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Choosing A Fishing Rod Holder For Your Kayak

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Choosing A Fishing Rod Holder For Your Kayak - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Choosing A

Fishing Rod Holder

For Your Kayak

When you think of kayaks you generally don’t attribute fishing with this small narrow boat. But

there is such a thing called a fishing kayak which is different from an ordinary kayak in such a

way that it contains a fishing rod holder or maybe 2 or 5 depending on your requirements. If you

own an ordinary kayak you can hire a company that specializes in marine upholstery to upgrade

your kayak into a fishing one.

Know What You Require

People who are used to fishing on big boats would generally assume they need to have many

rods with them. You can still carry that many rods and place many rod holders on your kayak but

having 2 or 3 rods is more than enough. It is important to know the materials you will require to

install a rod holder onto your kayak.

Deck Mount Fishing Rod Holder

This is the simple type, easy to install. It is generally fixed on to the deck of your kayak. Scotty

rod holders are the most commonly used but there are many others that are just as good. They

can fit either bait caster, spinning reels or fly reels. These can be adjusted accordingly as well.

There is the deck mount bracket or the flush mount bracket. The deck mount bracket needs 4

holes and 4 bolts to be installed where as the flush mount bracket needs one hole but is

installed using rivets which leaves behind a flat surface when you remove the rod holder.

Flush Mount Rod Holder

These are less expensive than the deck mount rod holders. But they are just as good as deck

mount holders when it comes to functionality. A flush mount fishing rod holder is usually installed

behind the cockpit but they can be installed wherever you would like it.

Location Of The Rod Holder

This is the most important in deciding what kind of a rod holder you want. You might have a

general idea of where you would like it, but it would be a good idea to discuss with the person

providing you marine upholstery services if they agree with the location you have picked out. A

good idea would be to take your kayak out in the waters and practice the art of fishing and

changing rods. By doing this you will be able to see exactly where you are able to reach while

you are in the waters.