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Overall Development Of Kids In Daycare - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you’re in the West islip area in New York and you’re looking for a day care for your child, you want to be sure that the child day care will treat your child like you would or better. Storybook Kids Center is just that kind of place, where they specialize in caring for your child. One of their main objectives is that kids in daycare feels as though they are at their home away from home, where each day your child will experience balanced studies with there own natural curiosity. Get enrolled today with us:

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Childcare That Works For You

Kids In Daycare

Many parents like daycare centers because they offer a

formal, structured environment. Many daycare centers

are inspected for licensing purposes, in some cases

caregivers are supervised (many classrooms have more

than one teacher), and a director oversees the entire


Kids In Daycare

Kids In Daycare

A quality daycare center can be a

very enriching experience for your

child. A good center can provide

many activities, social interactions,

and experiences that simply can’t be

done in a home environment because

of expense of the materials and the

startup time involved.

Contact Information

+1 (631) 661-4000

[email protected]

Story Book Kids, Inc

181, Sunrise Hwy

West Islip, NY 11795