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Battle For The Title Of Best Platform: Magento Vs WooCommerce PowerPoint Presentation
Battle For The Title Of Best Platform: Magento Vs WooCommerce

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Battle For The Title Of Best Platform: Magento Vs WooCommerce
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Battle For The Title Of Best Platform: Magento Vs WooCommerce

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  1. Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face - Mike Tyson

  2. Today we will be deciding which the best eCommerce platform between Magento Vs WooCommerce is. • It is a general acceptance that these two platforms are the best in class. • So let’s start this highly anticipated battle between Magento Vs WooCommerce. But before that, let’s take a look at some facts and figures to Get a Good Idea where both the contenders stand.

  3. Wocommerce VS Magento WooCommerce • WooCommerce owns 47.3% market share making it the most widely used eCommerce platform at present. • WooCommerce has 10 million+ active users across the globe. • USA and India are responsible for the most visitors to WooCommerce. • WooCommerce source code consists of 7 programming languages Magento • Magento has the market share of 13.1% which makes it the second most used eCommerce platform. • Magento has 250,000+ active users at present. • Magento has become a $50 billion industry. • Samsung, Ford, Olympus, Nike, and North Face are some of the leading companies that use Magento platform for their websites.

  4. Let’s Begin the match between Magento Vs WooCommerce.

  5. Round 1 of Magento Vs WooCommerce: Performance • The most important factor in performance is the loading time of the eCommerce website. Majority of people don’t prefer to go back to a website a second time if it took a long time to load. The speed of loading the website depends more on the web hosting provider more than the platform. • Verdict: Round 1 is a draw.

  6. Round 2 of Magento Vs WooCommerce: Security • You can’t leave security behind especially when your website has payment details of your customers. Hence, security is an important and unavoidable part of eCommerce business. There have been some security breach incidents with eCommerce stores of leaking the user data, which in turn can cost the company a fortune in reimbursement and legal fees. • Verdict: If security is a big concern for you then the clear winner for this round is Magento.

  7. Round 3 of Magento Vs WooCommerce: Cost • The biggest enemy of any Entrepreneur is budget. Before thinking about any advancement you have to ask, “What will it cost? • Verdict: The winner for this round undoubtedly is WooCommercehowever if you wish to have the most advanced features for your website then you should go with Magento platform.

  8. Round 4 of Magento Vs WooCommerce: Site Performance • The convenience is not just for the end user but also the eCommerce site owner who has to interact with the platform. Hence, we would be considering convenience for the store owner as well as the developers who will have direct contact with these platforms most of the time. • Verdict: The winner for this round seems to be WooCommerce if you are a beginner in technology but if you know your surroundings then Magento is the right call for you.

  9. Round 5 of Magento Vs WooCommerce: Site Performance • No user would buy a product from the site that didn’t feel good. Your products for sale are directly compared to the experience your users receive on your eCommerce store website. Which platform among Magento Vs WooCommerce will give the best site performance? • Verdict: The winner for this round of Magento Vs WooCommerce is undecided due to a draw.

  10. Round 6 of Magento Vs WooCommerce: Extensions • Extensions are additional features and functionalities that enhance the performance of the platforms. Having more extensions to choose from is a good thing for eCommerce platforms. So, which platform among Magento Vs WooCommerce has more number of extensions? • Verdict: The winner for extension round in Magento.

  11. Pros and Cons of WooCommerce Advantages • It is an additional plug-in to WordPress so absolutely free. • WooCommerce platform has an easy learning curve. • It has a large number of themes to choose from. Disadvantages • When it comes to scalability, database architecture proves to be weak. • Most of the features are very basic, not unique. • Only one (free) version of WooCommerce.

  12. Pros and Cons of Magento Advantages • Magento platform supports an unlimited number of products. • Includes APIs that can connect with any third-party solutions. • Product creation tools and admin panel is very versatile and simple to learn. Disadvantages • Its enterprise edition may feel costly due to its yearly payment model. • It has a larger learning curve to use. • Not fit for content heavy sites.

  13. Key Features of WooCommerce • WooCommerce can handle all eCommerce issues from WP-Admin dashboard. • The WooCommerce platform offers an advanced reporting facility for every statistics. • Has an option to control tax settings with tax classes and other local tax rates. • Supports multiple payment gateways; PayPal, credit/debit card, Cash on Delivery (CoD), etc • Has an option to integrate coupon codes, discounts, usage limits, etc.

  14. USP of WooCommerce • Gives full control over code base customization. • Thousands of themes and extensions to choose from with Paid and free versions. • Has the best CMS capabilities than any of its present-day competitors. • Takes no transaction fees from clients.

  15. Magento Key Features of Magento • Provides pre-sets and templates to get a perfectly customizable design for your store. • Magento offers the ability to set up more than one wish list to the end users. • You can add any number of product attributes. • Has an integrated Content management system (CMS). • Gives features to perform target marketing, merchandising, etc. • Offers privacy features for purchase to every individual customer.

  16. Magento USP of Magento • Scalability and flexibility are high with Magento. • Has the highest number of features in the core functionality, without any additional extensions. • Perfect for B2B eCommerce services. • Provides catalog and product management facilities.

  17. Conclusion • WooCommerce Vs Magento is a question with no one answer. • It is more of a personal choice of a user. • Each platform outperforms the other in several different aspects. • Now it’s up to you which aspects are more important to you. • Now that you have decided your pick between Magento vs. WooCommerce you will need to find the Best Magento Development Company and Best WooCommerce Development Company.

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