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  1. REMOTE DOOR LOCK CONTROL Robert B. Schidle EKU, Dept. of Technology, CEN

  2. OUTLINE • Motivation • Introduction • Problem Statement • Proposed Solution • Results • Conclusions • Future Work

  3. OUTLINE • I created a sample door frame that will show the process of remotely unlocking the door. • A stepper motor and the circuit board from EET 452 (Drives) is used to control the lock/unlock mechanism.

  4. OUTLINE • Stepper motor mounted into the door frame. • When X10 activates the board, the motor moves a screw to lock/unlock the door. • Door automatically locks back into place when closed.

  5. MOTIVATION • Going on vacation and you want someone to feed/water your pets but don’t want to give them your key. • Apartment Buildings

  6. MOTIVATION • Unlock your door to let someone in your house without getting out of your chair. • Add-on to X10 home automation (they do not currently have a remote door lock/unlock component)

  7. INTRODUCTION • Power by stepper motor and X10. X10 has been around for years specializing in home automation. • Research: Telephone controlled automation (Sandweg, Nina; Hassenzahl, Marc; Kuhn, Klaus. International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, Dec2000, Vol. 12 Issue 3/4, p401-414, 14p, 1 chart, 3 diagrams; (AN 4792889))

  8. INTRODUCTION • Research: EADL Devices • Tam, C.; Rigby, P.; Ryan, S. E.; Campbell, K. A.; Steggles, E.; Cooper, B. A.; Goy, R.. Technology & Disability, 2003, Vol. 15 Issue 3, p181-190, 10p, 5 charts; (AN 11620670)

  9. PROBLEM STATEMENT • The ability to remotely unlock/lock a door using an electrical mechanism with decent security.

  10. PROPOSED SOLUTION • X10 • Attempted to try a solenoid for use in the door lock/unlock • Purchased the X10 ActiveHome pack • Installed X10 components to PC and tested them • Used the MyHouse Online plug-in to make the X10 system available remotely and be secure.

  11. PROPOSED SOLUTION • Frame/Stepper Motor • Attempted to try a solenoid for use in the door lock/unlock • Settled on using a stepper motor • Built a door frame and attached the stepper motor to the frame side. • Programmed the stamp microcontroller to turn a certain amount one way (thus unlocking) then turn a certain amount the other way (relocking). Stamp Code

  12. Setup video RESULTS • Stepper motor works good at pushing out screw but seems to slip when screw is almost all the way out.

  13. RESULTS • X10 does good at activating the circuit but I had to change microcontroller code so it would not loop forever.

  14. DEMONSTRATION • A look at X10 • Appliance Module and Active Home USB Device

  15. DEMONSTRATION • Drives Board

  16. PC control video DEMONSTRATION Screw extracted out of latch hole

  17. DEMONSTRATION • Car Cord Power Adapter & Power Supply

  18. CONCLUSIONS • Overall, even with the bugs still in my project, I believe the results are good and are a good start to automating a home door lock with security behind it.

  19. CONCLUSIONS • The capstone course has helped to show me that I can do things by myself and that I can invite new ideas if I put my mind to it. Without this capstone course, I would have never thought I would have been able to do this.

  20. FUTURE WORK • Stop the screw from slipping on the motor entirely. • Apply this to a real door frame. • Add ability to lock door also. • Suggestions?