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  • Uploaded on provides Transport Logistics Software and Freight Management System.

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Freight Tracker

You can’t afford not to talk to us

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About Freight tracker

  • Freight Tracker is a new state of the art web based management.

  • Originally developed in Australia, Freight Tracker is now launching in North America.

  • Freight Tracker was born from a joint venture between Yuranga, a leading Australian web technology company, and Easy To Use Transport Systems, a well respected software developer for the trucking industry in Australia.

Features of freight tracker l.jpg
Features of freight tracker

  • Container

  • Customer Relation Management

  • Line haul

  • Warehouse

  • Customer Portal

  • Financial Integration

Container l.jpg

  • provides Transport Logistics Software and Freight Management System.

  • Container has issues with customs and needs an inspection or wash, your allocator can simply split the leg and an automatic email can be sent to the customer and deliver location to let them know there is a delay and possible cost impact.

Customer relation management l.jpg
Customer Relation Management

  • is Australian leading brand of Freight Management Software and Transport Management Software service.

  • Freight Tracker helps you keep the customer at the forefront of your business as we manages all aspects of your business from first quote to actual accomplishment of job.

  • Freight Tracker provides most affordable warehousing solutions in Australia and makes your business perform better.

Line haul l.jpg
Line haul

  • Freight Tracker manages all aspects of your business from the original quote through the booking and into the jobs and allocation of those jobs to actual vehicles.

  • for Transport Logistics Software and Freight Management System.

Warehouse l.jpg

  • provides Freight Management Software and Transport Management Software.

  • There are many sophisticated, complex and expensive warehousing products out there today.

  • warehouse structure and then track goods into and out of the warehouse.

Customer portal l.jpg
Customer Portal

  • top notch Transport Freight Company for Transport Management Systems.

  • Customer portal will halve the number of phone calls to your business from customers wanting to book a job, find out where the job is at, check bookings history, check financials, check warehouse status.

Financial integration l.jpg
Financial Integration

  • Freight Tracker can integrate into your existing financials system. Your finance team validate an invoice in Freight Tracker and then export it to your financial system ready for sending to the customer. Contact us now for complete freight tracking systems & transportation management system.

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Contact Freight tracker

  • Address: 58 Auburn Street, Wollongong NSW 2500

  • Phone: 1300 78 58 07

  • Fax: 1300 78 58 09


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