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fitness matters the fitness academy n.
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Fitness Courses In India PowerPoint Presentation
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Fitness Courses In India

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Fitness Courses In India
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Fitness Courses In India

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  1. Fitness MattersThe Fitness Academy

  2. Why Certification is Required....? • The world has transitioned from conventional approach of training to contemporary one. The modern one is spreading fast in the age of e-learning. In an attempt to be different and reaching masses, there is lot of mal information being spread on the web and via other sources. Hence, it becomes crucial that the myths are busted with the help of research which is provided by trusted and respected sources of the industry. • Whether you are new to the field of fitness, bodybuilding and performance sports or an experienced veteran in the profession, by choosing good certification you’re on your way to earning star recognition by both the industry and society.

  3. Courses we OFFER • FM PERSONAL TRAINER CERTIFICATIONThe One for All. Fitness Matters Certified Personal Trainer Certification Program is uniquely developed program which reflects from its course content given in the pdf brochure.The program covers all the topics required to be a skilled professional. The uniqueness of this program also reflects from the languages of instruction that makes it easier to grasp the contents.This program can be opted by any one who knows how to read and write Hindi. • ACE CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINERTo ensure the quality and reliability of the certification program, it requires authentic validation and accreditation. ACE Personal Training Certification Program is one of the rarest which has earned NCCA accreditation, a gold standard accreditation in US.Being ACE Personal Trainer Certified professional you can be listed in the Registry of Exercise Professionals of different countries in their online registries websites like These registries are used by employers to identify professionals who hold current, NCCA-accredited exercise certifications.

  4. Courses we OFFER • CLASSIC POWER YOGAClassic Power Yoga Certification is fully practical program. After completing 3 months in the program a trainee is highly confident to conduct one on one and group class yoga sessions for healthy and clients with special conditions.The certification empowers trainees to create different formats of yoga with variety.The program includes :- • Learning of Asans. • Practice of Asans • Pregression and progression of Asans • Do’s and Dont’s of Asans • Programming of AsansPranayama and its practice with pros and cons • Meditation for mind and body.

  5. Courses we OFFER • AEROBICS CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALAerobics Certification course is designed to give maximum hands on practice which is the biggest strength of this course. Other than the theory content which there in pdf brochure.The practical part of curriculum includes:- • Music understanding • Cuing techniques • Choreography for floor step and dance aerobics formats.One of the specialty of this course is to train the trainees for high intensity group class skills with high bit rate music which is near 200.

  6. CONTACT US Fitness Matters 3rd Floor, The British School, Near Community Health Center Sector 44-D, Chandigarh Pin: 160047 (O) 0172-4604862 (M) +91-9888028021 For Any Enquiry mail us at (For Courses Only) (For Jobs & Recruitment)