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ICT In Rehabilitation

ICT In Rehabilitation. Diabetes,Cancer,HIV,MS , Parkinson…. 25000 Individuals with Ankle sprain. Chronic Diseases. Blindness, Deafness, Cerebral Palsy…. Global Need for Rehabilitation. Accidents. Health Conditions. Congenital Diseases. Aging Fall: 28-35% y≥65 32-42% y>70

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ICT In Rehabilitation

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  1. ICT In Rehabilitation

  2. Diabetes,Cancer,HIV,MS, Parkinson… 25000 Individuals with Ankle sprain Chronic Diseases Blindness, Deafness, Cerebral Palsy… Global Need for Rehabilitation Accidents Health Conditions Congenital Diseases Aging Fall: 28-35% y≥65 32-42% y>70 50% injury hospitalization Second causes of death Aging 2005 to2015:23% 2015: 74% of total of YLD

  3. Physical Economic ICT for Persons Living with Disability UNESCO Mental Social Isolation Functionality Cognition Disability disadvantages Stigma discrimination

  4. Morphology Physiology Biophysics Rehabilitation Engineering Biomechanics Functionality Kinesiology

  5. Hearing Assistive TTY Assistive Technology Teaching by example Distraction from disability Mind engaged AT for Cognition Visual Assistive ICT in Rehabilitation former self Virtual Reality Exposure therapy Fun Computer Game AT for physical • ZoomText • Magic • Braillenote,BrailliantBriall display • Scan & read software:kurzweil 3000,Read & Write Gold • Word prediction software:Word Q • Voice recognition software:SpeakQ,MacSpeech Dictate • Nintendo Wii • OMNI Video game-like One handed Ergonomic Onscreen Small Large Mobile Technology Mobile Technology Social interaction Popularity Capability Mobility

  6. Preferences study Map Study Challenges study Technical study

  7. References • Farshchian B, Dah Y. The role of ICT in addressing the challenges of age-related falls:aresearch agenda based on a systematic mapping of the literature. Pers Ubiquit Comput (2015) 19:649–666. • Wentink M. M., Prieto E., de Kloet A. J., Vliet VlielandT. P. M. & Meesters J.J.L. The patient perspective on the use of information and communication technologies and e-health in rehabilitation. Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology. (2017).To link to this article: https://doi.org/10.1080/17483107.2017.1358302. • Axelrod L,Fitzpatrick G, BurridgeJ,Mawson S, Smith P, Rodden T, Ricketts I. The reality of homes fit for heroes: design challenges for rehabilitation technology at home. Journal of Assistive Technologies(2009) 3(2):35–42. • Araujo A, das Chagas M, Rodrigues T. Technologies for Rehabilitation:Problemsand opportunities in the Physiotherapy Clinic at PUC Minas – Brazil. IEEE 2014 Global Humanitarian Technology Conference. • Naumes J. Use of Technology in Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation from an Elderly Perspective. The Journal of Education, Community and Values at CommonKnowledge(2013)3.

  8. Free C, Phillips G, GaliL,Watson L, Felix L. The Effectiveness of Mobile-Health Technology-Based Health Behaviour Change or Disease Management Interventions for Health Care Consumers: A Systematic Review. PLOS Medicine (2013). 10(1): e1001362. • WHO. Health information systems and rehabilitation .2017. • WHO. The need to scale up rehabilitation . • GrealyM, Nasser B.TheUse of Virtual Reality in Assisting Rehabilitation. 20 > ACNR > VOLUME 13 NUMBER 6 > NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2013. • G Burdea. Key Note Address: Virtual Rehabilitation-Benefits and Challenges, Rutgers University, USA. burdea@caip.rutgers.edu . • www.UNESCO.org

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