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First Home Buyer Grants PowerPoint Presentation
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First Home Buyer Grants

First Home Buyer Grants

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First Home Buyer Grants

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  1. First Home Buyers Grant First Home Buyers Australia(FHBA)

  2. About FHBA FIRST HOME BUYERS AUSTRALIA (FHBA) is a real estate advisory service provider founded by Daniel Cohen and TajSingh, help First Home Buyers to find their first dream home across Australia. They guide first home buyers in their whole buying journey like searching, financing, settling and moving in. FHBA also campaign with government for First Home Buyers Grant and incentives.

  3. First Home Buyers Grant If you are thinking of buying or constructing first dream home, you are eligible for First Home Buyers grant and incentives in Australia. It is the great help for First Home Buyers to get their first dream home. FHBA specialists campaign with government for change in tax policies so that the gap between First Home Buyers Grant and incentives is reduced.

  4. First Home Buyers Grant NSW New South Wales is the richest state in Australia but also home of most expensive real estate in the country. FHBA recommends that concession in stamp duty on established property would make a huge difference In First Home Buyers Grant to struggling First Home Buyers in NSW. • To know what government assistance can currently apply for; feel free to visit our NSW Grant and Concession Guide. • Estimate your stamp duty costs and potential government assistance with our Stamp Duty calculator. • Please visit our FHBA New Homes page to search FHOG eligible properties.

  5. First Home Buyers Grant Queensland From 1st July 2016, it is the great start of First Home Buyers Grant in Queensland. The eligibility criteria for grant remain the same. Now it is an exciting time for first home buyers to buy their first dream home in Queensland. Feel free to visit website to know more about First Home buyers grant in Queensland and you can also book an appointment with FHBA consultants.

  6. First Home Owners Grant South Australia In South Australia, First Home Buyers grant is $15,000 which means they can receive up to $30,500 in incentives. It applies to the purchase and construction of new residential property including a house, flat, apartment that meets local planning standards anywhere in South Australia. According to FHBA specialists, it is the best time for First Home Buyers to get their first dream home. To view some of the most affordable properties with eligibility of First Home Buyers Grant in SA, please visit website or contact to our advisors for obligation free consultation to discuss your FHOG new home options.

  7. First Home Owners Grant Victoria First Home Owners Grant in Victoria is a state government initiative to get citizen their first home sooner. It is an amount of $10,000 on purchase of new home valued up to $750,000.Despite of this; First Home Buyers in Victoria are also eligible for receiving more than one exemption, concession or reduction for stamp duty for their first home. Applying for the First Home Buyers Grant and concession in victoria is not an easy task. FHBA advisors are there to help you in every step of buying journey. They are not only experts at finance matters but also experienced in helping First Home Buyers every day. They check your eligibility, apply on your behalf and are with you in every step.

  8. To know more about First Home Buyers Grant in Australia, feel free to visit FHBA website: