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  1. Problogging Professional Blogging and Blog Monetization

  2. What is Problogging? ProBlogging (professional blogging) is blogging for the purpose of directly or indirectly earning from a blog by leveraging on its traffic, readership, influence, credibility and/or popularity. Blog monetization is mainly driven by internet advertising and marketing. Professional bloggers (probloggers) derive a majority or significant amount of their personal income from their own blog or the blogs their write for.

  3. Types of ProBloggers • The types of probloggers are defined by how they derive their income from blogs. • Traditional/Independent ProBlogger • Corporate Blogger • Career ProBlogger • Celebrity ProBlogger • Blog Network Owner

  4. Types of ProBloggers Traditional/Independent ProBlogger The independent problogger manages most if not all aspects of maintaining their blog/s – installation, setup, design, writing, blog optimization, marketing, sales (monetization). A majority of probloggers started out as independent bloggers and remain independent depending on how successful they monetize their blog. Revenue always starts at $0.

  5. Types of ProBloggers Corporate Blogger This type of problogger basically works for a company with a specific job description that will involve blogging for the company’s official blog. This type of blogger may come from the sales, marketing or the PR department and is tasked to communicate with other companies, clients and the rest of the industry thru blogging. It is also possible the a whole department is assigned to do the blogging along with a single point person. Standard salaries apply.

  6. Types of ProBloggers Career ProBlogger Career probloggers work for a blog network or a number of networks, either part-time or full time. They will be assigned to write for a specific niche blog (like travel, gadgets, cooking) in the assumption that they are knowledgeable with the said topics. The problogger’s only concern is to blog while the network provides all technical, marketing and sales efforts. The blogger will be paid on either a fixed salary, per-post, profit-sharing or a combination of the previous schemes.

  7. Types of ProBloggers Celebrity ProBlogger (A-Lister) This kind of blogger has followers and loyal readers in the tens of thousands. The celebrity problogger has made a name for himself thru blogging and not because he/she is already known in mainstream media. Product endorsements, sponsorships and subscriptions contribute a huge chunk of this probloggers revenue. He may even get away with asking for donations from his readers like Jason Kottke ( who got $39,900 last year or Singapore’s Wendy Cheng a.k.a Xiaxue ( who got a ship cruise sponsorship with her friends. They sometimes end up publishing a book as well like Frank Warren of PostSecret (

  8. Types of ProBloggers Blog Network Owner More commonly known as Blog Overlords, the network owner practically owns dozens and sometimes hundreds of blogs, hiring bloggers to write for each blog. Blog Network Owners are the ones who pay the Career Probloggers. Success stories include of Jason Calacanis selling his 80+ strong blog network to AOL for an estimated $25 Million. Just before the sale, the network was averaging $2,800 per day on Google Adsense alone.

  9. The Top Blogs: Technorati ~85% of the Top 100 Blogs in Technorati are professional blogs. PostSecret

  10. The Top Blogs: Traffic & Revenues • • 2,580,000 unique visitors/month26,300,000 pageviews/month1,380,000 RSS subscribers • Rates: • 468x60 ($10) CPM • 125x125 ($7) CPM • 160x60 ($800 per week) • 468x60 RSS ($10) CPM • Text ad ($400 per week) • • 496,000 unique visitors/day577,000 pageviews/day36,600 RSS subscribers • Rates: • $10,000 per month top spot • $4,000 per month middle spot • at • • 232,000 unique visitors/day281,000 pageviews/day • Rates: • $250/week text links • $750/month text links • at AdBrite • • 123,000 unique visitors/day139,000 pageviews/day • Rates: • $6,000/month premium ads $500/month classifieds • old BlogAds rates • (now with Pajamas Media) • CPM = 1,000 ad impressions

  11. Filipino Probloggers J Angelo RacomaForever Geek (Bloggy Network) Gadzooki (BlogMedia) MobileHerald (BlogMedia) Jayvee FernandezCellphone9 (b5media)The AfterMac (b5media) Melissa Atienza-PetriEscape Blog (9rules) Europe String (b5media) Fly Away Weblog (Creative Weblogging)Road Gladiator (Know More Media) Parenting Weblog (Creative Weblogging) Ruth SchafferThe Biotech Weblog (CW) Let’s Visit Asia (b5media) Allergizer (CW) Gloria GamatThe Pharm Voice (Know More Media) Filipina Soul (b5media) Straight from the Doc (CW) Career Probloggers

  12. Filipino Probloggers What’s the Pay Structure like? • 100% total revenue • Pay per post • Flat Fee • Minimum + Rev Share How much work do they do? • 1 to 4 hours per day • 2 posts per blog How much do these Career Probloggers earn? Lowest: Php5,000+ per month per blogHighest: Php50,000+ per month per blog Average: Php 15,000+ per month per blog

  13. Filipino Probloggers Markku Seguerra Paulo Ordoveza Connie Veneracion Abe Joachim Guanzon Independent Probloggers

  14. Filipino Probloggers How much do these Independent Probloggers earn? Lowest: Php7,500+ per month per bloggerHighest: Php85,000+ per month per blogger How do they monetize their blogs? Google AdSense Links Ads Direct Advertising Affiliates

  15. Blog Monetization Google Adsense $0.01 to ~ $50 per click

  16. Blog Monetization Text Link Ads $15 to $100 per link per month up to 8 links 50% revenue sharing

  17. Blog Monetization Text Link Ads User-defined 50% revenue sharing

  18. Blog Monetization Affiliates 8.5% Referral Fees

  19. Problogging Case Study 12 month graph on Adsense earnings (for

  20. Problogging Case Study Chart on Percentage of Revenue Source (for

  21. Problogging What is the best problogging strategy? • Join a Network • limited/no risk • no setup cost • fixed salary • posting quota • non-compete • non-disclosure • limited potential for growth • Go Independent • full risk • cost dependent on size/number of blogs • no fixed revenue • no posting • quotas • - unlimited potential for growth