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lithium polymer batteries PowerPoint Presentation
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lithium polymer batteries

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lithium polymer batteries - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Huizhou Markyn New Energy Co., Ltd is one of the most popular online portals which offers unbeatable prices on all its lithium polymer batteries. We continue to produce high-performing lithium polymer batteries of varying shapes and sizes to meet the ever-changing market needs.

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lithium polymer batteries

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    1. Huizhou Markyn New Energy Co., Ltd is the biggest manufacturer of specialized Curved Batteries and primary Lithium ion polymer battery ( soft-package non- rechargeable Li/MnO2 batteries), and other demanding lithium polymer batteries. Our preliminary investment capital is 30 million RMB. Our main products are MarkynCurved lithium polymer batteries, curved lipo batteries, flexible batteries and Markyn-thin lithium Polymer batteries, ultra-thin primary soft-packaged batteries, thin lithium polymer batteries, tiny lipo batteries, etc. Our main battery products: 1. Curved batteries, MarkynCurved, flexible lithium polymer batteries, ---both primary & rechargeable Designed for products such as i-watches, sports bracelets and wrist straps. Note: Primary one is ultra-thin CP soft batteries, tiny 3.0V soft CP lithium batteries, Soft 3.0V batteries;

    2. 2. Markyn-thin ultra-thin or tiny lithium polymer batteries and Markyn-thin primary lithium batteries(Li/MnO2) Used in products such as RFID cards, medical devices, and E-tags. 3. ER, WR and CR batteries. High energy density primary batteries with 3.6V, 3V, and 2.85V. 4. Battery packs: high C-Rage packs, extreme high or low temperature packs, smart battery packs with precision fuel gauges, memory function, and monitoring electronics. Shared Expectation for every staff makes our products the world-class brand in differentiation or specialized batteries,Give employees a home. Company Tenet:Staff oriented, Faith is root. Contact us: ShangYan Road,YuanZhou Ave.,YuanZhou Town, Hui Zhou City , Province,P.R.C Tel: +86-752-6688061 Email: Website: