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Implementation Strategy

Implementation Strategy. DESIGN OF A STRATEGY. What makes A strategy a success? . Part of a written plan tied to an organization’s mission Target one public at a time Allows for more than one public to be attracted

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Implementation Strategy

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  1. Implementation Strategy


  3. What makes A strategy a success? • Part of a written plan tied to an organization’s mission • Target one public at a time • Allows for more than one public to be attracted • Based on research about the targeted public--values, interests and channels of communication

  4. Strategy • Key to building a social reality • Consistent with purpose of organization and objectives • Build a reputation (mission) • Management of organizational behavior

  5. DEVELOPING THE STRATEGY • Strategy is the heart of the PR campaign • Strategy • Greek word meaning generalship • Strategy • Plan of action chosen as the most promising means of achieving the short term goals of the campaign • Development of a SINGLE INTEGRATED PLAN • one thing leads to the next

  6. The Tactics • Select a tactic, some are**** • Public information program • promotional materials • special event • meetings, conferences, etc. • demonstrations • direct mail • contest, competition, award ****Some require multiple tactics

  7. CRITERIA FOR BUILDING A STRATEGY • Obvious relationship between activity or event and the sponsoring organization (Community Services—Adopt a Family) • Inherent news value increases the impact of the activity or event • Appropriate name “Semantic tyranny” • Bandwagon--people are talking

  8. Tie-ins multiply the effect of an activity/event • Tradeouts are bartered joint ventures (sponsorship) • A series of related events multiply publicity effects

  9. PICK THE Tactics TO COVER • Class nominees are:

  10. For your campaign……. • Start with the concept of strategy • Develop tactics • Research and test the tactics • Design the communication plan • Calendar the total strategy • Budget each action or event • Justify the plan to management

  11. Send a clear message • targets a publics interest even as it achieves an organization’s objectives • win-win situation • Evaluated • as performed • after execution

  12. For example, Employee Tactics • Face-to-face meetings • Newsletters • Magazines • Videos • Bulletin Boards • Speeches • Intranets • Special events

  13. PROCESS OF IMPLEMENTATION • Know your mission • Long Term Objectives • Short Term Objectives

  14. DEFINE YOUR PUBLICS • Existing • individual participants • organizational participants • Future • individual participants • organizational participants

  15. REFINE YOUR DEFINITIONS • Persuasive appeals • based on your research • based on knowledge of public opinion • Media uses • based on your research of publics • Work on strategies • combination of appeals and media exposure

  16. INFORMATION 93 94 95 98 99 00 01 02 Number of requests, not total number in family

  17. TACTICS TO USE • Previous • letter, general letter • news releases • individual contact • New • letter to individuals and organizations • press kit • theme, recognition of givers • individual contact

  18. ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES • Media Coverage • available media • press releases • news appearances • Live at Five • Community Calendar • Radio information • Public service issues

  19. WHAT WORKED, NOT WORKED • Worked • good response from previous publics • good response from organizations • good response from media • Not worked • News conference to honor organizations • Why?

  20. News Media • News releases • Media kits • Media advisors • Pitch letters • Video news releases • News conferences • PSAs

  21. Guest editorials/commentaries • Letters to the editor • Interviews • stories for trade or Association magazines

  22. Investors • Newsletters and magazines • Letters • Annual meetings • Annual reports • Web sites

  23. Community Groups • Volunteering • Donations and sponsorships • Cause marketing • Speeches • Open houses/tours • Face-to-face meetings

  24. Governments • Lobbies and lobbyists • Grassroots lobbying • Political Action Committees • Soft Money • Disclosure Documents

  25. Customers • Produce-oriented news releases and media kits • Special events • Open houses and tours • Responses to customer contacts • Bill inserts

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