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RAC Exam Questions PowerPoint Presentation
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RAC Exam Questions

RAC Exam Questions

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RAC Exam Questions

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  1. Pass Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) Global Scope exam in just 24 HOURS! 100% REAL EXAM QUESTIONS ANSWERS Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) Global Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) Global Scope Scope Buy Complete Questions Answers File from questions-dumps.html 100% Exam Passing Guarantee & Money Back Assurance

  2. Sample Questions Question # 1: Which of the following statements regarding the off-label use of drugs is CORRECT? A.Although the regulatory authority reviews and approves drugs for specific indications, the approval does not limit the use of those drugs in clinical practice. B.The regulatory authority does not restrict physician prescribing for off-label indications or regulate the manufacturer's promotion for such use. C.Sponsors are allowed to distribute publications about unapproved uses of approved drugs and devices as long as the marketing application is under review by the regulatory authority. D.The peer-reviewed literature can ensure high-quality off-label promotion of medications, thereby increasing access to much needed drugs and devices. Answer: A Question # 2: A drug product presents degradation during the manufacturing process. In addition to the amount, what information should be provided FIRST in order to use API overage? A.Specification B.Formulation C.Property D.Justification Answer: D Question # 3: In the process of obtaining a product approval, a regulatory affairs professional discovers that the product does not meet one of the specific technical requirements of the regulation. However, competitors with substantially similar products have claimed compliance with the

  3. requirement and received approval. Which action should the regulatory affairs professional take FIRST? A.Discuss with the regulatory apriority and attempt to reach an acceptable solution. B.Inform the internal departments to redesign the product to comply with this requirement. C.Inform the regulatory authority that such a requirement is not applicable to the product. D.Notify senior management that the product cannot be registered. Answer: A Question # 4: Which of the following statements regarding export regulations for an approved product is CORRECT? A.The product must not be in accord with the specifications of the foreign purchaser. B.The product must not be in conflict with the laws of the country to which it is intended for export. C.The product must not be labeled on the outside of the shipping package that it is intended for export. D.The product must not be sold or offered for sale in domestic commerce. Answer: B Question # 5: The intermediate manufacturing process was changed during development of a pharmaceutical. The change may impact the API specification. Which functional area is responsible for the final approval of the change? A.Production B.Analytical C.Quality D.Regulatory Answer: C, D

  4. Question # 6: Under which of the following circumstances would a regulatory authority require a more detailed premarket submission, a more rigorous audit, and/or the provision of more performance evaluation data than would normally apply to an IVD device of that risk class? A.The device is an updated version of a compliant device from the same manufacturer and contains no substantive change. B.Internationally recognized standards are available to cover the main aspects of the device and have been used by the manufacturer. C.The manufacturer's experience level with the type of IVD medical device is limited. D.The device incorporates well-established technology that is already present in the market. Answer: C Question # 7: According to WHO, what are the temperature and humidity conditions for a Zone IVb long term stability study? A.25: C and 60% RH B.30° C and 35% RH C.30c C and 65% RH D.30: C and 75% RH Answer: D Question # 8: During routine surveillance, a regulatory authority sent a company the following communication: "Hepatotoxicity and suicidal behavior were identified as potential safety issues for the company's product. The regulatory authority is evaluating these issues to determine the need for

  5. any regulatory action." Which action would be the most appropriate FIRST step for the company to take? A.Contact the regulatory authority to argue that its conclusions are wrong. B.Contact the regulatory authority to discuss its findings. C.Repeat the Hepatotoxicity tests and send the results to the regulatory authority. D.Wait for the regulatory authority's final publication on its findings. Answer: B Buy Complete Questions Answers File from dumps.html 100% Exam Passing Guarantee & Money Back Assurance PDF Version + Test Engine Software Version 90 Days Free Updates Service Valid For All Countries

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