civitas pac policy agenda 13 march 2017 nicolas hauw polis n.
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CIVITAS PAC Policy Agenda 13 March 2017 Nicolas Hauw, Polis PowerPoint Presentation
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CIVITAS PAC Policy Agenda 13 March 2017 Nicolas Hauw, Polis

CIVITAS PAC Policy Agenda 13 March 2017 Nicolas Hauw, Polis

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CIVITAS PAC Policy Agenda 13 March 2017 Nicolas Hauw, Polis

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  1. CIVITAS PAC Policy Agenda 13 March 2017 Nicolas Hauw, Polis

  2. Content of Presentation • Meeting with Claire Depré – Expectation from DG MOVE • Informing the PAC: • CIVITAS SATELLITE Advisory Groups • CIVITAS SATELLITE Thematic Groups • Invitation for IAs political representative as observers in PAC in 2017 • PAC meeting calendar

  3. Expectations from DG Move • Meeting with Claire Depré on 27th January 2017. Participants: Claire Depré, Piotr Rapacz (DG MOVE), Gabriele Folli, Filip Sand Dalengaard, Ivo Cré & Nicolas Hauw (Polis) • General agreement: the CIVITAS community and DG MOVE needs the PAC for a holistic and forward-looking approach towards urban mobility game-changers and citizen acceptance

  4. Priority topics for the PAC • SUMP and strategy planning: Linking SUMPs with SEAP to further integrate electromobility. Links between cities and Member States for full roll-out of local/regional SUMPs. Also, conditioning EU grants in urban mobility with pre-existence/deployment of a SUMP? • ITS/ICT: Information to users and payment (standards and interoperability) • Demand management systems, ITS and data mining. Suggestion from EC to think about recommendation towards local centralized dashboards for data and indicators in the urban transport system. • Clean/alternatively-fueled vehicles and infrastructure. Questions related to governance, infrastructure investment and public procurement. • New mobility services (i.e Mobility as a Service), public transport on-demand or sharing services. • First and last mile logistics. • Safety of vulnerable road users, in particular cyclists. Interest to address vulnerable road users when deploying connected vehicles.

  5. Expectation from DG Move (2) • On SUMP activities, suggestion by the EC to extract policy recommendations on the priority topics from current/recently finished CIVITAS projects. Possible role for Advisory Groups in this context. • Suggestion to meet the PAC members if present during next SUMP Conference in Dubrovnik (22/23 March). • Suggestion by EC to get the PAC more involved in International EU/US activities by sharing knowledge. • Suggestion by EC to liaise with Bulc’s newly appointed cabinet member that works on urban mobility , Dunja Perko

  6. Informing the PAC

  7. Advisory Groups • Four CIVITAS Advisory Groups (AGs) will be established to ensure a link between CIVITAS 2020 activities and European level urban mobility policies. • The groups will consist of a mix of selected external experts, city representatives, and representatives from the RIA projects. • Close links will be established between the AGs and the Political Advisory Committee. The PAC and the AGs will enter into a dialogue, where specific policy issues can be brought forward by the PAC to the AGs to explore and provide recommendations. Topics of the AG activities will be defined on a yearly basis (from Forum to Forum) in close coordination with the EC and the PAC. • The AGs will work towards concrete outputs, such as policy recommendations, which will be documented for the EC in internal annual reports.

  8. Advisory Groups Topics (as agreed by DG MOVE)

  9. Thematic Groups: Integrated approachwith the Political Advisory Committee • Questions and missions for TGs are defined at PAC meeting taking place at Forum. TGs work on PAC request over the next year • TG members will act as “sherpas” to Political Advisory Committee members • 1 sherpa per TG at least, in Q1 2017 • PAC can address questions related to concrete urban transport take-up challenges across the themes of the TGs • TGs will support PAC with information based on project results, research or discussions

  10. Thematic Groups

  11. Question to the PAC Which technical inputs would you like to receive based on the Thematic Groups, Advisory Groups and Priority Topics previously mentioned?

  12. Invitation for IAs political representative as observer in PAC in 2017 • Three Innovative Actions CIVITAS Project currently running • PORTIS: The project aims to show that sustainable mobility can increase functional and social cohesion between city centres and ports, while pushing the economy forward and boosting the allure of modern urban environments. Five living labs will implement mobility measures: Klaipeda (LT), Trieste (IT), Antwerp (BE), Constanta (IT) • ECCENTRIC: The project demonstrates the potential and replicability of integrated and inclusive urban planning approaches, innovative policies and emerging technologies (clean vehicles). Five living labs : Turku (FI), Ruse (BG), Munich (DE), Madrid (ES), Stockholm (SE) • DESTINATION: develops a set of innovative actions in order to implement sustainable mobility measures and actions with the view to offering intelligent sustainable transport solutions for tourists and residents alike through innovation and cooperation with all major stakeholders. Six EU Cities: Rethymno (GR), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ES), Portoferraio (IT), Funchal (PT), Valletta (MT), Limassol (CY)

  13. Proposal for decision • New call for PAC membershippostponeduntil 2018. • Request to the PAC for involving one political representative from each IA Project to further strengthen PAC and CIVITAS Project. Status as observer until 2018. • For DESTINATIONS: add another political representative. Suggestion to include La Valletta (EU current presidency)

  14. PAC meeting calendar • EU SUMP Conference, Dubrovnik – 29/30th March • Mayor Summit during next ITS Congress, Strasbourg – 21st June • Suggestion from Claire Depré to have the PAC join the Mayor Summit Mayor on Wednesday 21 June from 9h00 – 12h00 and then participate in a working lunch from 12h30 to 14h00. Can this constitute the “summer” PAC Meeting? • CIVITAS Forum Conference 27-29 September Other events: • ECOMM 2017, Maastricht - 31 May – 2 June • International Transport Forum 2017, Leipzig - 31 May – 2 June • Velo City 2017, 13-15 June, Arnhem-Nijmegen (NL)

  15. Thank you!