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Dennis N. Sterwerf, President

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Dennis N. Sterwerf, President Fairfield Auto & Truck Service, Inc 3351 Port Union Road Fairfield, Ohio 45014 513-874-5857 Michael R. Greene, Executive Director Ohio Board of Motor Vehicle Collision Repair Registration (CRB) 37 West Broad Street, Suite 880 Columbus, Ohio 43215-4159

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dennis n sterwerf president
Dennis N. Sterwerf, President

Fairfield Auto & Truck Service, Inc

3351 Port Union Road

Fairfield, Ohio 45014


michael r greene executive director
Michael R. Greene, Executive Director

Ohio Board of Motor Vehicle Collision Repair Registration (CRB)

37 West Broad Street, Suite 880 Columbus, Ohio 43215-4159

Telephone: (614) 995-0714

Facsimile: (614) 995-0717

Ohio’s Collision Shop Registration

H.B. 143


December 1997 in the 122nd General Assembly

Gov Voinovich appointed 7 Board members in February 1998

Repair/maintenance industry is burdened with regulation just as manufacturing

Repair/maintenance industry has inconsistent accountability

Need to create more government to control government

ASA OH retained a young, new, lobbyist

Lobbyist Brooke Cheney (top 3)

Governmental Policy Group

Process took 12 years to pass H.B.143

H.B. 143 in place for 8 years now

ASA OH tried to license mechanical and collision businesses

Ohio’s legislators would not pass Licensing

Ohio’s legislators would support Registration

Opposition from the oil industry to pass mechanical registration

Separated collision from the mechanical

ASA OH recognized OH EPA inconsistencies

1. Interpretation of the EPA laws/rules

2. Enforcement practices throughout Ohio

3. Air pollution, Class V Wells and H/W disposal

4. Air Pollution Source Permits

a. Paint booths

b. Waste Oil Heaters

c. Parts Cleaners

Created a substantial difference in the cost of doing business for the compliant repairer!

Hot buttons of H.B 143

Creating a level field of competition

Assuring the consumer the repairer has General Liability Insurance (Garage keeper's Ins)

Consumer Protection

Requirement of H.B. 143:

1. Federal & State tax ID numbers

2. Ohio Vendor’s License

3. Hazardous Waste number

4. Liability Insurance

5. OH Worker’s Comp and OBES

6. EPA Compliant

7. Meet Local Zoning Codes

8. Registration Fee of $150 per year


1. New & used car dealers (Licensed)

2. Motor Vehicle Auction

3. Motor Vehicle Leasing Dealer

4. Person/Lessee of 10 or more vehicles

a. repairs only their own

5.Person doing collision repairs to only;

a. single commercial/industrial business

b. governmental establishment

c. instructor of automotive school & the school

Opposition to passing H.B. 143

1. Car Dealers

2. Leasing companies

3. Insurance industry

a. Board Seat

4. Industry wanted 5 years to become EPA compliant (2 years-air pollution permits, & time to obtain zoning changes)

Took 3 General Assemblies to pass H.B.143

Educated/positioned legislators

a. Show & tell trips with legislators

b. Legislative Reception at the Capitol

c. Obtained support from trade associations

d. Support from the Ohio Attorney General

H.B. 143 passed December 1997

Unanimous vote in the OH Senate

ASA OH submits names to the Governor

90 days later Gov Voinovich appoints a Board. All were ASA Ohio members other than the consumer

Board Members;

5- Collision Shop

1- Mechanical Shop

1- Ohio Consumer

10 people to accomplish the mission three employees
10 People to Accomplish theMission!Three Employees


Governor, State of Ohio

Board- 7 Members

Executive Director

Administrative Assistant


Passing H.B. 143 was the easy part

Last Oh Agency formed was years ago

Board had to establish;

Rules and hold public hearings

Current budget and projected budgets

Create policy and procedures

Hire Executive Director

Lease Office Space

Took over one year before registering the first collision shop.

The CRB is constantly;

Correcting provisions in H.B. 143

Correcting rules of H.B. 143


Following the “Sun Shine Laws” of Ohio

Who is registered;

1. Automotive collision and /or refinishing Businesses.

2. Paintless Dent Repairers (PDR)

3. Mobile Collision Repairer/Refinishers

4. Automotive Glass Installers/Repairers

5. Airbag/SRS Installers/Repairers

What takes so long?

1. Assistant Attorney General Change

a. Difference in opinion

2. Turn over of Executive Directors (3)

3. Board members change (2-3yr terms)

4. Sun Shine Law & Due Process

5. Politics

Ohio Future;

1. H.B. 208-Salvage bill to open salvage auctions in Ohio to authorized buyers.

a. Attached is mechanical shop registration

b. CRB will include Mechanical Registration

c. Make up of the board will change

d. Correct the process of closing a business in H.B. 143

Opposition to H.B. 208

1. Retail mass marketers

2. Tire Dealers

3. Ohio Salvage Dealers