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Schweitzer Property Owners Meeting

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Schweitzer Property Owners Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Schweitzer Property Owners Meeting. June 3, 2006. Historical review of recent Schweitzer Organizations:. Schweitzer Mountain Community Association (SMCA) Schweitzer Mountain Property Owners, Limited Selkirk Recreation District (SRD) Schweitzer Mountain Resort (SMR).

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Schweitzer Property Owners Meeting

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historical review of recent schweitzer organizations
Historical review of recent Schweitzer Organizations:
  • Schweitzer Mountain Community Association (SMCA)
  • Schweitzer Mountain Property Owners, Limited
  • Selkirk Recreation District (SRD)
  • Schweitzer Mountain Resort (SMR)

SMCA continued…

  • Formed as part of PUD about 1989
  • Became more active in 1992-93 as more development activity occurred
  • SMCA has no authority/control outside of the PUD designated area
smca continued
SMCA continued…
  • Approximately 40% of owners are members
  • Approximately 60% are outside of PUD
  • SMR has strong control over the Association until the PUD is totally built out


  • Voluntary Owners Association
  • Active from early ’90s to about 1997
  • Major Projects
      • L.I.D. paving interior roads
      • Schweitzer Fire Department

SRD continued…

  • Formed under Idaho Code in 1999 by eligible voters at Schweitzer
  • District funding provided by tax levy added to your Bonner County taxes
  • Maximum- .0006% of market value of taxable property

SRD continued…

Mission Statement:

Assist and enhance the recreation opportunities and transportation system within SRD boundaries.


SRD continued…

Sample Projects:

  • Repair, patching and sealing of secondary roads
  • Linking of trails for hiking, biking, cross country skiing
  • Planting trout in Colburn Lake
srd board of directors
SRD Board of Directors
  • Scott Bortz
  • Marcia Bell
  • Spencer Newton
  • George Davidson
  • Tim Boden

SMR continued…

-Sold this last year to MIG


  • Steven Woods

CFO & Acting General Manager:

  • Rod Engel

Director operations/MUC:

  • Tom Trulock

SPO continued…

  • The mutual association of Schweitzer Mountain Property Owners located within the Selkirk Recreation District as established by the State of Idaho.
spo continued
SPO continued…
  • To promote and maintain reasonable and mutually beneficial growth and development on Schweitzer Mountain and to generally promote and maintain the mutual interests of its property owner members.
  • To contract for various services on behalf of its property owner members.
Creates an independent unified residential owners forum.
  • Group voice to communicate with:
      • Schweitzer Ski Operations
      • Mountain Utility Company
      • Schweitzer Water Company
      • Selkirk Recreation District
      • Schweitzer Fire Department
      • Schweitzer Mountain Community Association
      • Bonner County
      • Independent Highway Districts
      • City of Sandpoint
      • Other Governmental Entities

SPO continued…

  • Potential Issues to address:
      • Water Resources
      • Sewer System
      • Storm Water Management
      • Shuttle Service
      • Road Maintenance
      • Garbage Disposal
      • Impact fees
      • And any other concerns directed by members
spo continued24
SPO continued…
  • Group contracting for snow removal of private drives
  • Support of SRD Road snow plowing
  • Building a sense of Community
The website is up…

board of directors
Board of Directors
  • President………………….Bill Alexander
  • Treasurer………………….Mel Bailey
  • Director……………………Dave Kjos
  • Director……………………Don Hutton
  • Director……………………Dick Ensminger
  • Director……………………Ev Coulter
  • Vice-President & Sec……Kent Lawson
2003 2004
  • Discussions regarding IHD annexing the mountain roads
  • Mostly promoted by local residents and,
  • Some support from MUC director Tim Elsea
early 2005
Early 2005
  • Re-energized lobbing by additional owners and,
  • An annexation committee set up by SRD
july august 2005
July-August 2005
  • Petitions signed by resident and non-resident owners supporting annexation
      • Total petitions submitted to Bonner County Commissioners- 636
      • Registered Voters approval rate- 69%
11 29 05

Open testimony before the Bonners County Commissioners which elected to have a follow-up workshop.

12 29 05
  • Commissioners appointed representatives from SMR, SRD, SMCA, IHD and owners group.
      • Met for 3 hours
      • Representatives presented their position and answered questions
      • Final decision delayed by commissioners
1 18 06
  • The Annexation committee met with Steven Woods and the director of Bonner County Road and Bridges
  • Key items discussed:
      • Taxes used to maintain public roads/privately maintained
      • Joint powers agreement
      • Who is responsible for the main/sub roads and how is it going to be paid for?
snow plowing results continued
Snow plowing results continued…
  • 192 Residential units
  • Total cost-$34,828
  • $177 per unit ave.
  • Lowest cost-Alpine Condo-$87/unit

Snow plowing results continued…

  • Highest cost-Cedar Ridge Ass.-$395/unit
  • Quality of service:
      • No complaints
      • Minor concerns-Immediately addressed
      • Response Time-Excellent
pre post operations
Pre/Post Operations
  • Main road to Schweitzer
  • Northwest Passage from Lakeview parking lot to Schweitzer Vehicle Maintenance shop
pre post operations continued
Pre/post Operations continued…
  • Pinnacle Ridge Road from the Lakeview parking lot to the Selkirk Lodge parking lot
  • Village Lane from Northwest Passage to the back of the Lakeview Lodge parking area
winter operations
Winter Operations
  • Main Road to Schweitzer
  • Telemark Rd. to the Falline parking lot
  • Northwest Passage from Lakeview parking lot to Schweitzer Vehicle Maintenance shop, continuing from the Shop to Telemark Rd.
winter operations continued
Winter Operations continued…
  • Pinnacle Ridge Road from the Lakeview parking lot to the Selkirk Lodge parking lot
  • Village Lane from Northwest Passage to the back of the Lakeview Lodge Parking area

SRD will contract (11/1 to 4/30) to fund up to $25,000

  • Back-up funding (2nd payer)
      • Of the next $30,000…
      • SMCA will fund 1/3, up to $10,000
      • SPO (T & M members) will fund 2/3, up to $20,000 (of $30,000) and 100% above $55,000
snow plowing for 06 07
Snow Plowing For 06/07
  • Contracts available through SPO:

1) Flat Rate Contract

2) T & M Contract


Participation in the proposed SPO snow removal program is completely voluntary.

flat rate contracts
Flat Rate Contracts
  • Smallest driveways-approx. 25
  • $600 min. per year
  • Billed in advance
  • 40 plows included
flat rate contracts continued
Flat Rate Contracts continued…
  • Berm removal included
  • October 25 deadline
  • Back billing for additional plows
  • Credit for no snow
t m contracts
T & M Contracts
  • Owners other than smallest driveways
  • Paid monthly in arrears- based on actual time
  • Up-front subscriber fee
      • $4.50/100 sq ft.
      • Covers set-up, equipment staging, standby, minimum charges etc.
      • October 1 deadline
how does the billing work
How does the billing work?
  • Private driveways and lots (T & M subscriber)
      • $90/HR
      • 10 Minute increments
      • Fuel Surcharge possible
  • Sub-road funding- when required
      • Added to your monthly bill
      • Based on your % of the total square footage
  • Approximate footage of subscribers…350, 000
  • SPO sub-road costs……….$25,000
example of a 25 000 spo share
Example of a $25,000 SPO share:
  • 400 units = $62.50/unit/year/average
  • 500 units = $50.00/unit/year/average
general terms and observations continued
General Terms and Observations continued…
  • Period is from Nov 1 to Apr 30
  • Time sheets required
  • Insurance/Bonding/Liability required
  • Contractor responsible for damage
  • Three/Four inches- start plowing
  • Sub-roads cleared by 7 AM- if possible
general terms and observations continued57
General Terms and Observations continued…
  • Permanent obstructions to be identified
  • No pay- No plow
  • 15 day terms
  • Membership in SPO required
  • Signed contracts required
who is normco
Who is Normco?
  • Owner Norm Lippert
  • 10 years in business
  • 5 full-time and 3 part-time employees
  • Will add 4 additional for SMR
normco continued
Normco continued…
  • Dedicated equipment
      • 4 front loaders
      • 2 graders w/ wings
      • 1 snow blower (w/ 2 backups)
      • Sander capability to be acquired
  • Backup equipment readily available
  • Coordination has already been done

Thank you for

your attention!

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