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Ophthalmologist Dubai PowerPoint Presentation
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Ophthalmologist Dubai

Ophthalmologist Dubai

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Ophthalmologist Dubai

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  1. Eye Treatment in Dubai

  2. Welcome to Dr Sohaib Mustafa’s Home Page

  3. Cataract Surgery in Dubai

  4. Eye Specialist Dubai

  5. An Eye Care Specialist has proven expertise in treating cases of Glaucoma. Dr. Mustafa has handled different complexities in adult and children Glaucoma treatment in Dubai. The diagnostic and treatment skills possessed by him is exemplary. This makes the Eye Care Clinic he works at as the preferred place to get glaucoma specialist advise in Dubai & UAE as a whole.

  6. Cataract Surgery Doctor in Dubai

  7. Why should you not ignore the effect of glaucoma? • Glaucoma refers to the damage caused to the optic nerve in the eye. Due to sustained eye pressure, the optic nerves aren’t able to do its job of relaying images from the retina to the brain. As a result, the patient sees blind spots in the field of vision. Since it is a rapidly developing condition, you need to act fast and get expert medical opinions to treat it. Doing so will help you prevent ravaging effects like partial or total blindness. Glaucoma Surgery in Dubai from a reputed eye care expert like Dr. Mustafa can help you halt this condition. His experience will prevent any long-term damage to eyesight with beneficial glaucoma treatment.  

  8. Why choose Dr. Mustafa and his team for glaucoma treatment? • If you or a loved one is suffering from this issue, you can rely on Dr. Mustafa’s international training and experience. His talent for the latest treatment techniques like Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgical Devices, Lasers, Trabeculectomy, and Glaucoma Drainage Devices sets him apart from his peers. • As a reputed Glaucoma Specialist in Dubai, he has the expertise to carry out various modes of treatment options like – 

  9. Minimally invasive Glaucoma surgery 

  10. Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty

  11. Enhanced Trabeculectomy

  12. Aqueous Shunts

  13. He recommends a particular mode of treatment after making an in-depth diagnosis and assessment. Based on the patient’s condition and severity of the illness, he will suggest a particular type of treatment or surgery. His well equipped Eye Care Clinic he works at is suitable for successful treatment modalities and surgical procedures. Connect with usBe it adult or children glaucoma treatment in Dubai, don’t wait till the problem intensifies. Connect with the Eye Care Clinic that Dr. Mustafa works at. He will be happy to look at your case personally and suggest the right treatment course and discuss any possible Glaucoma surgery options in Dubai.

  14. Eye Surgeon UAE • Dr. Mohammed Sohaib Mustafa • MBBCh(UK), MRCOphth(UK), FEBO(EU), FRCSOphth(UK), PGDip (Cat & Ref) UKConsultant Ophthalmic SurgeonGlaucoma, Cataract and Aviation Ophthalmology Specialist • Mobile & Whatsapp :00971 563009234 • • Web :