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outside lies magic

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outside lies magic

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  1. Outside lies magic Regaining History and Awareness in Everyday Places

  2. John R. Stilgoe • Orchard Professor of Landscape History at Harvard University • Award winning historian and photographer. • Other works include: Alongshore, Borderland, Metropolitan Corridor, Common Landscape of America, 1540-1845

  3. What is this book about? • The Outdoors • Get out now. • Observation • Walk, stroll, saunter, ride a bike (coast along) • Exploration • Flex the mind. Stay open to new things.

  4. Lines • Power Lines and Telephone Lines • Rail Roads

  5. Mail • Convenience • Unlike before, same day mail delivery is much cheaper and much more efficient. That much is noticeable to those watching. • Accessibility • Anyone can access them

  6. Enclosures • Fences • Privacy Fences • Wire Fences • Stone Walls • Barbed Wire • Hedges

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