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Scholarships in

Scholarships in


About singapore
About Singapore

Established in 1965, Singapore is a dynamic city rich in contrast and color, where you'll find a harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture. 

It is a predominately an Asian culture which has melded perfectly with the western business culture. Singapore is made of Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians.

Besides being the world’s fourth leading Financial Centre, Singapore has the world’s largest oil refining centers. Financially in the world forefront, the World Bank has noted that Singapore is the easiest place in the world to do business. 

About singapore education
About Singapore Education

The island's strong reputation for quality education has drawn the world's top institutions to set up international campuses.  Singapore has a range of top quality public and private institutions catering to the academic needs of the students across various countries and different backgrounds. The Universities rank amongst the top 100 Universities in the world.

James cook university india scholarship 2016 7
James Cook University India Scholarship 2016/7

Merit-based scholarships worth between S$3,000 to S$6,000 (Depends upon students case to case), Students have to do a scholarship test which is conducted every six months

Deadline:- Not specified

Details: From Global Opportunities

Mdis india scholarship 2016 7
MDIS India Scholarship 2016/7

MDIS Merit Scholarship (International) for Master’s Degree valued at S$4,000 each for students from India.

MDIS Merit Scholarship (International) for Bachelor’s Degree valued at S$3,200 each for students from India.

Deadline:- Annually

Details: From Global Opportunities

Psb academy india scholarship 2016 7
PSB Academy India Scholarship 2016/7

Merit-based scholarships worth between S$2,000 to S$4,000 (Depends upon students case to case)

Deadline:- Not specified

Details: From Global Opportunities

About global opportunities
About Global Opportunities

  • Global Opportunities Pvt Ltd is a Pan India Education Consultancy that undertakes student recruitment for our University and Education partners in countries such as Singapore, UK, Canada, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Ireland and many more.

  • We are more than 15 years old and have sent thousands of students abroad during this time. We are focused on providing customized Application and Visa counselling to ensure that students achieve their dreams of being an International educated graduate.

  • Global Opportunities has partnered with a large number of Universities and Colleges throughout the Singapore, which will have the right course, within your budget to ensure that you can achieve your dreams.

  • Study in Singapore is a fantastic experience which will have a lifelong positive impact on you and your career.




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