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Language Experience PowerPoint Presentation
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Language Experience

Language Experience

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Language Experience

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  1. Language Experience

  2. Language Experience can be for: • Whole classroom • Small groups • Individual students • With another reading program • Can be the central reading program

  3. Language Experience advocateR. Van Allen What I can think about, I can say. What I can say, I can write. What I can write, I can read. I can read what I can write and what other people have written for me to read.

  4. Language Experience Examples These are ideas for the classroom. They maybe for groups of students. Teachers model the importance of writing.

  5. Our Today’s Today is Wednesday. It is warm. Bill is sick. We will take a trip to the zoo. We will go to the park. Today we have gym.

  6. Field Trip to the Zoo We went to the zoo. We saw three monkeys. We saw two zebras. We saw an eagle. We saw funny prairie dogs. They made us laugh.

  7. Valentine Party! Today is the Valentine Party! We will have our party! We will have fun! We will have popcorn! We will have games! We will share Valentines! We will sing. Valentine parties are fun!

  8. Today’s Helpers Bobby will pass the milk. John will pass the crackers. Michael will pass out the paint brushes. Helen will pass out the paste. George will pass out the scissors.

  9. Happy Birthday! Today is Sara’s birthday! She is seven. We will sing to Sara. We will read to Sara. We will have a party. Happy Birthday, Sara!

  10. Directions for Small Group Projects Recipe Pour cake mix in bowl. Add 1 cup water and 1 egg. Stir Call Mrs. Sterling.

  11. Directions for Small Group Projects Art Project Here is some paper. Fold it. Make a book. Draw pictures. Tell us about it.

  12. Individual Students Sentence with a picture Me sitting in a giant Easter basket

  13. Individual Students Once upon a timethere was a mom thatloved her children.

  14. ITA

  15. Tools to Explore Language • Taking students from what they know to the unknown • Risk-free environment • Early writing accepted/encouraged • Standard writing will come later

  16. Language Experience Needs to be done over at least two class periods • First class period writing and reading what has been written • Second class period reinforce the reading and what they wrote