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consider pads and abrasives when buying a sander n.
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Pads & Abrasives for Sanders PowerPoint Presentation
Pads & Abrasives for Sanders

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Pads & Abrasives for Sanders
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Pads & Abrasives for Sanders

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  1. Consider Pads and Abrasives When Buying a Sander

  2. We're going to take a look at some sanders. We've got a whole series of systems of pads. This is really important when you make your purchase decision. Have you got a system that can do different applications? Particularly for a hard pad, this is where you want to keep edges really sharp, but also be able to keep surfaces really flat. Super soft pad. This has got a lot more sponge in it. This will curve to the surfaces, allowing you to get a really good finish, particularly on curved surfaces, rather than flattening that edge out. The polishing pad. It’s a hard pad where we can use different buffs. It can polish your car, it can polish other solid surface products. Anywhere you can apply a polisher, you can apply these. You’re really buying three tools in one. When we get to curve applications, this is also where we could use interface pads. Think about has it got a system that allows us to use and also apply the abrasive to be able to contour to different surfaces?

  3. Abrasives will far outlast a sander. You'll spend a lot more on abrasives than you will on a sander. So you want to look for a system that can maximize the abrasive. Look for certain systems that have got that additional, in the pad. The whole idea of this is that it actually funnels dust to outside the extraction holes. That can give us a longer life out of our abrasive. If you can get 30% longer life out of your abrasives, it means you're working a lot more efficiently. If you want to know more about this, you can call us here. We will send one of our technical consultants out, you can use the machine, you can trial it and have a look at how it can benefit you with your applications.

  4. Festool National Product Trainer Bruce McKinley explains the importance of considering pads and abrasives when buying sanders.

  5. When is it necessary to use a hard pad over a soft pad? Should you also get a polishing pad for your workshop? Knowing which accessory to use is vital when using power tools. Visit our website for more information.