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Upcoming Global Education Fair 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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Upcoming Global Education Fair 2018

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Upcoming Global Education Fair 2018
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Upcoming Global Education Fair 2018

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  1. Upcoming Global Education FairBy

  2. DATE & VENUE Information

  3. GLOBAL EDUCATION FAIR • Global Education Fair brings a plethora of opportunities dissipating the uncertainties prevailed among the students who are looking forward to pursuing their higher education in a foreign country. • The Education Fair brought to you by Global Opportunities is bringing more than 100 top universities from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, Dubai, Europe, and Singapore. The expert delegates of different universities will help you get rid of the paradoxes which you have been experiencing. They will assist you in selecting the best courses based on your profile. Besides, these delegates evaluate your academic eligibility on the spot and guide you to the right destination. To put in a nutshell, our Education Fair is a beacon of educational consultancy.

  4. GLOBAL EDUCATION FAIR • The Education Fair gives you complete knowhow regarding application processing for the upcoming academic year intakes since it is on high priority in our International Education Fair. Apart from application fee waiver, offered by many universities, one can procure the information regarding kinds of scholarships given by the universities. Moreover, our Education Fair acts as a platform to fulfil all your requirements. It caters to the needs of those students who want financial help through education loan assistance by different monetary organizations. • In this Education Fair, one can also avail the privilege of knowing everything about test preparation. Our experts guide you to equip yourselves with all the requirements to meet university standards. Our Education Fair also brings you huge discount on all our coaching services (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and SAT, GRE, GMAT) if you register on the day of Education Fair.

  5. GLOBAL EDUCATION FAIR • Furthermore, our educational consultants provide you with the information regarding Visa application right from the beginning to the approval of your Visa and all the credentials required. • It is quite common that students think from different perspectives before taking a decision about their foreign study and as a part of this, they undergo a lot of pressure as a result of confusion. But our International Education Fair will not let anybody suffer anymore because our representatives at the Education Fair will give you an exact estimation of your education in a foreign country. Also, complete guidance about your accommodation in a particular destination can be had from our experts at the Education Fair.

  6. GLOBAL EDUCATION FAIR • In addition to the above information, the representatives at the Education Fair give precious information about the part-time work opportunities and acquaint you with post-study work rights since it is obligatory to familiarize ourselves regarding rules, regulations, customs, and traditions of the land we move to. • The information given here is a tip of the iceberg; the remaining hidden side of it will delight you at International Education Fairs organized by Global Opportunities Pvt Ltd in various cities across India. And we are highly rejuvenated to meet you at the International Education Fair, Aren’t you? Education Fair Registration :- http://www.global-opportunities.net/study-abroad-education-fair.html

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