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GSA SmartPay Overview Native Nations Gathering PowerPoint Presentation
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GSA SmartPay Overview Native Nations Gathering

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GSA SmartPay Overview Native Nations Gathering - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GSA SmartPay Overview Native Nations Gathering. Elizabeth Skolnik Office of Charge Card Management (OCCM) Federal Acquisition Service. May 4, 2010. Value to the Customer. Gain a general understanding of the GSA SmartPay 2 Charge Card Program

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Presentation Transcript

GSA SmartPay OverviewNative Nations Gathering

Elizabeth Skolnik

Office of Charge Card Management (OCCM)Federal Acquisition Service

May 4, 2010

value to the customer
Value to the Customer
  • Gain a general understanding of the GSA SmartPay2 Charge Card Program
  • Understand the value of using the GSA SmartPay Program
  • Learn about the eligibility and application process.
  • GSA SmartPay2 Program Updates and Enhancements
gsa smartpay program overview
GSA SmartPay Program Overview

The GSA SmartPay® program, established in 1998, enables over 350 Federal agencies/ organizations to obtain charge card products and services through master contracts thatGSA established with three banks: Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, and U.S. Bank

Agencies/organizations issued task orders against these master contracts to obtain charge card products and services

Agencies/organizations pay no direct fees to use the program

Period of performance for existing contracts is through 2018


$943 was spent using Federal charge cards every second in FY09


gsa smartpay2 program stakeholders
GSA SmartPay2 Program Stakeholders

Office of Management and Budget (OMB)

Perform oversight of the government-wide charge card program

Agencies/ Organizations

Use charge card products and services to support their missions and operations

Office of Charge Card Management (OCCM)

Provides overall program management and advocacy

MasterCard/ VISA

Provides the transaction network for GSA SmartPay® 2 charge cards


Provide charge card products and services through GSA SmartPay® 2 Master Contracts; partner with MasterCard/VISA to issue cards


gsa smartpay2 charge card benefits
GSA SmartPay2 Charge Card Benefits
  • Provides administrative savings and efficiency
    • In FY09 agencies/organizations avoided $1.5 billion in administrative processing costs using the Purchase Card*
  • Enables refunds based on dollar volume and payment performance
    • Productivity refunds: based on the timeliness and/or frequency of payments to the bank (faster payments = higher refunds)
    • Sales refunds: based on the dollar or spend volume during a specified time period
  • Utilizes electronic transaction data, enabling better reporting and ability to detect fraud, waste, and abuse; using commercial best practices
  • Improves financial controls
  • Provides government wide transparency to Federal charge card spending, performance, and trends
  • Enhances government’s negotiation leverage through strategic sourcing of enterprise data


* Source: Palmer, R., & Gupta, M. (2007). The 2005 Purchasing Card Benchmark Survey Results

gsa smartpay program overview6
GSA SmartPay Program Overview

The GSA SmartPay program enables over 350 Federal agencies, organizations, and Native American tribal governments to obtain charge card products and services through Master Contracts thatGSA has currently established with three banks: Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, and U.S. Bank

The GSA SmartPay program provides charge cards to Federal employees to make official government purchases and use of the cards should be in accordance with agency/organization-specific policy

There are many benefits to using GSA SmartPay charge cards, and with these benefits come certain responsibilities for cardholders and A/OPCs


$941 was charged on the GSA SmartPay® charge card every second in FY09


program overview cont
Program Overview, Cont.
  • Charge cards provide the following benefits:
    • Administrative savings and efficiency, estimated at $1.7B in administrative processing cost avoidance (e.g., reduced procurement time, streamlined payment procedures and paperwork) in FY08 for purchase cards alone
    • $50M increase from FY07
    • Refunds based on dollar volume and payment performance
    • Electronic transaction data, enabling better reporting
    • Worldwide acceptance
    • $4.5B in savings in FY08 from City Pair Program
program benefits cont
Program Benefits, Cont.

Training, including the Annual GSA SmartPay Training Conference.

Travel cards provide access to GSA City Pair Rates.

Access to merchants offering point-of-sale discounts.

Program wide representation on regulations and issues which may impact the program.

Newsletters, SmartBulletins, training, and dissemination of pertinent program information.

gsa smartpay 2 master contract overview
GSA SmartPay2: Master Contract Overview
  • Fixed price, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) type contract
    • Three year base period (11/08 – 11/11)

• One four-year option & one three-year option (ending November 29, 2018)

• The base year period began on 11/30/2008

  • To use the contract Agencies/Organizations can:

• Place task order with selected banks based on identified needs and best value

• Pool with other agencies/organizations, or

• Tag-along with other agencies/organizations

application process
Application Process
  • If your organization wishes to utilize the GSA SmartPay Charge Card Program, please follow these steps:
    • Fill out an application and submit supporting documentation**
    • Determine if you would like to issue your own task order, or tag/pool with an existing task order
    • Wait for guidance from your GSA SmartPay Point of Contact
    • Work with your GSA SmartPay bank to set up your charge card program.

**Documentation may vary. Check with OCCM

why use the gsa smartpay program
Why use the GSA SmartPay Program?
  • If eligible, here are three reasons you should be using the GSA SmartPay program:
  • 1) Save Money for your Organization
    • Sales and productivity refunds, City Pair fares, and tax exempt status for CBA accounts.
  • 2) Save Time
    • Streamlined procurement process
  • 3) Save Resources
    • Administrative cost savings
gsa smartpay 2 program improvements
GSA SmartPay2: Program Improvements
  • Increased security requirements – increased emphasis on security of both personally identifiable information (PII) and procurement data
  • Increased data requirements – Focus on Level 3 data, which provides better insight into program performance for OCCM and agencies
  • Improved Program Technology
    • Increased capability of EAS systems to provide flexibility in reporting and account management, Ad Hoc reporting, MCC blocking, electronic disputes, transaction monitoring.
gsa smartpay 2 enhanced products and services
GSA SmartPay2: Enhanced Products and Services
  • Contactless cards – facilitate faster point-of-sale transactions; the card does not leave the hand of the cardholder
  • Debit cards – help to control the amount of outstanding credit with cardholders
  • Pre-paid (stored value) cards – provide capability to load and reload cards with specific dollar values. Cards can be issued with required value on short notice.
  • Cardless accounts – provide established vendor-specific charge accounts without physical cards
  • Convenience checks – improve ability to issue and reconcile checks online, including features such as:
      • Electronic transaction record must include merchant name
      • Online imaging of cleared checks
      • Can be used in specific cases where vendors do not accept cards
training resources
Training Resources
  • Other GSA SmartPay Courses offered at EXPO:
    • Navigating the New GSA SmartPay Website (Basic)
    • GSA SmartPay Program Update (Advanced)
    • Your GSA SmartPay2 – The Basics of Travel, Purchase, Fleet & Integrated Charge Cards (Basic)
  • GSA SmartPay Online Training:
    • GSA SmartPay Travel Cardholder and A/OPC Training
    • GSA SmartPay Purchase Cardholder and A/OPC Training
    • GSA SmartPay Fleet Cardholder and A/OPC Training – coming soon
  • On-site training with banks
  • Training Sessions at GSA SmartPay Conference


insight occm projects
Insight: OCCM Projects
  • Grants Funding Initiative
  • Strategic Sourcing Initiative
  • State and Local Tax Exemption
  • Tax Reclamation
  • State/Local Government Charge Card Program
  • There are several other projects that we are working on, and you can stay educated by visiting our SmartBlog which will be active when our new website is live!
thank you questions
Thank you! Questions?

Elizabeth Skolnik

(703) 605-5736

You will find a wealth of contract and program information, training, publications, the GSA SmartPay2 Master Contract, and points of contact at our website:

Be on the lookout for our new website: