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Using Captivate To create Multimedia Presentations What is Captivate Software that allows you to: Create single-concept presentations on a specific topic. Screen capture any desktop application (for tutorials).

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Using captivate l.jpg

Using Captivate

To create Multimedia Presentations

What is captivate l.jpg
What is Captivate

  • Software that allows you to:

    • Create single-concept presentations on a specific topic.

    • Screen capture any desktop application (for tutorials).

    • Import a folder of image files and add narration, animation or an interactive quiz.

    • Turn a PowerPoint into a flash slideshow with graphics, narration and background music.

How does captivate work l.jpg
How does Captivate work?

The Captivate Workspace consists of:

  • Work areaor stage– where you can “see” the imported images, sounds, and animations

  • A timeline that allows you to set the duration of each part of the animation.

This is the work space l.jpg
This is the Work Space


Work area

Here s what a timeline looks like l.jpg
Here’s what a timeline looks like:

Graphic appears


Graphic disappears

Seconds elapsed

Animated Text

Narration begins

Caption displays

Each time you add an object, a corresponding timeline is created.

Each slide l.jpg
Each slide

  • Represents an intricate interaction of sounds, animations and graphics.

  • Each item fits in its place and contributes to the overall effect.

Planning is essential l.jpg
Planning is Essential!

  • Storyboard your project

    • Know what you want to present, and how you want to sequence ideas.

      (Captivate has a storyboard option.)

  • Gather materials:

    • photos, images, sound files, background music, etc.

If you are considering a captivate project ask yourself l.jpg
If you are considering a Captivate project, ask yourself:

  • How much time do you have?

  • What kind of content do you have?

  • How is that content best delivered?

    • Can it be delivered better in another format?

  • Will content change or remain constant?

Pros cons of captivate l.jpg
Pros & Cons of Captivate

  • Pros:

    • Creates an impressive presentation

    • Creates a presentation that appeals to different learning styles.

    • Presents content in flash format (no need to have various programs such as MS Word or PowerPoint installed).

About flash files l.jpg
About flash files:

  • Flash files are high quality with a quick download time

  • Require user have a flash player on the computer

    Player available on most computers, or can be downloaded.

Slide11 l.jpg

  • Requires time & patience to create a good presentation.

    • Be prepared to spend quality time!

  • May not be suitable to all content

    • information that changes often.

    • lengthy presentations of any sort.

    • Presentations that are largely verbal.

  • It may be difficult for students to locate specific content easily—the presentation moves along at your pace, not the student’s!

When should captivate be used l.jpg
When should Captivate be used?

  • To present a useful single concept.

  • Whenever a visual element is essential to communicate ideas.

  • For PowerPoint that do not already have narration & animation.

  • When a “show & tell” tutorial is needed.

  • To narrate pictorial presentations.

Which of these is suitable for captivate l.jpg
Which of these is suitable for Captivate?

  • Welcome Message

  • Syllabus and Orientation

  • Demonstration of WebCT tools

  • Tour of WebCT classroom space

  • Student presentation

  • Excel tutorial

  • Demonstration of a homework solution.