500 series

Vortec 5300 engine

FFV standard equipment

N/A in MA, ME, NY, CA, VT

CFF LEV certified


CNG Bi-Fuel & Dedicated

Chevy Silverado

GMC Sierra

2500 series, Vortec 6000 engine

  • Regular, extended, and crew cab
  • 2WD or 4x4
  • 8500 or 9200 lbs. GVWR

20.6 gge CNG tank

  • Accurate fuel gauges

CNG Bi-Fuel & Dedicated

Chevy Silverado

GMC Sierra

Exclusive Pickup Bed Delete

2500 series, Vortec 6000 engine

Regular cab

  • 2WD or 4x4
  • 8500 or 9200 lbs. GVWR

Crew cab

  • 4x4
  • 9200 lbs. GVWR

20.6 gge CNG tank mounted to frame rails


CNG Bi-Fuel & Dedicated

Chevy Express

GMC Savana

Vortec 6000 engine

8500 or 9600 lbs. GVWR

Cargo or Passenger

2, 8 or 12 passenger seating

135 or 155 inch

wheel base

20.3 gge dedicated CNG

capacity, 11.2 gge bi-fuel

CNG capacity

Midship Tank Shield

High Pressure Regulator

AFT-Axle CNG Tank

Fuel Supply Line

Fuel Lock-Off

Solenoid Tank Valves

Fuel Fill


CNG Tank

(Dedicated Only)

Lock-Off Relay

Solenoid Tank Valve


CNG Bi-Fuel & Dedicated

Chevy Express

GMC Savana


Midship Tank Shield

Solenoid Tank Valves

High Pressure Regulator

Fuel Supply Line

AFT-Axle CNG Tank

Vortec 6000

12,000 or 12,300 GVWR

139 or 159 inch

wheel base

29.7 gge dedicated

CNG capacity

20.6 gge

bi-fuel CNG capacity

Fuel Lock-Off

Fuel Fill


CNG Tank

(Dedicated Only)

Solenoid Tank Valves

Lock-Off Relay


CNG Bi-Fuel

Chevy Cavalier

2.2L Ecotech engine

6.2 gge CNG capacity

LEV California Emissions

Tier 2, Bin 8 Federal Emissions

8 1 lpg
8.1 LPG

After-Market Conversion through Bi-Phase Technologies

Limited Availability on the C Series Chassis

Contact Bill Petrich at Bi-Phase for additional information at


8 1l cng
8.1L CNG

GM is supporting TeleFlex GFI in a joint venture to develop a CNG version of our 8.1L engine

2 Year, $2 Million Development Program


B5 Biodiesel


- Chevy Silverado 2500 HD and 3500

- GMC Sierra 2500 HD and 3500

- Chevy & GMC C series


- Chevy & GMC C series


Displacement on Demand

Enhances fuel economy and lowers emissions without compromising performance

Uses only half the engine’s cylinders during most normal driving conditions

Reactivates the other cylinders when needed for brisk acceleration or load carrying

First offered on select applications of:

- GM’s Vortec V8 engine family in 2004 CY

- GM’s overhead valve V6 engine family to follow


Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra Hybrid

Hybrid electric extended cab / short box fullsize pickup

Features the same performance as the

conventional 5300 Vortec V-8

120 Volt, 20 amp Electrical System

  • Four Auxiliary Power Outlets

10 to 15% improvement in fuel economy

Reduced CO2 emissions

  • 50 State Bin 8 SULEV 1 Emission Certification

Power Electronics


Energy Storage




EV40 DriveTM



Allison Hybrid Electric Drive


Allison Hybrid

Electric Drive

Currently Available:

- New Flyer: 40’ Low Floor (ISL) & 60’ Artic Low Floor (C-9)

- Gillig: 35’ & 40’ both Standard Floor & Low Floor (ISB)

- MCI: 40/45’ D-Series Suburban Coach (ISL)

40’ Transit Bus

SOP Oct ‘03

60’ Articulated Bus

SOP May ‘04

hybrid rollout
Hybrid Rollout

Chevy Equinox

  • 2006
  • Electric motor assist
  • VTi variable transmission
  • Fuel economy increase of up to 15%

Chevy Malibu

  • 2007
  • Same electric motor assist w/ VTi

Fleet Demonstration Program

Gain experience with real-world use

Obtain reliability data

Verify vehicle systems

Gain engineering knowledge and apply it to further technology development

Learn in high-visibility environment


Technical Challenge: Component and Vehicle Cost

Tenfold reduction in fuel cell stack in three years

Simpler “bill of materials”

Simpler manufacturing systems


For more information,

please contact:

GM Alternative Fuel Vehicles at


Or visit our web site at



Wheel Hub Motors

Motor inside wheel hub directly drives wheel

Streamlines the overall design of electric drive systems

A number of Universities and Industrial Companies are developing in-wheel motor technology