Regression testing tools best practices at fastest beastute
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Regression Testing Tools & Best Practices at Fastest Beastute - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Automated Regression Testing is the testing area where we can automate most of the testing efforts. We run all the previously executed test cases on new build. This means we have test case set available and running these test cases manually is time consuming. \n

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Regression testing tools best practices at fastest beastute

What Is Regression Testing? Beastute

Regression means retesting the unchanged parts of the application. Test cases are re-executed in order to check whether previous functionality of application is working fine and new changes have not introduced any new bugs. This test can be performed on a new build when there is significant change in original functionality or even a single bug fix.

Regression testing tools best practices at fastest beastute

Why Regression Test? Beastute

Regression testing is initiated when programmer fix any bug or add new code for new functionality to the system. There can be many dependencies in newly added and existing functionality. It is a quality measure to check that new code complies with old code and unmodified code is not getting affected. Most of the time testing team has task to check the last minute changes in the system. In such situation testing only affected application area in necessary to complete the testing process in time with covering all major system aspects.

Regression testing tools best practices at fastest beastute

How Much Regression Testing? Beastute

This depends on the scope of newly added feature. If the scope of the fix or feature is large then the application area getting affected is quite large and testing should be performed thoroughly including all the application test cases. But this can be effectively decided when tester gets input from developer about the scope, nature and amount of change.

Regression testing tools best practices at fastest beastute

What We Do in Regression Test? Beastute

  • Rerunning The Previously Conducted Tests

  • Comparing Current Results With Previously Executed Test Results

This is a continuous process performed at various stages throughout the software testing life cycle. A best practice is to conduct regression test after the sanity or smoke testing and at the end of functional testing for a short release.

Regression testing best practices: Run automated test cases every day in the evening so that any regression side effects can be fixed in next days build. This way it reduces the release risk by covering almost all regression defects in early stages rather than finding and fixing those at the end of the release cycle.

Regression testing tools best practices at fastest beastute

Regression Testing Tools Beastute

Most of the regression test tools are record and playback type.  You will record the test cases by navigating through the AUT (application under test) and verify whether expected results are coming or not.

Regression testing tools best practices at fastest beastute

Hope this explains the regression testing concept and best practices. Let us know how you conduct this test in your organization?

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