factors influencing malaysian students intention to study at a higher educational institution l.
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Factors Influencing Malaysian Students’ Intention to Study at A Higher Educational Institution

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Factors Influencing Malaysian Students’ Intention to Study at A Higher Educational Institution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Factors Influencing Malaysian Students’ Intention to Study at A Higher Educational Institution. Presented By: Prof Dr Karl Wagner Pooyan Yousefi Fard. Introduction. 1. Literature Review. 2. Research Methodology. Discussion and Conclusion. 3. 5. Data Analysis and Findings. 4. Outline.

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factors influencing malaysian students intention to study at a higher educational institution

Factors Influencing Malaysian Students’ Intention to Study at A Higher Educational Institution

Presented By:

Prof Dr Karl Wagner





Literature Review


Research Methodology

Discussion and Conclusion



Data Analysis and Findings




The targeted sample in study



Research Objective

  • To understand the importance of the main factors such as cost of education, degree (content and structure), physical aspect and facilities, value of education, and institutional information that will affect students’ intention to study at a HEI.
  • To identify the significant importance and influence of family and friends towards Malaysian students’ intention to further study at a HEI.

Implications of Research

The outcome of this research could be beneficial to both students (as the customers of educational institutions), and institutions (as the providers of the services) to obtain better future planning and decision making

number of higher educational institutions in malaysia


Number of higher educational institutions in Malaysia

As at 31 Dec 2007, total education institutions registered with Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia is shown below:

  • In early 1990, there were 7 public universities in Malaysia, compared to 20 in 2007, an increase of 13 new public universities or 86% in nearly 2 decades.
  • Increase in number of higher education institutions in Malaysia has provided students more options in selecting higher education institutions for their tertiary study.

Literature Review

Previous Studies

  • David Chapman (1981) is one of the pioneer researchers that developed a Model of Student College Choice and he concluded that there are three external influences that affect student’s college choice; significant persons, fixed college characteristics and college efforts to communicate with student.
  • A Multi-attribute Model was employed to identify the important attributes and its impact level in influencing the potential students’ selection (Joseph and Joseph, 1998).
  • In fact, there are several studies have been done on this goal based on different models. The literatures of previous studies are summarized as below:

Notes : QT = Quantitative, QL = Qualitative


Literature Review

Proposed important attributes in this study

  • Joseph and Joseph (1998, 2000) have carried out two similar studies with the same designed multi-attribute model in two different countries, New Zealand and Indonesia.

New Zealand (1998)

Indonesia (2000)

Note: general = course and career information = influences of family

  • Findings showed there were differences in the impact level of important attributes that affect students’ choice between two different cultural frameworks.

Literature Review

Proposed important attributes in this study (cont’d)

  • According to the empirical finding in literature, a total of six factors are proposed as independent variables with one dependent variable.
theoretical framework

Literature Review

Theoretical Framework

Independent Variables, IVs

Cost of Education


Degree (Content and Structure)


Dependent Variable, DV

Physical Aspects, Facilities and Resources

Intention to Study at a Higher Educational Institution



Value of Education


Institutional Information


Family, Friends and Peers


Research Methodology

  • Students who are currently attending the pre-university level programme
  • Sampling processes were curried out in selected tuition centres, matriculation centre and some private institutions
  • There are many interests for HEI marketers to understand about what factors that influencing the students’ intention to study at a HEI
  • The convenience method of sampling was employed

Research Methodology

Instrument Design

The instrument to gain primary data is a self-administered questionnaire containing three sections:

The importance of factors influencing respondents’ intention to study at a HEI (six IVs) and respondents’ intention to study one potential Dependent Variable). Responses to the items were measured on a five-point Likert scale where 1 meant “Strongly Disagree” and 5 meant “Strongly Agree”.

The ranking of most important attributes.


Completed by face to face interviews and self-administered questionnaire survey.

descriptive analysis cont d

Data Analysis and Findings

Descriptive Analysis (cont’d)

Factors that ranked as the one (most important) by respondents (N = 162)

  • The total score of the three first factors is about 80.86 %
  • Majority of respondents would consider the three factors are their primary concern in decision making process of their further study
inferential analysis

Data Analysis and Findings

Inferential Analysis

Correlations between independent variables and dependent variable

  • There is a significant relationship between each IV and DV

Discussion and Conclusion


Comparison of ranking order of importance for three distinct nations

further research

Discussion and Conclusion

Further Research

Limitation of Study

The sample size (N = 162) is insufficient to represent the whole population. In addition, sample were only sampled from the area of Klang-Valley, it might not give a good picture of view that reflecting the whole population.

  • A quantitative study as such may pave the way for a following
  • qualitative study o explore the hows and circumstances of
  • implementing the factors in the HEIs in Malaysia.
  • Perhaps such following studies could be using a
  • comparative method.

Discussion and Conclusion

  • Our research has shown that HEI administrators, marketers and policy makers should focus on
  • Cost of education
  • Degree (content and structure).
  • Other factors
  • Influences from family members
  • Friends and peer,
  • Physical aspects and facilities of HEI
  • Institutional information
normality tests

Data Analysis and Findings


Normality Tests

Independent Variables, IVs

Dependent Variable, DV

(N = 162)