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Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software Demonstration Hardhat, Inc. 3734 Cherry Road Memphis, TN 38118 901.734.5056 E-mail: Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software Demonstration

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Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software


Hardhat, Inc.

3734 Cherry Road

Memphis, TN 38118




Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software


  • This demonstration is intended to present sample screens and reports and to show you just how user-friendly the Hardhat Job Cost Accounting software is.
  • Use the Page Down and Page Up keys (or click on the arrows at the bottom of the screen) to move forward or backwards from slide-to-slide. Use the Escape Key or click on the “X” to exit. You can print selected slides too.
hardhat job cost accounting software
Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software
  • Job Cost
  • Job Cost
  • Job Cost

As a Contractor, there are three important things you must know and control:

The above cliché emphasizes the IMPORTANCE of controlling Job Cost. How well you control Job Cost determines how well you control Job and Company Profits.

hardhat job cost accounting software4
Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software

Hardhat software has all the Applications you need to control Job Cost:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll
  • Time and Material Billing
  • AIA
  • Service Work Order Management
  • Inventory
  • General Ledger – Profit and Loss
  • Equipment
hardhat job cost accounting software6
Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software

All “ROADS” lead to JOB COST!

software overview
Software Overview
  • User Defined Fields – Allowing for your own tailor-made software, meeting the needs of YOUR COMPANY, allowing your company to do your job… YOUR WAY.
  • Exporting/Importing Information – Sort, filter, print or send to popular word processing or spreadsheet programs.
  • Multi-User, multi-tasking capabilities – Allowing unlimited number of users. For example, one person can be entering P/R, while another person can be entering A/P, OR multiple people entering P/R at the same time.
  • Information (data) is entered only ONE time, feeding to Job Cost, Equipment Cost, General Ledger, and Financial Statement.
  • There are over 1000 reports and inquiry options.
  • ODBC Compliant allowing you direct access to data from spreadsheet programs.
company overview
Company Overview
  • Hardhat, Inc. has been working with Contractors and dealing with their unique problems and needs since 1973. Our extensive experience has produced the Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software, the most comprehensive, fully integrated, cost-effective construction management system available.
  • Hardhat, Inc. continues to work with our customers, listening to their needs of today and tomorrow, constantly working to meet those needs.
job cost
Job Cost

The Job Cost Module is the Heart of the Hardhat software, tracking the status of current jobs and their profitability.

Data from Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Equipment Costing, Service Orders, Time and Material Billing, Inventory, and AIA post to Job Costing.

job cost10
Job Cost
  • Complete quantity costing entry, tracking and reporting, for both labor and units.
  • Comparison of estimate unit price to actual unit price.
  • Income and billings tracked for each bid item for cash flow purposes.
  • Track labor costs; compare labor hours and dollars with estimate.
  • Display cost of each job in overtime hours and dollars.
  • Complete change order control for both contracts and budgets. Allows for tracking of original, change orders and current budgets.
job cost11
Job Cost
  • Reporting broken down into multiple levels of detail. Reports can be accessed to show all detail, summarize by category, by phase, or the complete job.
  • Cost codes can be customized to your needs and preferences. Different cost structures can be set up for each job, or can be easily copied from job to job.
  • Create a database for jobs that have repetitive categories or phases, eliminating the need to re-enter all phases and categories each time a new job begins.
  • Flexible job phase and category numbering system.
general ledger
General Ledger

The General Ledger Module is where all the financial data of your company is processed and maintained.

The system provides a variety of reports to aid in tracking your financial position, including Detail Inquiry, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, and Balance Sheet.

general ledger19
General Ledger
  • Full integration with all other modules.
  • The ability to control postings to previous and future months and years. No need to “close” the current period.
  • Allows for separate tracking of multiple companies simultaneously.
  • Comprehensive Audit Trails.
  • Create Accounts “on-the-fly”, saving time, no need to leave the posting program to add new accounts.
  • Simple “T Account” style of General Ledger detail information.
general ledger20
General Ledger
  • Standard Journal Entries may be made.
  • User-Definable account number format, permitting use of your current account format.
  • Reference description for each posting enables you to determine the origination of each posting.
  • Supports Departmental financial statements.
  • Complete Check Reconciliation and Bank Reconciliation.
  • Design your own financial statements. Our easy-to-use Financial Statement designer allows up-to-the-last-entry Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets.
accounts payable
Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Module contains many timesaving tools used to manage out-going cash and the costs to your jobs. It is designed for easy input, allowing you to quickly track vendor and subcontractor payments. Actual costs are easily generated and posted into Job Cost, General Ledger, Equipment Costing, and Time and Material Billing.

Entering Accounts Payable invoices and printing checks has never been easier. Even reoccurring payments such as rent and loan payments are a snap.

accounts payable26
Accounts Payable
  • Post directly to Job Cost, Equipment Costing, General Ledger, and Time and Material Billing.
  • Reoccurring Invoice handling. No need to enter the same invoices every month.
  • Streamlined data entry. Set defaults for Discount for each vendor, distribution to Expense Accounts, Office Supplies, for example.
  • Fully integrated to Purchase Orders and Inventory. Warnings are displayed if the invoice amounts exceed the Budgeted costs for the job or Purchase Order amounts.
  • Cash Requirements Report showing Outstanding. By Vendor or By Job.
accounts payable27
Accounts Payable
  • 1099 Printing. The 1099 information is accumulated from A/P Invoice Amounts.
  • Subcontractor Cost are maintained, including Contract Information, Change Orders, Invoices received and payments made on Contracts.
  • Retention tracking.
  • Vendor Payment is maintained, enabling review of past bills and payments.
  • Invoices may be adjusted, with the adjustments posted to Job Cost and General Ledger.
accounts payable28
Accounts Payable
  • Invoices may be posted to previous financial periods if necessary.
  • Easy-to-follow payment selection. Invoices may be selected to be paid by job, by vendor, and/or by due date. Complete check reconciliation.
  • Special Hold Status for invoices you are not ready to pay, but want the cost reflection in Job Cost , Equipment Costing, General Ledger, and Time and Material Billing.
  • Vendors can be set-up “on-the-fly” for more efficient data input.
  • Laser and traditional tractor-fed checks are supported. All check formats are supported.
accounts receivable
Accounts Receivable

Managing Accounts Receivable directly impacts Cash Flow. Having total control means collecting money when due and getting Invoices out on time.

Hardhat produces Time and Material Billing, Unit Price, Contract, Cost-Plus, and AIA Invoices. Billing information is posted to Job Cost for up-to-the-minute cost versus billing reports.

Accounts Receivable is fully integrated with all of the other Hardhat modules.

accounts receivable33
Accounts Receivable
  • Progress Billings are posted to bid items for Cost-versus-Billing Analysis. Over and Under Billings are highlighted.
  • Cash Receipts entry designed for special contractor requirements.
  • Posting direct to Job Cost – keeping your Cost-versus-Billing up-to-date.
  • Complete customer history kept on-line for as long as you desire – enabling you to track customer’s purchasing habits and paying status.
  • Posting to General Ledger, providing an accurate picture of your financial status.
accounts receivable34
Accounts Receivable
  • Invoices may be posted to previous and future accounting periods.
  • Many types of invoices may be stored and posted at later dates, particularly important for AIA and contract billings where the payment and billing are not always the same amounts.
  • Full Retention Tracking.
  • Sales tax is tracked with any combination of State and Local tax authorities.
  • Finance Charges may be computed at any time during the month.
accounts receivable35
Accounts Receivable
  • A/R Invoice Printing. Many different formats available or design your own. Options to print multiple copies. Invoices can be created in Adobe PDF format and can be E-mailed.
  • Proposals can be input and printed in a format similar to the actual A/R Invoice. Can easily turn the Proposal into an Invoice and can be reprinted as an Invoice.
  • A/R Invoice Input can be used as Point-Of-Sale, with payment as Cash and/or Credit Card.
  • A/R Statements Printing. Many different formats available or design your own format.

The Payroll Module handles a variety of needs, from simple, small crews to Payrolls with hundreds of employees working on numerous jobs in several unions across multiple states.

The Payroll data updates automatically to Job Cost, General Ledger, Equipment Costing, and Time and Material Billing. Also, time can be automatically imported from the Service Work Order module.

  • Full integration with all other modules.
  • The ability to enter time against Jobs, Equipment, or non-job accounts.
  • Full tracking and reporting of Worker’s Compensation. Allows for an employee’s time to be posted to Jobs with multiple Worker’s Compensation codes based on the employee’s specific task of the day or Labor Classification.
  • Payroll Checks with a comprehensive check stub, keeping the employee fully informed of Pay Calculations. The check can be designed to show all pay rates, special earnings and deductions.
  • The same checks can be used for both Payroll and Accounts Payable.
  • W-2 Forms, Magnetic Media Processing of W-2 Information (required for all companies beginning in year 2005), Magnetic Media Processing of Unemployment Information for all states.
  • 941 and 940 Reporting available.
  • Unlimited number of Unions, Worker’s Compensation Classifications. Complete tracking of fringes and deductions for each employee by Union.
  • Certified Payroll Reporting.
  • Full support of reciprocating localities and states – local tax calculations are completely automated.
  • Follow the “bouncing ball” procedures for Processing Payroll.
  • Ability to have up 30 Deductions, 10 Union Deductions, 10 Union Fringes, and 7 Tax Deductions (Federal Tax, Social Security, Medicare, State Tax, Local Tax, County Tax, City Tax).
  • Time Card Printing available with many different formats.
  • Payroll Input Import options from spreadsheets or other applications, saving time of manual input.
service work order
Service Work Order

The Service Work Order Management Module is an easy-to-use, intuitive system designed for use by the contractor with a Service Department.

It provides a Dispatch Board and tracks Service Work Orders and Call History by Customer and Site. The various Schedule Board formats assist you in better managing your service load and planning for peak periods, Preventive Maintenance Calls, and Service Technician Scheduling.

The system maintains information on Equipment, Contracts, and Service Technicians, and is fully integrated with the Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and Inventory modules.

service work order49
Service Work Order
  • During Service Work Order Entry, information on Credit History, prior and current Service Work Orders, Equipment and Contract information is readily available.
  • Searches by Customer Site by Customer, Name, or Service Work Order Number.
  • Service Work Orders may be optionally attached to a specific Job, allowing for a complete Profit and Loss status, and the printing of all Job Cost Reports.
  • Each Customer may have multiple Sites or Locations, and Site can have its own Labor, Material, and Sales Tax Pricing codes.
  • Date and Time requested and promised can be maintained.
service work order50
Service Work Order
  • Enter Comments to maintain a log of information about a site.
  • Service Work Order tickets can be printed and given to the Service Technician to take on the Call.
  • Service Work Orders are easily moved from one Service Technician to another or up or down on Scheduling Priorities.
  • With a click of a button, you can scroll through the Schedule Board to review all Service Technicians calls for one day, one week or longer.
  • Complete Service Work Order History is maintained for each unit/piece of Equipment at one site.
service work order51
Service Work Order
  • Unit/Equipment Master File maintains Model Numbers, Serial Numbers, Warranty Information (with notes), Service Schedules, and other pertinent information.
  • The system will automatically generate Service Work Orders based on pre-determined service instructions and Preventative Maintenance Schedules and place them on the Scheduling Board.
  • Invoices may be printed immediately or printed at the end of the day in batch printing.
  • Service Contracts can be maintained for each customer and site, and may be assigned to a unit/piece of Equipment.
service work order52
Service Work Order
  • The system will track Contract Renewals and Automatic Billings.
  • Profitability by Contract can be achieved by assigning the Contract to a Job Number.
  • Contract Billing cycles can be set to Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. Invoices will be created automatically for each Contract.
  • Payroll information including distribution of hours to jobs is updated from Completed Service Work Orders.
  • Inventory by Trucks can be tracked.

The AIA Module is used to complete your AIA documents, AIA forms, and update the AIA Billing to Accounts Receivable.

Hardhat’s AIA program produces Application for Certificate and Payment and Continuation Sheet forms and prints Change Order detail.

Hardhat can easily create custom formats.

  • Tracks payments received against each draw.
  • Interfaces with Job Cost Module.
  • Enter overall Retention Percent. Allows for line item change of Retention Percent.
  • Previous Applications can be viewed, printed, or edited.
  • Forms can be created in Adobe PDF format and can be E-mailed.
  • Retention can be calculated by percent or actual amount.

The Equipment Module has been designed to track Equipment Usage and provides information about services performed on the Equipment.

The module includes multiple reports to supply data about the Operating Costs for any particular piece of Equipment as well as future Service Schedules and special Servicing instructions.

Equipment Costing interfaces with Payroll and Accounts Payable.

Equipment Usage may be entered directly during Time entry in Payroll.

From Accounts Payable, purchases may be posted directly to a piece of Equipment.

  • Profit and Loss Reports can be run for each piece of Equipment. Discover in a timely manner if a piece of Equipment is paying for itself or if it is time to get rid of it.
  • Actual Hourly Equipment Costs are compared to the Estimated Rate used to post to a job. The Equipment Costs are easily determined.
  • Cost to Own, Cost to Operate and Revenue types are tracked simultaneously, allowing you to easily see when maintenance costs are exceeding Revenues.
  • Detailed Repair Costs are tracked automatically from Payroll, Accounts Payable, and Inventory. Instantly view your repair costs and history.
  • Service Schedules are tracked for each piece of Equipment. You can inquire at any time into the Service History and future Service Scheduling of your Equipment. Specifications sheets for each piece of Equipment are maintained to alert repair personnel what parts and checkpoints to follow.
  • All License, Serial, and Model Numbers, and other pertinent Equipment Registration information are maintained in the system.
  • Full and detailed Equipment cost and usage reports are available at any time.

The Inventory Module allows you to track the costs of material sold to a customer or transferred to jobs.

The Inventory Module interfaces with Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders, Accounts Receivable, Service Work Order Management, and Time and Material Billing.

The module includes reports that show the current value of the Inventory.

  • Multi-Location Inventory. Keep track of Inventory Items in multiple Warehouses and/or Trucks.
  • Inventory can be viewed for Quantity and Costs, On-Order, and what has been used to-date.
  • User defined fields allow you the flexibility to attach custom information fields to inventory items.
  • Posting to Job Cost. The system allows you to transfer inventory items from job to job and to return inventory items from jobs.
  • Bin Numbers may be assigned and reports printed in Bin Number order, allowing for easy counting of physical Inventories.
  • Flexible Inventory Quantities. Each Inventory Item may be broken into sub-units for sale. For example, buy an item by the roll but sell by the foot.
  • Interfaces with Point-Of-Sale A/R Invoicing Module, reducing Inventory on-hand quantities and increasing the quantity sold.
  • Importing and Price Updating from many Pricing Services including EPIC and Trade Service.
  • Multiple Pricing and Costing structures available, including Last and Average Cost, and for Selling Prices: Suggested Retail, Suggested Wholesale, Last, and Average. Markup Percent for each item and/or by customer.
  • Global Cost and Price Adjustments. If the entire line of a product goes up in price, in cost or by a certain percentage, the item or group of items may easily be adjusted, along with the customer prices too.
  • Physical Inventory Count Sheets can be printed anytime or on a cycle basis, providing tracking of Inventory on Trucks and/or in Warehouses.
  • Purchase Order interfacing that allows for printing of Purchase Orders for Receiving the Inventory Items.
  • Interfaces directly to Accounts Payable module. The complete Purchase Order is available for viewing or changing during Invoice entry, permitting review of quoted prices, determine if items have been received, and see if the invoice exceeds the Purchase Order amounts.
time and material billing
Time and Material Billing

The Time and Material Billing Module allows you to bill selected customers for all cost-related items.

Accurate and timely billing using the Time and Material Billing module allows you to get paid quicker and increases Profit and Cash Flow.

This module allows for a simple and efficient way of tracking and verifying that all billings have been posted.

The module has controls in place so that only new items are billed.

time and material billing77
Time and Material Billing
  • Time and Material Billing module automatically generates billings for Labor, Materials, Subcontractors, and Equipment.
  • The Billings are generated from transactions entered through Payroll, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Inventory Transfer to Jobs, and the Equipment Module.
  • Transactions can be manually added or adjusted if needed.
  • All costs posted to jobs are listed to be billed, eliminating lost revenue for missed items.
  • Transactions can be billed at direct costs or at costs plus a markup percent.
time and material billing78
Time and Material Billing
  • Inventory Items can be billed at any of the Selling Prices listed in Inventory and/or at a markup percent.
  • All costs for “Time and Material” jobs are automatically included in the Time and Material transactions screen for selection.
  • Items are grouped together on the A/R Invoice. An attachment will show the itemized data backup.
  • Sales tax can be excluded from markup but included in the billing amounts.
  • Billing Items can be classified as non-taxable or taxable on the A/R Invoice.
  • Discounts from Accounts Payable can be excluded from cost.
time and material billing79
Time and Material Billing
  • Billing Rates established by Labor Class by Jobs.
  • Payroll is billed for Regular, Overtime, and Double Time.
  • Employees’ Name and Dates are detailed on the A/R Invoice attachment.
  • A/R Invoice attachment will detail Inventory Items and corresponding price.
  • A/R Invoices can be viewed and adjusted before printing. Comment lines can be added.
  • Each Job can have its own billing rates or they can be billed at the same predetermined rates.
hardhat job cost accounting software84
Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software

Other Hardhat Modules:

  • Check Reconciliation
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • 941-Reporting / 940-Reporting
  • Label Printing
  • Union Accounting and Reporting
  • A/R Rental Invoicing
  • Equipment Depreciation
software implementation
Software Implementation
  • Training and Installation – On-Site or in our Memphis office.
  • Conversion programs available to Convert Legacy Data for many different Software Applications. Chart of Accounts, Vendors, Customers, Jobs, Employees and Year-to-Date Payroll information. Modifications, deletions, additions, if needed or desired.
  • Hardhat will accommodate any existing Checks (Accounts Payable and Payroll). No need to purchase new Checks.
  • Hardhat offers a back up service. We will set up a script on your server to attach to our server in Memphis and transfer your Hardhat data and, if desired, other files (Excel, Word Processing, etc).
hardhat job cost accounting software86
Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software

Thank you for interest in the Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software.

We hope you found this demonstration very informative.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments or if you want to set up an on-site or on-line demonstration.

Thank you,

Tom Hale

Hardhat, Inc.



end of demonstration

Hardhat Job Cost Accounting Software

End of Demonstration

Hardhat, Inc.

3734 Cherry Road

Memphis, TN 38118


Contact Tom Hale