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Philosophy, Technique & Installation vs. 4-4, 5-2 and 6-1. Counter Pass. Presented by: Tim Murphy Head Football Coach Clovis East High School Counter Pass Why?. Big Play Potential Averaged over 15 yards per attempt in 2007 2. Keeps defenses honest

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counter pass
Philosophy, Technique & Installation


4-4, 5-2 and 6-1

Counter Pass

Presented by:

Tim Murphy

Head Football Coach

Clovis East High School

counter pass why
Counter Pass Why?
  • Big Play Potential
  • Averaged over 15 yards per attempt in 2007

2. Keeps defenses honest

  • Backfield and O-line false keys creates lack of confidence in defenses reads
  • Slows down aggressive defenses

3. Great compliment to base run plays

  • Increases chance for success with counter run and joker
counter pass types of players needed
Counter Pass Types of players needed
  • Running backs – Must have great fakes, decent blocking ability
  • TE– Must have good release moves, good hands
  • OL– Need to understand how to sell one block and execute another
  • Quarterback– Great salesman, decent arm, speed adds another element but not necessary
counter pass formations
Counter Pass Formations
  • Best with two wings

- Double TE sets: Double wing, T, and I

- Single TE sets: Over, under, split, spread and pro

- No TE sets: Quads and trips

- No FB sets: Ace and trey

counter pass basic overview
Counter Pass Basic Overview
  • Pass play with backfield and o-line action going opposite point of attack
  • Offense will fake counter-run putting a minimum of two receivers into the pattern quickly and decisively

- Routes will be floods or deep crossing routes

  • Offense must commit to selling fakes
  • Coach must call play when its not expected
counter pass offensive line general assignments
Counter Pass Offensive Line – General Assignments


  • Pulls backside and picks up backside pass rush
  • Pulls must be aggressive, fast and under control
  • Guard will set up deep and Tackle will set up shallow creating a backside wall
  • If playside TE stays in he blocks man on, if he is in the pattern he must release inside and make it look as if he is going after the inside backer

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counter pass offensive line general assignments7
Counter Pass Offensive Line – General Assignments


  • Sell run and protect one gap toward play side
  • O-line will aggressively down block toward play side, if no defender is in the down block area they will replace adjacent teammate looking for a backer or helping most dangerous
  • After contact they will wheel their butt toward Qb roll out using as much of the tackle box as possible (never go further than 2 yards down field)
  • They must have internal clock telling them how far and how long to wheel their butt while maintaining contact with the defender
43 counter pass o line rules
43 Counter Pass O-Line Rules
  • Rte – Inside release, Corner route (8-10 yards)
  • Rt – Pull flat, pick up backside rush
  • Rg – Pull flat for 2 steps, get depth on steps 3 and 4
  • C – Down and wheel
  • Lg – Down and wheel
  • Lt – Down and wheel
  • Lte – Outside release, Drag route (10-12 yards)

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43 counter pass backfield rules
43 Counter Pass Backfield Rules
  • Rw – Open step, fake reverse until whistle blows (possible Connor route call)
  • Fb – Aim for RTE’s inside hip, log DE (possible Flat route call)
  • Lw– 3 step motion-full speed, fake Rocket catch, block first defender outside of Fb (possible Flat route call)
  • Qb– Reverse pivot on mid-line with ball in stomach, complete 270 degrees turn putting left hand and eyes into Rw’s numbers, sprint out reading deep-shallow-run
counter pass20
Counter Pass


counter pass27
Counter Pass