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Revision of tenses PowerPoint Presentation
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Revision of tenses

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Revision of tenses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Revision of tenses. Can you name the different tenses in the examples below?. My father smokes too much. Simple present tense. The sun is shinning through my window. It was raining when I left home. Past continuous tense. Present continuous tense.

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Revision of tenses

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Revision of tenses

Can you name the different tenses in the examples below?

My father smokes too much.

Simple present tense

The sun is shinning through my window.

It was raining when I left home.

Past continuous tense

Present continuous tense

I will go shopping with my mother tomorrow.

Simple future tense


I went to the park last week.

Simple past tense

This time next week I will have finished my exams.

Future prefect tense

The cat had already eaten the goose when we arrived.

Past perfect tense

I have lost my wallet.

Present perfect tense


Simple present, present continuous or present prefect tense ?

  • The train to Lo Wu from Hung Hom ___________(take) about forty minutes.
  • My parents _____________(go) to Singapore for their holiday this year.
  • I borrowed two books from the library yesterday, but I ___________________(already return) them.
  • I’m sorry, but I _______________(not like) Western food.
  • Hong Kong ____________________ (always change). Nothing ____________(stay) the same for long.
  • How many times _____________(you run) a marathon?


are going

have already returned

do not like

is always changing


have you run


Simple past, past continuous or past prefect tense ?

  • I _______________(travel) to Japan when the last big typhoon ____________(hit) Hong Kong.
  • We ________________(have) a barbarcue when it ____________(start) to rain.
  • They _____________(sell) all the tickets by the time I __________(get) to the front of the queue.
  • When the police ____________(arrive) the robbers _______________________(already run) away.

was travelling


were having


had sold



have already run


Simple future, future continuous or future prefect tense ?

  • Is there anything you want? I_________________(go) to the supermarket later.
  • I hope we arrive soon. Soon we _____________________
  • (sit) on this plane for twelve hours.
  • 3. I ________________(see) your parents when I’m in Japan. Have you got any messages for them?
  • 4. Bill ______________(get) his exam results by now.
  • Why don’t we phone him to see how he got on?

will be going

will have been sitting

will be seeing

will have got


Let’s try to do the following questions!


  • The train ______________(leave) at 6.30 p.m.
  • It ______________(rain) outside. You had better take an umbrella.
  • At 10 o’clock on Thursday, we _______________(have) our Chinese exam.
  • It is too late to cancel the party. All the guests _______________(receive) their invitation by now.


Action happening now

is raining

Future event

will be having

Action we think / know will be completed by a certain time in the future

will have received


Finished event in the past

5. The last time I ______________(see) Victor was when he _________(be) in hospital.

6. I ________________(read) this book before.

7. I ____________(break) my leg badly last week, but it ____________(heal) now.



Past event without a specific time

have read


has heal

Two past actions

Action 1 (earlier action): cut my hand

Action 2 (later action): my hand heal