Fabian Aguirre

Psychology Therapist, University of Texas

Fabian Aguirre Austin, Fabian Aguirre University of Texas Psychology Therapist.Fabian Aguirre recently received his PhD in the field of psychology. Fabian has received training from some of the top researchers affiliated with the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Texas at Austin. He has a range of experiences in a number of areas, including (1) program development and coordination in academic and research settings; 2) independently teaching at a University level; and 3) working with students of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Fabian has been actively involved in multiple programs geared toward facilitating the education process among underrepresented students, such as 1) Cal-SOAP, a program designed to provide students with resources to assist in post secondary education, 2) Latino Leadership Council, an organization designed to unite and empower Latino students and student organization, and 3) Summer Undergraduate Research Program, a program aimed at providing hands-on training that will give underrepresented students a competitive edge when applying to top doctoral training programs. Fabian is a strong advocate of higher education. He grew up in a small, Mexican, migrant community in central California where education was not highly valued and access to quality education was nonexistent. Fabian, like many first-generation college students, could not consult with family member about higher education. In turn, he had to overcome many educational challenges and is willing to provide academic advice to students seeking higher education in Liberal Arts.