5 industries where renewable energy is heavily used n.
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5 Industries Where Renewable Energy is heavily Used PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Industries Where Renewable Energy is heavily Used

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5 Industries Where Renewable Energy is heavily Used - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Industries today are striving to go green and cut power generation costs in any way they can.

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i ndustries today are striving to go green

Industries today are striving to go green and cut power generation costs in any way they can. The best way to make this possible is by relying on renewable energy sources which are significantly cheaper than traditional energy sources.

  • Here are five industries that are changing their business practices and mode of power utilization in order to save the environment and cut costs in the process.
general business industries
General Business Industries
  • To reduce energy costs, many small and large businesses have invested in solar panels to generate their own energy. Initial costs to install solar panels are well justified as there many long term savings to be gad. Up to 81 percent of CEOs around the globe plan to integrate sustainability into their businesses through solar energy, as reported by the New York Times.
the big data and technology industry
The Big Data and Technology Industry
  • Data centers are responsible for providing amenities associated with computers which have indeed improved the lives of many people around the world. However, data centers consume 1.2 percent of American electricity. This consumption is two times more than what it was in 2000. To counter this, big data and technology companies are striving to maintain their own power supply through renewable energy resources, such as using direct current instead of alternate current because the cooling costs are significantly lower.
energy industries
Energy Industries

Most power plants use traditional energy sources to generate power that cannot be replenished. This means they are striping the environment of something that cannot be restored. However, the energy industry is trying to save the environment by switching to renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. This is one reason you’re seeing more solar power plants popping up along with wind turbine centers. The industry is starting to move away from large transformers and embracing cleaner and environment-friendly methods to control carbon emissions and reduce air pollution.


The manufacturing industry is one of the largest energy consumer industries owing to custom manufacturing equipment that operates on several drivers and motors. As a result, energy consumption can amount to a whopping 70 percent. The other 30 percent is comprised of heating and cooling costs. Renewable energy resources such as solar thermal power plants and wind turbines are ideal for cutting costs and power consumption in this particular industry.

freight industry
Freight Industry

Shipping goods around the world is quite expensive today, thanks to increasing fuel costs. The freight industry is also moving towards renewable energy resources such as biomass energy to not only reduce fuel costs but also save the environment from toxic chemicals.


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