5 events that can be made better with c ustom lightings n.
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5 Events That Can Be Made Better With Custom Lightings PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Events That Can Be Made Better With Custom Lightings

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5 Events That Can Be Made Better With Custom Lightings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Disco lights are a no for a kid party, but would be a must when it comes to a weekend get together.

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category interior and exterior lighting
Category: Interior And Exterior Lighting

It does not matter what kind of event it is, a birthday party or a fashion show, you need proper lighting for it to stand out. However, the lighting depends on the nature of the event. For example, disco lights are a no for a kid party, but would be a must when it comes to a weekend get together.

So what are the events that require the presence of custom lightings? Check it out.

corporate events
Corporate Events
  • Detailed corporate events are important for successful launch of your products. Regardless of the size of audience you have, you need to have a major source of attraction that draws audience towards your products and keep their eyes engaged during presentations. Other than creating some fun and beautiful effects, custom lighting helps to highlight everything that you want your audience to see. Like Gobo lighting, it will make your company’s logo appear as the center of attention, emphasizing on the event without going over the top. For presentation back drop lights can be used as it bounces the attention to whatever is in front of it.

You don’t get married twice (well, in most cases just a saying), but be it your first or your fourth, you want your wedding to be as extravagant as it could be. And what better way than to turn to custom lighting? Custom lighting has the ability to improve a dull space and completely transform it by adding dramatic effects. Different techniques like color wash and string lighting can cover an entire area and set the mood and tone of your wedding reception. Pin spot lighting is also a wonder in its own right as it shines directly to an object giving an amazing effect, and can be used with a wedding cake.


Custom lighting transform an entire space into high-power lighting wonderlands. Given that most concerts happen when it’s dark (night) the importance of lights become self explanatory. However, dull and regular lighting will never be able to give your audience the boost they need to enjoy a concert. Instead, custom lighting with colorful effects can do wonders. Plus, concerts allow you to be more creative as well. You can sync lighting with the music and watch the audience swoon. Custom lighting can turn the event into a high tech concert as custom designs and special messages can also be created through it to get the audience hyped.

Other than these three events you can use custom lighting at birthday parties and exhibitions as well. The key lies in preparing for the day in advance and creating a theme that goes well in sync with the overall mood of the event. While some events require vibrant lighting, some need simple colors.


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