instrument operations center ioc and science analysis software sas l.
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Instrument Operations Center (IOC) and Science Analysis Software (SAS) PowerPoint Presentation
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Instrument Operations Center (IOC) and Science Analysis Software (SAS)

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Instrument Operations Center (IOC) and Science Analysis Software (SAS) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Instrument Operations Center (IOC) and Science Analysis Software (SAS) Scott Williams Hanson Experimental Physics Laboratory (HEPL) Stanford University R.Dubois Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Stanford University

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Instrument Operations Center (IOC) and Science Analysis Software (SAS)

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instrument operations center ioc and science analysis software sas

Instrument Operations Center (IOC)andScience Analysis Software (SAS)

Scott Williams

Hanson Experimental Physics Laboratory (HEPL)

Stanford University


Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

Stanford University

ioc and science analysis software
IOC and Science Analysis Software
  • IOC & SAS functions
  • Organization
  • Short and Longer Term Work Plans
  • Cost Summary
  • Issues


mission operations architecture
Mission Operations Architecture





* From the GLAST Operations

Concept Document

glast mission operations functions
GLAST Mission Operations Functions

Summarized from Ground Systems Functional Allocation Team Study

science data processing
Receive Level 0 data from IOC

Automatically process Level 0 data to Level 1

Facilitate LAT monitoring and updates of calibrations

Feed back high level monitoring info to IOC

Generate Monte Carlo for instrument simulation, algorithm development etc

Allow for data reprocessing

Generate high level data products

Develop analysis tools and platforms

Deliver data products and algorithms to SSC

Protect via archive all data, at SLAC and HEASARC

Science Data Processing

~ 3GB of data arrives per day

the critical areas
Simulation/reconstruction software

Instrument simulation and reconstruction

PSF, Aeff, background rejection

Supports instrument design and science studies


Code framework

Code/release management


Good practices and the glue that holds the software together

Level 1 Data Processing

Production data and MC processing

Near real-time feedback to IOC

Supports detailed performance tracking; Mock Data Challenges; input to Science

Science Analysis tools

High level utilities

Supports extraction of Science from the data

  • Event database technology
    • Extraction of science/sharing with SSC
The Critical Areas












Event Display

Release Manage

Performance Tuning,


Data Production Facility ………. near real-time monitoring


Event DB

Technology & Design

Science Tools, Analysis Platforms

Polishing & maintenance + post-launch panic

group communications
Group Communications

use cvs for distributed code development

Repository at SLAC

  • use web conferencing tools for meetings
    • Weekly General, Core & CAL; soon TKR
  • Used for impromptu discussions

use instant messenger tool for quicky discussions

Use MS NetMeeting for point-to-point discussions

and Windows remote debugging via desktop sharing

Software Weeks every

4 months

  • software team is integrated
  • subsystem folks are matrixed between subsystem
  • and software group
    • part of same development process as other components of software

Core working meeting

between Software Wks

lat simulation recon software flight proposal baseline
LAT Simulation & Recon Software –Flight Proposal Baseline


100 MeV g

2, 25, 40 GeV e-


0.1, 7 GeV g

Well-developed photon recon, background rejection algorithms

- part of the project effort since ’93.

15 GeV proton

  • IOC is in formulation phase through FY’01
  • Improving Simulation and Reconstruction
  • Addressed infrastructure issues in 2000/2001 – support for the long run
  • Providing balloon flight and PDR preparation support through summer ’01
  • Continuing with requirements and specifications for science tools and calibrations, with first prototypes this year
sas issues
SAS Issues
  • Heavy load on team to support both the balloon flight and PDR prep
    • Need additional 2-3 FTE for core and DPF work
    • Toby Burnett has pending NSF request
      • Extremely important to our effort that it succeed!!
    • European & Japanese collaborators have committed to supporting the core effort
  • Want major Sim/Recon release by late 2001 to let us shift focus to Calibrations and analysis issues
  • Need to get started on Data Processing Facility
    • Balloon & PDR support as early prototyping opportunities
    • Mock Data Challenge in mid 2002
  • Technology for event, photon & exposure databases and techniques for indexing the photons (time, spatial tessellations)
    • Studies underway to evaluate technologies
ioc milestones
IOC Milestones
  • Instrument Operations Center (IOC) Requirements Review 04/18/01
  • LAT Instrument PDR 08/06/01
  • IOC PDR 08/22/01
  • LAT Instrument CDR 08/05/02
  • IOC S/W Release 1 07/28/03
  • IOC CDR (TBR) 08/04/03
  • IOC S/W Release 2 12/18/03
  • Calibration Unit Beam Test Complete 02/05/04
  • LAT Ops Facility Validation & Verification Complete 06/21/04
  • LAT TV Test Complete 08/26/04
  • Ground Systems Compatibility Test (TBR) 11/21/04
  • Mission Sequence Test (TBR) 03/21/05
  • End-to-end Test (TBR) 06/21/05
  • Launch 09/05
  • LAT Checkout Complete + 30 days (TBR)
interim ioc cost estimate
Interim IOC Cost Estimate*

(Escalated K$)

*DOE/NASA funding.

science analysis software milestones
Science Analysis Software Milestones
  • Science Analysis Software (SAS) Requirements Review 04/25/01
  • Instrument Simulation/Event Recon Release (to support PDR); Management & Verification in place 06/01/01
  • LAT Instrument PDR 08/06/01
  • Science Analysis Software PDR 09/05/01
  • Complete Mock Data Challenge – CDR run-up 07/15/02
  • LAT Instrument CDR 08/05/02
  • Science Analysis Software CDR 09/04/02
  • Implement production version of Data Production Facility 06/01/04
  • End-to-end testing, final Mock Data Challenge complete 06/01/05
interim science analysis software cost estimate
Interim Science Analysis Software Cost Estimate*

(Escalated K$)

*DOE/NASA funding.

  • Simulation and reconstruction are in excellent shape for this stage of the project
    • Needed infrastructure improvements for long-term support and development are well underway
    • Will be a challenge to support the balloon and PDR
  • Plan for required science analysis calibration and high level tools
    • In progress
  • Workplan in place – in process of loading into PMCS
  • Requirements, initial QA/QC this summer
  • Mock Data Challenge in mid 2002
    • Prototype IOC, Processing Facility and Event DB