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Affordable Destinations to Pursue MBBS Abroad PowerPoint Presentation
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Affordable Destinations to Pursue MBBS Abroad

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Affordable Destinations to Pursue MBBS Abroad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Affordable Destinations to Pursue MBBS Abroad

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affordable affordable d destinations


Affordable D Destinations to

estinations to P Pursue MBBS

ursue MBBS A Abroad


Every year lakhs of students in India aspire and puts on great efforts to appear for medical entrance to

become doctors and practitioners in the healthcare industry. Due to the ever-widening gap between

demand and supply in terms of infrastructure and medical colleges in the country, many resorts to study

abroad destinations and fulfil their dreams.

Statistics show that for every 11,528 people there’s only 1 government doctor to serve them. According

to a 2016 report on Health Care, the number of government seats in India for MBBS is just 25,085 and

the number of students who appear for medical entrance exams is more than 7 lakhs. Admissions to

government and private medical colleges in India are through NEET – 1and NEET – 2 entrance tests

respectively. This means only about 3.5% students get admission for MBBS in government colleges in

India. According to a recent article by TOI, 99.4% of all candidates fail NEET – 1 every year. Against this,

about 20% students who study MBBS from outside of India and appear for the screening test become a

doctor every year.

Most private colleges demand more than ₹40 lakhs for just providing admission through management

quota. Not everyone can afford such high charges. Added to this is the tuition fee which ranges between

₹8-12 lakhs per year. This means that college fees alone would cost around ₹40-60 lakhs rupees. Added

to it, accommodation, food, books, travelling and other expenses will take the final expense figure to

around ₹ 70 –80 lakhs in 5 years for MBBS from a private college in India. Since good job offers can’t

really be guaranteed, the situation at best is dismal with little hope of a promising future. The best and

the only possible way then is to pursue MBBS from abroad that offers a win-win alternative of providing

a fruitful career gateway at an affordable cost without the arduous challenge of going through an

entrance test (MBBS from abroad cost around 75% lower than fees charged by private medical colleges

in India).

there are 2 types with respect to course duration

There are 2 types with respect to course duration for MBBS abroad

5 Years abroad and Internship in India.

6 Years abroad with a mandatory internship abroad.

Choosing the 5-year program saves 1 year as well as around Rs. 4-5 lakhs since the university fee isn’t

paid, but generally, 75% of the programs to study MBBS in abroad are with 6 years. One must

understand that on finishing the course program from an MCI approved university, one needs to

complete 3 more steps viz.


Clear MCI Screening Test / FMGE Exam.


Complete 1 year of internship in India.


Registration process with MCI as a medical practitioner.

In case the students do not wish to appear for MCI Screening Test, the only way is to go for MBBS in USA

program. As per MCI rules, if one finishes the study till PG in any of the 5 English speaking countries, one

is not required to appear and clear the MCI test.

One can finish MBBS studies from abroad within a reasonable budget of around ₹25 lakhs from most

colleges (MCI and WHO recognized) abroad in countries like Georgia, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, China,

Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and the like.











MCI passing %

Estimated Cost


tuition fee, food



, visa charges)

5 years

Minimum 55% in PCB(General Category), Minimum 40% in PCB(Reserved Category)

MCI, WHO accredited government universities

15 – 25

10 – 15

10 – 15

20 – 30

20 – 30

20 – 40

6 years

6 years

6 years

6 years

6 years

6 years

15 – 20

10 – 15

10 – 15

40 – 50

20 – 25

30 – 40

25 – 30

25 – 30

The quality of education will be at par to that of AIIMS. These countries also offer promising career

opportunities and growth with the salary that is at par with the best industry practices. Thus, it can be

reasonably concluded that it is far better to study MBBS from abroad, matching international standards

and at comparatively much lower cost than to study MBBS from private colleges in India.