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Hurricane Resistant Windows Testing & Benefits PowerPoint Presentation
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Hurricane Resistant Windows Testing & Benefits

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Hurricane Resistant Windows Testing & Benefits
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Hurricane Resistant Windows Testing & Benefits

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  1. A Look into Hurricane Window Testing & Benefits

  2. Hurricane resistant windows have been an integral part of home in the areas where hurricanes are frequent. • If you are living in such an area then it’s important to get them installed. • What makes them different from the normal window is the fact that these windows have passed the rigorous test set by the counties. • You must me wondering how these windows are tested and what makes them safe. • It will help you to get the best windows for your home and business.

  3. A look at Design of Impact Windows: These windows are designed to withstand the pressure of storm. They constitute of impact resistant frame as well as impact resistant glasses. Both these are made of high quality and durable material. It is the reason that you will find them expensive than the normal windows. The main points taken into account are- • How severely and frequently the area is hit by the hurricane? • The distance of home/building from the water body.

  4. The professionals from company you are planning to buy the impact windows Browardwill advice you on the right window & door that will perfectly blend with the design of your home. HURRICANE WINDOW TESTING: Shooting Projectiles: It is hurricane window testing method used from ages. In this, high speed projectiles are shot at the window at a very high speed. It is done to replicate the effect of flying debris, which are the major cause of damage during a storm.

  5. FIU Wall of Wind: It is a new method of testing Hurricane impactresistant windows that has gained immense popularity in the recent years. It involves creating a realistic environment of hurricane and checking the strength and reliability of impact doors and windows against storm, debris and water. The impact resistant windows and doors that pass the tough test make it to the manufacturing stage. It is believed that no other tests give more accurate result than these two tests.

  6. A look at Additional Benefit of installing impact windows & doors: • Help the home from harmful UV rays. The glass act as shield and prevent harmful rays from entering the home. • Protects the house from thief and burglars. They generally keep away from homes which have impact windows as it is tough to cut and shatter them. • Improve the aesthetic appeal as well as value of home. • It has a positive effect on the homeowner’s insurance policy. • Prevent the exterior noise from entering the home.

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