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Group Fundraising. How Does It Work and What’s Out There?. Ben Rattray [email protected] What is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising?. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising. Traditional Fundraising. Nonprofit. Nonprofit. Vs. Donors. Potential Donors. Impersonal One-way Expensive. Personal Interactive

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Group fundraising
Group Fundraising

How Does It Work and What’s Out There?

Ben Rattray

[email protected]

What is peer to peer fundraising
What is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising?

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Traditional Fundraising





Potential Donors







History of peer to peer fundraising
History of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

  • Has always been around

    • House parties

    • Walk-a-thons

    • Canvassing

  • But, limited use

    • Not easy to collect money

    • Difficulty asking people in person

    • No ongoing communication

What s different now
What’s Different Now?

  • Anyone can start a campaign

    • Online tools to start campaign and collect money are clicks away

  • Easy to invite friends & rapidly spread the message

    • Email, blogs and social networks

  • Create a community

    • See who’s involved, view collective impact, update on progress

The rise of “Wired Fundraisers”

Why is peer to peer fundraising powerful
Why is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Powerful?

  • The power of personal connections

  • Magnified impact

  • Social recognition

  • Result: better engagement & giving experience

Tools for peer to peer fundraising
Tools for Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

(1) Fundraising Pages

(2) Fundraising Widgets

(3) Leveraged Communications

  • Email

  • Blogs

  • Social networks

  • Etc.

Tools fundraising pages
Tools: Fundraising Pages

  • The original online peer-to-peer fundraising tool

  • Serves as a personal webpage/donation page

    • Photo / message / goal / list of donors and comments

Tools widgets
Tools: Widgets

  • Effectively a mini fundraising page

  • Can be put anywhere on the web

  • 87 million people have used a widget online

Tools leveraged communications
Tools: Leveraged Communications

(i) Email

(ii) Blogs

(iii) Social Networks

Sources for fundraising tools
Sources for Fundraising Tools

Exclusively for Fundraising

Social Networking & Fundraising

New Giving Channels

Traditional Providers

Examples of successful campaigns
Examples of Successful Campaigns

Robin Maxwell

  • Raised $18,000 from 1078 donors

  • Received $10,000 matching donation

  • Beneficiary: local MS Chapter

Examples of successful campaigns1
Examples of Successful Campaigns

Beth Kanter & Michele Martin

  • Raised $41,000 from 1,650 donors

  • Received matching grant of $50,000

  • Beneficiary: Sharing Foundation

Benchmark data from peter deitz
Benchmark Data (from Peter Deitz)

Fundraising Campaigns: Chipin / FirstGiving / GiveMeaning / Six Degrees / JustGive




Average donation amount:

Average amount raised per campaign:

Average number of contributors per campaign:

Benchmark data from peter deitz1
Benchmark Data (from Peter Deitz)

Numbers for “Successful” Fundraising Campaigns (over $1000 raised)




Average donation amount:

Average amount raised per campaign:

Average number of contributors per campaign:

Who are these people
Who are these people?

  • People between 20 – 40

  • Generally tech savvy (but not always)

  • Split into 2 categories:

    • Traditional volunteer fundraisers given new tools

    • New fundraisers attracted by the ease of supporting a cause online

Keys to a successful campaign
Keys to a Successful Campaign

1. The Messenger

2. Compelling story

3. Photo or video

4. Catalyzing event

5. Specific ask

6. Blog support

7. Passion

What can organizations do
What Can Organizations Do?

  • Communicate with and thank your fundraisers

  • Give recognition (on website and/or newsletter)

  • Create a newsletter just for fundraisers

  • Offer specific fundraising opportunities

  • Supply sample text, photos, and video

  • Add “Fundraise Now” button to your website

The future of peer to peer fundraising
The Future of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

  • Will this be transformative or marginal?

  • Needs to be deeply integrated into nonprofit strategy

  • Improved tools or improved practices?